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Padraig Harrington is Delusional


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His biggest issue is all the tinkering with his game. I read a thing about him a month or 2 back (immediately before he was going well in Middle East before his DQ). Described what he called a couple of simple changes, well it read like a book. Grip, set-up, back-swing, follow-through, you name it every part of his swing was tweaked slightly.


Why he didn't stick with what won him 3 majors I will never know.


But listen, he is one of the hardest working guys in the pro game. He is driven and committed. He has a hell of a lot of talent. And he's a really nice guy. Which makes me believe that if anyone is able to turn things around, he's your man. And what's more, who genuinely doesn't want to see it - simply because he is such a nice fella!?


The trouble he'll find, and the trouble Tiger will find if/when he finds his mojo, is that while they have stagnated, the rest of the world caught up. There are now guys who don't give a rat's ass about Tiger's aura and reputation. Stick him on the last group out at Augusta vs Rory McIlroy, tied for the lead. You think Rory will bottle it the way so many have in the past? GMAC at the close of last season certainly didn't. Kaymer. Bubba. Fowler. Dustin. Another 10-20 guys who have all started to win when Tiger's been missing out.


Padraig and Tiger don't just need to get back to where they were. They need to get beyond that and start beating guys who now know how to win, how to close out, and who have the self-belief to do so.


PH - I'd love to see him back. Tiger - mixed feelings - kinda think it's funny how badly he sucks now compared to his benchmark. Of the 2 - TW is the one most likely to win another few majors though

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I'm a big Paddy fan. So I'm rooting for him to become the #1. Delusional ? I don't know why that would be delusional. Is there really that much difference in quality of the top 20 players ? Sometimes the difference between winning and loosing are so minimal. I presume with a little luck, the right mindset, and so on .. if everything falls into place it could happen ! I say Paddy for #1 ;-)

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What I am still to understand is why he decided to make a swing change when he was playing his best! Why change something which isn't broken?



From the outside looking in, it is enough to drive a fan- like myself- batty. Some people never recover from a change. Paddy's always admitted to being a swing-tinkerer, though... but still, I'd think there'd have to be a point where you tell yourself "Hey, let's just go out there and win/do your best".


As far as him being "delusional", EVERYONE gets that label... wrongly... in the Tiger era. Look at Jason Day: he said he wanted to be #1 and nearly everyone and their brother tried to crucify him. What's wrong with wanting such an aspiration? It's like anyone other than Tiger didn't have the right to be #1 at that time, and to even try would be the dumbest thing they could do. Same goes for Harrington now... there's nothing wrong with "shooting for the stars" as they say.

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