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Back on the mainland.....brrrrrrr


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After three years in Hawaii I’ve finally made my way back to the real big island. My trip included an over night flight into Arizona followed by a 2400 mile drive with an Olde English Bulldogge in tow to include a few rounds of golf along the way.


My flight departed Honolulu at 1000 pm and arrived in Phoenix at 7 am. By 9 am my brother and I were warming up for a round at Wigwam Golf Course. When I departed Hawaii it was 78 degrees. When I landed in Phoenix it was 42 and 48 degrees by the time we made it over to Wigwam. I shivered my way through the opening 9 and didn’t really warm up until hole 10 or 11. The biggest adjustment was the ball just didn’t carry nor did also did it roll. Man, it felt like a completely different game.


I rested over night before hitting the road at O-dark-thirty the following morning. Our next stop was the New Mexico State University Course. A little warmer, this time out I played much better. The course was quit the challenge for the length was set up for the young limber muscles of the college crowd. I tried to hang with the youngins but a last I moved forward to more suitable tees and ended up truly enjoying the experience.


Another overnight stay at a nice pet friendly Holiday Inn in El Paso and an early departure headed South to warmer weather in San Antonio, Texas where I first fell 🥰 love (with Golf). I reached out while in route to the guys who first took me to the Golf Course back in 1999. I hadn’t seen nor spoken to these guys in 18 years. Strangely we picked up as if time and distanced had never passed.


Jesse and John met me at the Quarry Course just north of downtown. The Quarry is their home course so I’m sure they “thought” they were setting a trap. Of course I played it low key claiming I played only from time to time these days. However, when I pulled my clubs out the travel bag they both stared quietly at my shiny Mizuno blades. 3 1/2 hours later with a 73 on my card I departed San Antonio with two crisp $100 bills in my pocket courtesy of both Jesse and John ;)


The next and final golf stop was Mobile, Alabama; Robert Trent Jones Trail and the Magnolia Grove Golf Course. Being a week day and chilly weather the course was relatively empty. I piled Barkley into the Golf Cart with me and away we went much to the chagrin of the course staff :). Although fall was now in the rear view mirror giving way to dormant grass and over-seed, the course was still amazing. It was challenging but fair. If you hit your targets you were awarded. If you missed those same targets you were punished.


We made it to our final destination some 7 days after we began our journey. Myrtle Beach is a pretty amazing golf community. I’ve sprinkled in rounds at TPC Myrtle Beach, The River Club, and Caledonia Golf and Fish Club with Kings North on the slate for tomorrow. My reasons for settling in MB changed in route so I’ll only be here for 60 days before packing up my hobo stick and hotdogs once again.


Life can certainly pivot on a dime with little notice. I just try to enjoy the ride without falling off.



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11 minutes ago, tommc23 said:

Welcome back to the mainland. Enjoy your time there and if you want cold go to Montona or Minnesota it's a lot colder up there

You ain't lying.

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Got cast out of paradise, eh?  Welcome to the mainland!!

A bulldog in Alabama... now that's funny!!


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We don’t stop playing the game because we get old; we get old because we stop playing the game.”

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Enjoy your time in Myrtle Beach. My brother has lived there for 10 years and likes it very much.

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I always try to remember that I'm not good enough to get mad!


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When we were in that "places to retire" search mode some years back, Myrtle Beach was frequently mentioned in articles.  I just couldn't be that far away from the Rockies and their rivers.  I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the RTJ's courses and area. Enjoy retirement.

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