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PXG Gen 2 X Driver

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Hello Spies!  This weekend I had the opportunity to attend a PXG fitting event and hit the new Gen 2 X driver.  My first thought after hitting that driver was WOW!  This is the first time I've ever hit a PXG driver, and it didn't disappoint.  With 2019 being the year of the driver, I've been hitting every driver out there to see if there's one that can improve my game. 

The current leader for me has been the Titleist TS2 driver.  I was seeing ball speeds increase to 162 mph on 109 mph swing speed.  Dispersion was extremely tight and total distance was right around 300 yards.  This was until I hit the PXG...sorry, but I'm going to steal Bob Parsons' famous saying, "Ka Boom Baby!" 

I thought the commercials were a bit over the top to say the least, but that was until I hit the driver.  They have been advertising nothing, but speed on their Instagram.  Showing all their tour sponsors in racing helmets, and I now understand why.  At one point I saw a ball speed of 167 mph!!!  We were hitting of Trackman for both the TS2 and the PXG.  The lowest ball speeds I saw were still beat out the TS2 at 163 mph.  I figured with those speeds that there was no way that it would be consistent, but again I was proven wrong.  At one point I had 3 drives directly on top of one another.  The distances between my farthest left and right drives were way inside my Ping G LST.  

I'm still waiting to hit the new G410, but even Ping has its work cut out on this one.  Once I am able to hit it, I'm going to talk to the PXG rep and do one more hit before I buy my new driver.  I want to put my top 3 head-to-head-to-head in a final showdown if you will.  Right now that final 3 is looking like the order going into that is:

1) PXG Gen 2 X

2) Titleist TS2

3) Ping G400 LST

We'll see if the G410 can punch it's ticket to the finals and knock off the new top seed!

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Great stuff goalie. The TS2 edged out the pxg in my fitting. Accuracy was fantastic but I just couldn't generate the ballspeed of the Cobra F9 or TS2 with it 

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