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I am a GolfPass member and there are a lot of negatives with GolfNow., particularly when compared to TeeOff.com.

1. GolfNow has a convenience fee ($3.49) for each golfer booked, plus tax (depends on state). TeeOff.com has neither.

2. You can ONLY cancel a reservation with GolfNow if the course is CLOSED. (they do call and verify). With TeeOff.com you can cancel for $2 for each player booked.

3.The GolfNow rewards and promos are only good on "HotDeals" and only Mon thru Thurs AFTER noon. If you look closely many of the "HotDeals" are in the morning. For example for my zip (32976) and picking a Thursday 2/27, there are 24  "Hotdeals"" listed but ONLY 4 are afternoon times.

4. The GolfNow promos and rewards are generally for one player only. With TeeOff.com their promos are usually in the form of percent off discounts that apply to the entire booking (everyone in the foursome gets the discounted rate). The discounts vary from 15% to 30%.

Of course by being a GolfPass member $79 and then upgrading to GolfPass+ for $179 more you can avoid the some of the fees and get a more friendly cancellation policy

GolfNow does seem to have more courses under "contract" than TeeOff.com but I noticed some courses here in Florida are on both services






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I got a year subscription of GolfPass for Christmas.  I won't be renewing it when it expires.  I have watched a handful of the "Golf Films" and a few Feherty episodes I missed when they originally aired.  I don't think I have even accessed the App in 6-weeks. 

Waste of money for me!

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On 2/6/2019 at 10:54 AM, Mr. 82 said:

Another gimmick to suck me dry of my money.  Not interested.

The biggest rub is that most of the courses in my area don't use GolfNow, so I would only be able to use it when I travel, which is next to never.

I have the same problem with any golf product that tries to help you find tee times and other deals for golf in your area.  Small metro areas like Tallahassee are not conducive to taking advantage of national campaigns, et al. like this.  Maybe if I lived in a bigger city like Orlando or Tampa it would be a great thing to sign up for.  But unfortunately us country rural folks will continue to be left out of things like this.

It’s certainly not a gimmick, but I do feel that this service is directed towards those who have more time to play golf during the week, rather than on weekends only. I actually have that luxury of weekday golf(8-11X/mo), am a + member(200/yr), renews in Sept, saved well over $150 in green fees alone since Sept, plus I’m earning points towards more discounted golf, on top of all that I’ve rec’d additional $20,25,30,35 (totaling $290 so far, used $115, plus I have 5of6 codes remaining [6 more on the way at ANY value)“celebration day”codes for playing when I was already planning on it. Absolutely mind blowing. Keep in mind, all codes are only good for 12pm or later, even when booking on the same day of play($10 earned codes are 3 days in advance only, but for any time of day)very important! Like I mentioned earlier, great times for me.

Now, I live in Nashville, TN and the choices and quality of courses are excellent, approx 25-30 within 60mi that support GN

My point here Mr 82, is you rural folks are not left out or been thrown a gimmick via GolfNow, it’s just an incredible service for those who can really take advantage of playing a ton of great golf, when the courses are usually wide open, at least compared to the weekends. 

Have a great day, and even a better round. Most of all, have fun man!!

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... I renew every year and for me it is well worth the cost. With all booking fees waived and the free round a month it pays for itself and then some. A bargain in Chicago but a real no brainer in Phoenix as well as some trips to Orlando. I play afternoon golf anyway so the Hot Deals are perfect for me since I never play in the mornings. I have also cancelled an hour before my tee time with no problem. They really bend over backwards to take care of their GP+ members. I just received a dozen TP5 pix balls instead of Project A this year, so another reason for me to love the program. Ymmv ...

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I am with Mr. 82, Gimmick or a Joke.

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well...one good thing to come out of this forced isolation is company's giving stuff away for free for a period of time.

first SiriusXM and now Golfpass...

Stay in the game with GOLFPASS Video with 2 months free for a limited time! Stream your favorite pros, lessons, and shows.



Make sure you turn off auto-renew after you sign up...

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It is great to read the feedback and perspectives here; for a while there I though I was doing something wrong with GolfNow and GP.  My experience has been a mixed bag.  I have used GolfNow on multiple trips, but agree that the problem in my area is availability of courses that use it.  I subscribed to the GP+ last year thinking that I could put the monthly round to work and along with saving the booking fees I would benefit in the long run; but like others have stated, the monthly coupons seem to be geared toward weekday golfers and even then you cannot book the early tee times.  That said, I have benefitted from using GolfNow to book times while traveling and I have saved by not having the booking fee as a GP+ member; I have also been able to cancel several rounds, without the course being closed, with no penalty; I did have concurrence with the course on two of the cancellations cancellations, but regardless, the few times I have needed customer service they have been outstanding.  I have also gotten some great Hot Deal rates at some great courses that I might not otherwise have played; so is it a "good deal?"  I believe that, like many things in life, what works for one of us, is not for everyone else.   If it hadn't been for the travel restrictions in place this year I had two trips planned where I had already planned out my rounds and GolfNow and GP+ were helpful.  So, I will probably give it one more year to see if they can open up use of those monthly coupons, balance that with booking some rounds through other sites (e.g. TeeOff.com) and getting deals where I can and then reevaluate.  Thanks for the insight and who knows, maybe people with input over there will read some of these comments and update the service to better appeal to customers.  

Keep 'em in the short grass.

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I don't write negative reviews often I swear ... but after issue after issue with GolfPass I feel I have to warn others about this ... 1) My original subscription was paid Sept 2019, money taken immediately on credit card yet despite 10-12 attempted logins all of which failed..  and find the issue with customer service it took 5 months to figure it out and they are AWFUL at getting back to you  2) Main reason I subscribed was for the old Golf Odyssey access which is now GONE  100% disappeared   3) GolfNow coupons are worthless as they don't have courses in my area at all and of course they don't mention that  4) The login process is BRUTAL and for no apparent reason the password often fails requiring a new process and new password to remember ..it won't let you use an old one!!   Add to the very peculiar amateurish production of Conor Moore who I think is actually very clever and it all adds up to a bad experience.   I am sincerely hoping some executive at Golf Channel sees this and reaches out to me because I have never seen such a bad product or service in many many years.  

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STAY AWAY! I never had an account and somehow they took the fee ($105.44) from my account. I saw this as a pending charge and tried to stop it... I have made numerous calls and each one has said, "we dont see an account for you". Over a month and still no refund!

#golfpass fraud

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Had golf pass plus several years. I was not going to renew this year but decided to give it one last chance. First complaint is the hot deals after 12:00 rule. Constantly check and see all the courses that do their deals just prior to avoid this benefit. Second complaint is that they promise things they do not deliver. Did not get the balls from last year or this year. They blame Covid but I have found the same balls in several stores with no issue. If you can't get them send something else. Next, the web is the worst run web I have ever used. Booked a match for next week. Used a 10.00 reward which went thru but did not change the price of booking. Now the discount code shows code is gone. I called twice. The 1st woman was extremely rude and did nothing to help. The 2nd gave me a discount for a future booking. In total I wasted over 1 hour to book a tee time I could have done directly for the same price and saved a lot of time and annoyance. THis is my final year with them

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Not sure it's worth it. I received as a gift, and could never use the tee times because of all the restrictions. It auto renewed on us and figured I'd give it another shot after trying to cancel when they told me they were changing the tee time codes to be easier to use. Another year has gone by and only been able to use 1 code even with the "new" restrictions.

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