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Driver sold Fairway and Putter at Rock Bottom Prices

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What started out as "the wife has given me the go ahead to buy the f9 so this sale is to offset the cost or possibly another putter", has turned into already bought the putter now I need to recoup funds to get both!


First up is a Srixon z785 10.5* driver shaft with an aftermarket Kuro Kage 50XT stiff shaft. The head has a small nick on the back of the hosel near where the adapter goes in from being dropped. Doesn't effect performance just made the adapter slide in a little tighter. Otherwise the head is in amazing condition. The shaft has a couple marks here and there but nothing distracting at address and only seen when really looking for them. It plays 44". . Headcover and wrench included. Looking to get $oldobo shipped to the conus.


Next is a Srixon f85 5 wood in decent condition. This was bought from another WRXer and has marks and scratches around the back edge and near the of hosel that have been filled in with black paint. Nothing noticable at address. It is shafted with an aftermarket Elements Chrome 7f4 stiff shaft. The ferrule doesn't sit perfectly flush. It plays 42.5".  Headcover included. Looking for $55+ shipping to conus


Last is a Nike Method Mod 60 putter. It has no grip on it currently but can add a used super stroke ultra slim 1.0 grey pull if desired.  It currently plays 32.5" but I can extend it to whatever length you want. No stock headcover but will include a brown WRX one. Looking for $40+ shipping to conus



Please pm for more photos or offers. Looking to move quick

purchasing any club in this one.IMG_20190112_103316433.jpeg.1f8cdb05830be0e32d725d6f811b1ac8.jpegIMG_20190112_103310280.jpeg.db3607e53913dc88ed7005fc95a15d3a.jpegMVIMG_20190112_103207033.jpeg.e28b52e05c2e743fd7ca653b825a3a14.jpegIMG_20190209_104336859.jpeg.8ab120db016d9f84f702d87deb3e50b3.jpegIMG_20190112_173728648.jpeg.a8dcd4d5742773198bc56e371b42574d.jpegMVIMG_20190203_144851174.jpeg.d5b243c3c72377e7d4398de355060591.jpegIMG_20190203_144938017.jpeg.f11d2f7586acd0038b646540fec87394.jpegIMG_20190203_145001541.jpeg.437942b913ce4ec82f4a9377b745a00a.jpegIMG_20190203_144954628_HDR.jpeg.269c3026deac7a967303afb395c65ea6.jpegIMG_20190203_144948656.jpeg.845bf61c113df19b7352b48b76b2b56c.jpegIMG_20190203_145006204.jpeg.a41dfdd40956693695381a599847bd9b.jpegIMG_20190203_145021855.jpeg.36ad46f5e2b475b764d12d9496c4e572.jpegIMG_20190209_150128804.jpeg.6d9b9ee90ab5d2c7ab98df39c223e2d5.jpegIMG_20190209_123303483.jpeg.9c5b031e56dd7f2c5af8e8b9a3a0be30.jpegIMG_20190209_123255688.jpeg.95073ae7d86c8e8d38694325bee69f58.jpeg


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