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Chinese Group ANTA to buy Wilson Golf Owner Amer Sports

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If I had to guess I'd guess the sale will mean next to nothing to Wilson  Staff, other than maybe reestablishing the brand in Asia. The whole of Amer sports goes wayyyyyy beyond golf, but the entire portfolio makes ANTA a pretty powerful juggernaut, particularly in outdoor sports such as cycling, hiking, mountaineering and skiing - areas where Amer excels. ANTA has factories in China, but none that I could find that made golf equipment, so I don't think there will be any changes there. 

Interesting things about ANTA - when it went public in 2007 one of the biggest investor was the then-owner of the Houston Rockets, and since then it has steadily become a presence in the NBA. And having Chip Wilson involved should be entertaining - he made a crap ton of money selling yoga pants as the founder of Lululemon. Google him sometime - you will laugh .

But as for how all this affects Wilson Staff? My guess is it will matter neither a jot nor a tittle.

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On 1/30/2019 at 2:14 PM, sixcat said:

I was listening to a new podcast yesterday afternoon.  It will likely be the last time I listen to this particular podcast given the host and co-host were so incredibly lacking in basic golf knowledge.  The host and co-host were going on and on about how "Gary Woodland will have a major decline in performance this year playing inferior irons" (direct quote)!!!!!!!   They went on and on about how Wilson hadn't produced anything Tour worthy in 40 years since Jack Nicklaus won all those majors.  After all, how could Woodland compete on Tour with something off a shelf at WalMart.  I'm paraphrasing following the quotations but that's the overwhelming sentiment of what these two were saying.

First, Jack played MacGregor his entire career!  Second, Padraig Harrington won 3 majors with a nearly full bag of Staff clubs in 2007 and 2008.  Third, Staff equipment is equal to anything on the market today and can't be found at any WalMart.  If these kids don't know that, they don't deserve my attention! 

With that said, the Amer Sports line across the board fits nicely with what's going on across Asia at the moment.  It should be fine I would think.

They really did not know Jack ( pun intended) if they even think he played Wilson stuff---- That would be enough to make any Macgregor man's blood pressure get so high as to blow a head gasket---- Now excuse me while I double my dose of daily blood pressure meds

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