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DIY Overspeed Training Sticks - Photos and Materials List

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Hi everyone,

With inspiration from several on here, here's my build of two sets of DIY Overspeed training sticks, matched as close to the specs for the SuperSpeed sticks as I could get.

I've included photos of the process and the price/materials list for my build. I ended up building a second set for my brother-in-law as the additional set was really only the additional cost of the shafts.

Diamond Tour Golf

(1) Water-Activated Grip Tape Strips, 13 Pack - $4.99
(1) 24hr 8oz Epoxy Kit - $13.49
(6) DTG Velvet 360 Grip - $1.49/each = $8.94
(6) Adams/Graffalloy SuperShaft - $4.99/each = $29.94
(1) 1/2" Wood Ferrules, 12 Pack - $3.49
Shipping and Handling - $9.99

DTG Total - $70.84

Home Depot

Colored Vinyl Electrical Tape - $4.98
(2) #8-32 2" Pan Head Stainless Steel Machine Screws, 4 Pack - $2.36
(1) #8 Stainless Steel Fender Washers, 8 Pack - $1.18
(1) 5/16" Zinc Fender Washers, 100 Pack - $14.28
(1) J-B Weld 1oz Twin Tube Cold Weld Epoxy - $4.97
(1) 14.5oz Black Plasti Dip - $6.98
6% Michigan Sales Tax - $2.09

Home Depot Total - $36.84

Overall Total for Two Sets - $107.68

1) I started with the grips. I found using dish soap helped immensely with the water activated grip tape.




2) Instead of using different colored grips (which seemed to have different weights), I wanted to keep it simple with identical grips throughout the set. Instead, I chose to make the different weights with colored electrical tape. This step is purely optional. I used a wrap of blue painter's tape that I had on hand to space out the tape evenly from the grips.




3) I found that #8 bolts fit almost perfectly inside of the end of the Adams shafts I ordered. I purchased #8 fender washers and JB-Welded the washers and bolts together to form the "stop" at the end of the shaft. This helps hold the 5/16" washers I used for weight in place.




4) 5/16" washers make up the weights. In an ideal world, I'd rather have machined something from round stock, but without easy access to a lathe or mill this made the most sense. I, of course, failed to record the number of washers needed for ideal weights. However, my notes do say seven of the washers weighed between 79 and 80 grams. I carefully JB-Welded the washers to each other so they would be a single mass. This was tricky because I needed them to be pretty near perfect to fit over the end of the shaft.




5) I have no picture, unfortunately, but I club epoxied the bolt/washer combination to the end of the shafts and allowed it to cure. I lightly abraded the interior of the shaft with some 100 grit sandpaper.

6) I also abraded the end of the shafts where the washers were to be epoxied with 100 grit sandpaper. I then club epoxied the washer weights into place and allowed them to cure hanging down (a jig made from scrap 2x4).




7) I applied two coats of Plasti-Dip to the washer end. This made up for a few remaining grams of weight I needed and added a slightly more finished appearance.


All in all, I managed to get within two grams of the SuperSpeed specs on all six sticks I made (2 of each weight). I am very happy with how they turned out. The only thing I might change is to forgo buying the separate club epoxy and use JB-Weld for everything. The PSI rating of the JB-Weld far exceeds the club shafting epoxy, and I see no reason why I'd ever need to remove the heads. 

My only concern in this design is the bolts inside of the shaft. I doubt the shafts are designed for their being a mass inside of the shaft pressing outward (when swinging) and I've read plenty about just epoxy inside of shaft tip weakening the shaft.

I just wanted to pass along the materials list and procedure I used in case anyone else was looking at doing the same. Hope this helps someone.



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What a great DIY project! Thanks for passing along the material list and photos.

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I found my notes on the number of washers required to reach the necessary weights:

Green - 10 Washers

Blue - 13 Washers

Red - 17 Washers

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