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Fitting/lessons v off the rack/self taught

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Can I throw another category into the mix here? I know this is on that website, but it's written by a friend of mine, and the only coach I've taken a lesson from: http://www.golfwrx.com/536948/why-gol

Thinking a little more about it imo it also depends where one is with their game and/or what they’ve done previously. someone who has been fit into their clubs already and are happy with their se

I'll try to answer as best as I can for my own experience... I started playing in earnest the summer after 8th grade, when I started caddying.  My grandfather (who was about a 2 at that time) pai

This is a great topic (I know I'm late to the thread). I have never had a lesson and I had played golf for 17 years or so before I was fit for anything. When I started playing golf the only company that pushed custom fitting was Ping. I can remember helping a friend of mine take measurements for Wilson Ultra's and thinking how wild that was - it just never crossed my mind to do it myself. What's interesting is that over the years I learned through trial and error what I liked and when I was finally fit for irons I discovered I had done a pretty good job of fitting myself - not perfect of course but close.

I never had a lesson because I couldn't afford it when I started but I read "Power Golf" and "Golf My Way" and "Five Lessons" and Golf Digest and Golf Magazine (I still have plastic containers full of them) - really anything I could get my hands on. I hit balls - mostly shag balls because I couldn't afford the range very often and I'd rather play. I just over the years learned my swing and tried to emulate things I saw and just worked it out in the dirt. I have really only played two sports - wrestling and golf and I had an aptitude towards both of them and I was never much of an athlete besides. LI'm a proponent of instruction and fitting but I'm not the greatest example of either though my clubs are all fit now.

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