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Blade VS Mallet

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I'm not an expert by any means, but I use to have a Rife 2-bar Mallet putter and noticed my swing had arc in it. I was having trouble getting my putts on the line I wanted. I switched this summer to a Classic Cleveland #2 BRZ which is more blade than mallet, although it still has a mallet feel that I liked. My stroke improved immensely and my putting has gotten much better. I'd recommend at least trying out a blade or mid-sized mallet that's not center-shafted and see how it feels.

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I had a Taylor made spider mallet. Putted well with it and had a nice arc as well. Decided I wanted a blade putter cuz the mallet was huge and didn't like The look at address. The blade has the same arc and all is well. When I first started with the blade I noticed it "wobbled" a little in my backswing because I guess I had to get used to it and different weight idk but I love em. The mallet is easier to keep straight back and through without wobbling but u shouldn't have a problem with ur arc. If ur a Good putter with a nice stroke than I'm sure you'd be fine with a blade. Test some out at ur local golf shop and see how ur arc is with one. I dont see why itll be any different. Test out a half mallet and blade or as many putters as possible. That's what I did and selected a Scotty and couldn't be happier!! Good luck! Hope this helps!

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You need to find the correct toe hang for you first. Then you can try and find what head shape fits your eye. The amount of toe hang correlates to the amount of arc one has in their stroke...

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I gamed a SC Studio Style for several years and noticed that I missed a lot of putts to the left. I switched to a Ray Cook Blue Goose mid-mallet and my putting improved, but I was always a little short. I found a slotline SSi-693, a mid-mallet weighing in at 260 gms....WOW was I impressed. it took several rounds to get used to the heavier weight, but when the greens are fast, you can get a real feel with the heavier putter. My putting has improved. I have an arc type stroke so the mid-mallet seems to straighten out in the follow through.

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I've got a mallet putter and have a decent arc in my stroke, would a blade emphasise this?

Is there point changing to a blade? Or just practice?

I like to share this from my experience. If I use a blade putter with a straight back and thru stroke, I'll tend to pull my putts and miss left. I find it very very hard to putt straight. If I use a mallet putter with an arc stroke, I tend to push my putts and miss right. I have tested and confirm this theory through many hours of testing.


I believe this is all due to weight distribution. A blade putter which has a bit more weight distributed towards the heel allows for closing the putter face more easily which suits an arc stroke. If you try using a straight back and through stroke, you will tend to close the face too much.


While a mallet putter has weight distributed equally on the heel and the toe. This makes it more resistant (not impossible) to open and close the putter face.


My take is it is slightly easier to get an arc stroke to work with a mallet putter compared to a straight back and through stroke to work with a blade putter. However putting being such a difficult thing to do well, I rather have less compensation in my stroke just to suit the equipment, it is always much better to get the equipment that suits my stroke so there's minimal compensation in my stroke.

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