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Best rounds when alone


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I play solo a ton due to my work schedule but manage a round every so often with others. Not sure I play better solo or not, but I do play much better when at a certain pace of play. 


If Im xarting aolo and following 2some or even a 3some in carts, my game is spot on ao I try not to play through. 

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I played the best 9 of my life while playing alone one evening,  I was behind a group that was playing super annoyingly slow and would not let me play through as they were part of bigger group.   I took my time and really thought about my next shot and where I wanted to aim and the result I wanted .. and it actually worked.  


Rather than becoming frustrated by the slow play I just rolled with it and was rewarded. 

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On 12/27/2018 at 8:56 AM, GSwag said:


So the short answer to your question is, sure I can score much lower by myself, but honestly, what's the point of doing that if you can't replicate the results with witnesses when there is money on the line?


I think this would be a great topic.  How do you get better at TOURNAMENT golf?  I have a couple of trophies on the shelf for member-guests and parent-child tournaments, but I've probably finished DFL in little events as many times as I've won.  I'd love to hear from some of our real competitors like @KCLeo12   or @jacustomgolf to find out what they do to keep from puking on their shoes.


On 12/27/2018 at 1:48 PM, chisag said:


... For many golfers I think this is the key. I love playing alone on an empty course because I can get in a rhythm not only with my swing but also my walking pace which keeps me loose. The opposite is true when playing alone on a crowded course as I get stiff waiting and have to slow my walking rate so I just don't stand there waiting. 

... The same is true when playing with a group that moves well. It is much more difficult when playing with a high index player that may take 2 to 5 shots before I can hit my second shot with a lot of walking and stopping, walking and stopping without taking a swing. So as long as things move at a consistent pace I find it easier to play well. 

... All that said, I have had some very enjoyable rounds with high index players that take me out of my rhythm and while I won't be shooting under par, I can still shoot a low round and spend the day on a golf course with interesting people that really enjoy the game. Which is one of the things I love so much about this game. I play a ton as a single when away from home and every day is different.  I never know if I am gonna have a competitive day and shoot in the 60's or spend the day with new "friends" sharing an experience with people from all over the world. At this point in my life, I would rather spend the day with interesting, fun people and shoot a 76 than spend the day alone on an empty course and shoot a 66. 



Rhythm is the key.  I played one of my best rounds this year alone, with the course basically to myself.  It wasn't so much that I was alone, but I never had to wait on a shot.  



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I joined the club and for the first few months playing and practicing alone was pretty awesome but it gets old really quick. Golf sucks when you hit a great shot and no one witnessed it. I listen to my audible when I play so I don’t think about how to play and just play. 


Best score even par.  8 under thru 14 and 8 over the last 4 holes. Ain’t life grand. 

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On 12/27/2018 at 6:50 AM, revkev said:

I enjoy playing alone occasionally but play much better with other people. My best two rounds 66,68 were in competitions of some sort. I’m more focused in those situations.

I can’t even recall what scores I’ve shot when playing alone. I seriously doubt that any of my rounds in the 60’s were alone.

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I envy you, pulling something out under pressure like that. I can shoot par or under all day at my club but put a quarter per hole and I’d be shooting 5 over easily. That’s why they call me dr Heimlich:). Though, I’ve been getting better under pressure but nowhere near my what I wish I could be. 

There’s something to say about people who can reach down and pull out something like that in golf, kudos rev!

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Without a doubt I play my best rounds when I’m alone. As a matter of fact my scores are directly related to the number of folks in my group as well as pace of play. I have a group I play with every Sunday who routinely plays 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 hour rounds of golf. We play four times a month and 50 times a year. Over a three year period with them my handicap is an 8. In that same three year period I played an additional round a week at a handicap of 1.6. Rounds outside the group were usually late in the afternoon walking solo rounds played in under 3 hours. I keep all my rounds on my phone using SwingU so this is not guess work on my part. I have real stats.

Where do I see the biggest fall off and or improvement? Putting! Far and above I’m a much better putter when I don’t have to wait on three or four other dudes to complete their lonnnnnnnnng routines. If I can drop my bag, line my putt up while walking to my ball then immediately execute the shot without a lot of thought I’m significantly better at making putts from all distances.

Second to putting is my proficiency decline on Par 3s while playing in big groups with long wait times. If I shoot 8 over par at least half of those strokes come from Par 3 holes alone. When I’m by myself Par 3s are played to a 2.8 average. In a big group I play them to a 3.6.

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Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they play better when playing solo? The irony is no witnesses and no one to high five. Had a great second shot today, on a par 5 to land 4 ft from the pin. If a tree falls in a forest and no ones there to hear it, does it make a noise? [emoji848]
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I tend to have my best scores when playing match play or in a team format where I'm not thinking about score. I know there's a lesson in there about getting out of your own way and staying in the present but I've only been golfing for 35 years so haven't really absorbed it yet

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I think the reason most people play better by themselves is that there is no worry about someone seeing your bad shots. There isn't any pressure. 2 months ago I was playing with 2 guys and playing very well. I was -5 thru 12 and they quit playing so I played the final holes by myself. I birdied 17 to get to -7 and had a putt on 18 for the course record and I was so glad it didn't go in because I had nobody there to watch the last 6 holes.

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I have pulled off some amazing shots when alone. It gives you the freedom to experiment (or at least drop another one to experiment). However, I play best when paired up with three complete strangers that know their way around a course. I never want to be that guy they later reminisce about that sucked so bad they thought someone paid me to be comic relief. So, I end up playing “smart” golf and card a better score.

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