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PXG Gen2 Metalwoods.

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So, had a chance to play them for the past month or so.

When I brought it back to the UK with me I went playing at a links course (Burnham & Berrow) and drove a 288 par 4 into 45mph wind (and yes I have it on video - 
a loooong drive :)
, also have the missed eagle put;) ). It was obvious the club stays in the bag.

As much as I liked their hybrids before, the woods were a bit of a sore point with the gen1 either not sounding / feeling great, this one is a winner.

I may not be the most impartial here, but I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'll play anything that can lower my scores. And I believe that trio can't hurt.


And oh my they look good at address 😉

If you have any questions - shoot!

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I just finished the FREE fitting for the PXG Gen 2 driver, 0811 X. I hit my G400 first and he said it would be tough to beat. He handed me theirs with the HZRDUS Yellow 6.5 and it was out after two swings. He tried the Even Flow white shaft/black label in X, and it was out in 2 swings. He was searching through his shafts and was saying he probably wouldn’t have anything that could beat mine. Then he pulled out the new Graphite Design VR shaft, upgrade of-course (my luck).
BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! Dead straight, on a rope, and LONG. 10 yards more carry than mine! And I didn’t miss. That shaft felt great, and my dispersion tightened-up by 8 yards right-to-left! The fairways at my public course are only 21 yards wide... That gets me in the fairway even MORE, and 10 yards further. My carry went from 272 to 282, average. I went from 303/305 total to 315/318. It’s a great driver for me, but having to go to an “exotic” shaft puts it out of my range right now.... But, MAN, I had a good afternoon with PXG!

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      Last August I picked up a new PXG Brandon putter in a black finish and overall I have felt just so-so when putting with it. I am a 1.8 handicap and came from a very old Scotty Cameron Newport 2 that I had liked and been happy with it for many years. I went to PXG for a softer feel off the putter face as well as just a change when I am looking over the putter.  After doing some tests with both the PXG and the Scotty Cameron here were my results... 
      In terms of looks both look relatively the same with the PXG have a slightly shorter hosel than that of the Scotty Cameron. I have enjoyed the PXG's screw design and it adds a nice touch as well as seems to be an interesting weight design that PXG is known for. However, the screws on the top could be a distraction if you are used to a normal style blade putter. However, PXG has removed the screws from the top in their new Brandon Gen 2. 
      Performance from the fringe:
      After testing both putters from 30 feet off the green I felt like the PXG performed better from the fringe and was much softer at impact whereas the Scotty felt a little bit firmer from this length. Overall both were not uncomfortable to put with. 
      Performance from 5 feet:
      This is where I started to have an interesting time with the PXG. While putting off the green and not feeling as much of an impact was nice inside 5 feet I had a hard time judging how much speed to give it as the PXG was very soft and almost felt like air when putting at these distances. Downhill puts were very hard as it felt like I wasn't even putting the ball and would blow it by the hole. 
      Price and Value 
      In terms of price I would say $499 for the PXG seems a bit excessive. While I fully understand they are luxury golf company, spending $499 just seems to be a bit much for one club in the bag. However, if you like a softer feel I would completely recommend the PXG. 
      Score (1-10):
      PXG= 7.5
      Scotty Cameron= 8.5

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