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HERE WE GO! Favoite Brand Poll - lets hear it


Golf Equipment Poll  

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  1. 1. What Golf Equipment Brand do you like/use? Explain your choice with a response.

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Let everyone know what equipment you have in your bag, and why. Did you used to use other equipment before? What made you change? What clubs work for you and why? We would love to hear.




Email: CS@fairwaygolfusa.com


Locations in San Diego and Mountain View, California

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I chose "Other" because I'm not brand loyal. I simply use what works for me; therefore, the brand of my driver differs from that of my woods/hybrids, which differs from my irons, and so on and so forth.

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I also have a whack of different makes in the bag but I still have to give the nod to Mizuno. The care and craft they put into their products is amazing to me. Even if it doesn't work for me it's hard not to be impressed.


Ping on the other hand still grinds my gears. However it's because they are so close to being awesome and then don't just get there. Seriously, an amazing driver head line the K/G/I's but garbage shafts to go with them. Wake up an smell the band wagon Ping (aside from White clubs)!

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Same here, no real brand loyalty, I'll use whatever seems to work. But, I do have a strange fascination with Persimmon. I'm currently using a couple Louisville Golf Niblick Fairway woods (5-dc and a Magic 8-ball). They feel and sound is like nothing else out there, and I love the way they play from the long stuff. I've also got a Persimmon driver from Louisville that I love... But it's not in the bag because I just can't hit it consistently. When I hit it right, it's like butter... but you have to hit it on the screws, and my game just isn't there yet.


I was also given a persimmon putter as a gift, nice piece, but I don't get consistent roll with it. So it lives in my office as a stress reliever.

Driver: Bridgestone J40 - 445

Woods: TEE - 4

Hybrids - Adams Super 19*/22*

Irons: Adams CB2

Wedges: Mizuno MP-T11 54*/58*

Putter: Scotty Cameron Sonoma

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Almost all PING bag right now save Scratch wedges and a Byron putter.

That should be set for at least a month til the new gear rolls out.

Volvo Intorqueo

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Hate to say it I am a TM man was did have everything TM except for wedges and putter and they where cleveland. Now even went with the xft wedges. Can't wait to see how they go

Whats in the bag:


Titleist 910D2 10.5 Graphite Design Y7-S

Adams 1600 proto 14.5 Graphite Design AD DJ

Titleist 910F 17 Ust Tour Black

Titleist 910H 22 Diamana Kali

Adams Idea Pro A12 4-9 KBS C Taper

Titleist Vokey SM4 46 degree w/ DG Spinner

Mizuno MP R12 50-54-58 DG spinner

Ping Redwood ZB

Ball Nike 20XI-X

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Absolutely no loyalties here either. Right now I've got clubs from Adams, Ping, Titleist, Miura, and Callaway, and TaylorMade in my bag. If you pinned me down and forced me to give you a favorite, I'd probably go with Miura, but I doubt anyone would fault me for it.

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I went with other because I also carry a mixed bag. But I am loyal to Macgregor blade irons because that is what I have played most of my life. I am pretty loyal to Mac or Hogan wedges. My metal woods are also mixed between Hogan, Callaway and TM. I just use what I like

Driver ---- TM M-6 Evenflow 65 G R flex---- 3 wood TM V-Steel Aldila 65G R Flex--- 7 Wood TM V-Steel Ust Pro Force 65 R flex---  Irons 4 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan Apex #2 shafts-- SW Cleveland 588 56* S-400 Sensicore---- LW Cleveland 588 60* S-400 Sensicore--- Putter Rusty 1997 Scotty Cameron Santa Fe fluted Bulls Eye shaft- Bag My Old School Titleist Mini Staff





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Bang Center Cut Irons 6-Pw,Aw,Sw forged. SMT Nemisis 9* driver and Bang Strom offset 3&5 woods. 3,4,5 hybrids are Integra SoooLong. Wood shafts are True Temper Bi-Matrix and hybrid/irons are Apollo Hump. Putter is a Ping Asner.

