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Traditions of past Christmas’s

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10 hours ago, GSwag said:

This is why I've left golf and internet forums in the past.  People getting bent out of shape over innocent comments not even directed at anyone in particular.  You got emotional over this for no reason whatsoever.  And yes, you not only attacked me personally once, but now twice.

Grow up?  Seriously?  And people wonder why New Yorkers have a reputation for being rude and obnoxious.

I was a member on an online golf forum way back in 2010. Got sick of the fan boys, or ones who posted non stop. After a long break I’m slowly starting again. These sites aren’t for everyone. Some make it and some don’t . Keep the chin up and happy holidays 

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My first church was small so we only had one service on Christmas Eve at 7 and then one on Christmas Day at 10. We also had a parsonage so we lived across the parking lot from the church.

The kids would perch themselves in the window waiting for Dad to make his way across the parking lot so that we could open presents. Lots of fond memories.

My last two churches have been very large with 3 Christmas Eve Services (1 not ending until after midnight) and a service Christmas Day. We’ve learned to be patient and not open anything until I’ve gotten home and eaten. But as soon as those presents are opened, I crash.

My favorite tradition now comes after Christmas. We have a timeshare on the beach that we take possession of the last weekend of the year. The first night there is spent with my wife nesting and me sitting out on a beach chair with a scotch and cigar. I will read the newest Grishom book that week, go to the golf club everyday and our New Years Eve celebrations are to die for. Brats and burgers on the beach with fireworks.

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The family Christmas tradition I took over is actually what we do (more specifically eat) on Christmas Eve.

My mother's parents lived in the same house for many, many years in San Rafael, Ca. 4 Linda Avenue....Really. Just 4 was the house number! Every Christmas Eve, my grandmother would have the whole family over for dinner and gift opening. Dinner was always beef raviolis smothered in her outstanding marinara sauce and always served with sourdough garlic bread. I grew up with the smells of that kitchen in my dreams and looked forward to those evenings more than Christmas day itself.

We all grow up and most tend to do their own thing in places other than where they were raised and I was no exception. It was rare to get away and be with the family like that after moving away, but I always remembered those times and what they represented. After my Grandfather passed away, Grandma continued to live on her own in that house for a good decade and maybe 2 years before she had to give it up, I had the opportunity to visit during Christmas and enjoy that particular meal one last time.

After that year, I was well established here in Idaho with a young family and decided that the next year, we'd take up that tradition for good on our own, and did.

So for the past 13-years, ravioli w/marinara and sourdough garlic bread is standard operating procedure and a known "gimme" the night before Christmas. The problem is the food..! "Spoiled I was" with the quality of the food one can only get in the Bay Area. Outside of the Bay Area, well...forget it. The store-brand ravs around here are garbage and the bread...THE BREAD! Nothing comes close to that real, true SF sourdough. So I've struggled with those basics despite perfecting my sauce. I finally pried the "secret" ingredient from my Grandmother that I had been missing forever (dried porchini mushrooms boiled in white wine) only 3-years ago, but the ravioli and bread were always a let-down...at least to me.

Now we have a couple of local bakeries here that make killer sourdough, so I'm "eh...OK" there, but until this year, I've hated the raviolis themselves. I ponied-up this year and ordered 1-doz boxes to be delivered from Homestead Pasta in South SF. $30 in pasta along with $90 in shipping and BAM! I'm ready!

Grandma & Grandpa Wilson...This year's celebration is for you! Merry Christmas!

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