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Looks like a fun project.  As another point of reference, I'm NOT self taught.  I started out as a yute having lessons and many have commented that I have great fundamentals/swing.  Decades later, I made another attempt at lessons and reaching your same goal but still could not crack the single digit code. At my iron fitting this past summer, the fitter told me "you make a really nice move on the ball". I replied thanks, but sure wished that translated into lower scoring.  I thought for sure he would say "buy the G400's and that will get it done", but instead just said that, more than anything, I really just need drills aimed at ball strike consistency.  This makes sense when I compare myself to the guys I've played with who are single digit players - they just make fewer mis-strikes.

 But you have one advantage I didn't have back then... MGS 😉.  Look forward to reading about your progress and success.  Good luck!

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Definitely appreciate the advice, and the confidence that I can see the line. Trust me when I say that I'm trying.
I have no expertise in vision, but I will note that I had glasses from the time I was five: the extra-thick, nerdy kind. I have always been massively near-sighted. After college, I got laser surgery. That gave me almost a decade of living without glasses, but my vision regressed, and by my late 20s, I was in glasses again. I have no idea if this is relevant at all, but it wouldn't surprise me if the extent of my poor vision might have some impact on my ability to align correctly.
I worked at this again last night. Once again, I used my laser to make sure everything was exactly in line. I aligned the 4-foot-stick to the hole, but this time, I backed the ball up to the 8-foot mark. I wanted to stand over the ball and get myself in a position where it looked like I should roll the ball over the ruler to make the putt.
The best I could do was moving my eyes in line with the ball, but leaning so my head was a foot-and-a-half behind the ball. I can't make a serious putting stroke from that position.
I came back upstairs, explaining my problem to my wife (she's patient). And she gave me an idea: what about standing over the putt on the left-handed side.
I immediately went back downstairs, telling my wife she was going to regret this because I was going to have to start assembling a lefty putter collection. Sure enough: if I stand over the ball left-handed, the line looks correct to me.
I then grabbed my Spider (which has a flattish back side) and rolled some putts left-handed. Since I ordinarily putt left-hand-low, the grip was normal. I kept forward pressing backwards . But I surprised myself at how many I was able to make from that side.
I'm probably not going to switch to putting left-handed this season. I mean, I'm crazy, but that crazy? (But if any lefties here have a decent mallet that's exiled to a closet....)

Sounds like eye dominance may be in play. Move the ball/ruler forward and back in your stance. It may also help if the ball is in front of the ruler instead of behind. Basically imagine the line you setup to is behind the ball. If you visualize this, it may also help you avoid going outside the line on the backswing.

Putting is about decisions and understanding the impact of those decisions. What works best for you is the right way!

Wish I was closer, we could have some great discussions on this topic.
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Planning to get in the garage for some full swing practice today (it's a beautiful 24° day!), but did some short game with in the basement this morning. I've been doing a lot of random practice from 10–20 yards. So today I put that to the test: a skills assessment, with three shots each from 10, 15, and 20 yards.
Turns out, practice helps:
I'll obviously be interested in how this translates to the course, but my short game (according to Game Golf) was one of the weakest parts of my game. If I can turn that into a strength, that'll go a long way to my reaching my goal here.

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