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I have Acer XK gear. I recently switched my wedges from Acer XB to Inazone Shadows. My gamer putter is a White Hot XG #9. Why do I game them? Let's see: I own a Callaway FT-3, FT-5 and FT-9; a Nike Sasquatch and SuMo 5000; an Adams A3 Boxer hybrid; Callaway X-20 and X-22's (both Tour and non-Tour versions... not whole sets, either); Callaway Big Bertha irons; an Odyssey Dual Force 2 putter (my backup putter; had an original White Hot Rossie, but gave that to charity), Tour Edge Progressive J/Max irons (another charity gift); a Nike NDS 5 wood (3w went to charity); Cleveland 588 and CG12 wedges (56 and 60*); Taylormade RAC (56*) and Rac Satin TP (52*) wedges; a couple of older Vokey wedges (52 and 56*); Adams Watson wedges (52, 56, 60*); Dunlop Pro Combo irons (made from zinc)... you get the idea.


I get just as much performance with my Acers as any of the other clubs I've listed, for a fraction of the cost. Gives me more money for greens fees!

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In my bag at the moment I have Adams, Geek, MacGregor, Cleveland, Titleist and Dunlop.


I hate everything equally.



That said I'm waiting for Ping to release the new Eye2 XGs, help if I knew the price to see if I can afford em.

I have a revolving WITB policy.

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Not particularly brand loyal in that every few years my opinion tends to change.

Wilson Staff forged irons are what have worked best for me (FG Tour and RM Forged), but in the years Wilson didn't produce forged irons I went to Cleveland and Mizuno.


Drivers are all over the map. Marketing hype might get me to look at a driver but only performance makes me part with my money.

The least loyal spot in my bag is reserved for putters. Pings, Odyssey, all the way back to Acushnet Bullseye. Whatever works.


The area of my game I'm most consistent is regarding balls. Titleist makes good product throughout it's ball line. But for me, they are more the standard I compare the others to and I often don't buy them. I usually end up buying balls that give me similar performance at 20 to 40% less cost. So much for loyalty.


Great product at a solid price point is what I'm loyal to. If cost were no object, the Wilson Staff irons would stay in my bag but everything else would likely be reconsidered.

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I vote Other since I play Ping wood and driver, Mizuno irons, Titleist wedges and Odyssey putter !

In custom James Stewart golfbag:
Ping Tour-S Rustique 60/TS & 55/13 / Ping CFS Stiff / Ping ID8
Ping i20 4-PW+UW / Ping CFS Stiff / Ping ID8
Ping G15 2H 17° & driver 9° / stiff aldila serrano / ping 703
Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball / 33" / 2°up
Srixon AD333 - Oakley Flack Jacket XLJ G30

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Like most, I have a mixed bag. However, all things being equal, I voted Bridgestone, for an unusual reason. I raced bicycles for nearly twenty years, and had many sponsors over the years. The most generous I ever had was Bridgestone. I know golf and bikes are different divisions, but it's still the same parent company, and I direct my dollars to them as much as possible.

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I also chose other, based on the fact that if I go hit it, and like it, and it fits me and my game, it's going in my bag no matter who it is.


Playing and loving my Ping G15 driver, irons are Taylor Made 10 Burners, Wedges Calloway, 2 Wilson Fy-Brid utility clubs, 19 and 23 degree, and my putter is Bobby Grace!

John Barry

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As you can see I have a pretty mixed bag but right now I have a lot of respect for what Adams golf is doing. The hybrids have been a big lift to my game and I have tried to work their other products into my bag. I just picked up a YES putter after Adams purchased YES. When its time to replace my Eye 2+'s I have a strong feeling Adams will be my brand of choice.

What's in the bag.

Driver - Adams Speedline Fast 10

3 Wood - Adams Insight XTD A3 Boxer

Hybrid 2 - Adams Pro Gold

Hybrid 3 - Adams a7

Irons 4-PW - Adams a7

GW - Adams Idea Pro

SW and LW - Maxfli C3

Putter - YES Golf Marilyn mallett

Ball - TBD - Holding auditions

Eyewear - Sundog Focus

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