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Epic Flash Launch Party, Cool new marketing play for Callaway? or not?

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I thought it was pretty cool.  TM did something similar with more tour player presence which I thought was also a good watch.

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Haahaaa... Sergio could have been at the Kro-Flight launch party and you'd have never known it by his comments. What did ole Serg like most about the flash? (other than that sweet Callaway $$$) Well, he says it looks good and sets up nice. Wow! Kind of 100's of other drivers on the market. And then there's the new! angled micro-grooves on wedges - now Phil can hit those low skipping/checking shots. Just like he's been doing for 20+ years... but somehow he managed without the new! angled micro-grooves. Hmmm? Oh well, sign me up.

Got to love marketing.

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