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MGS New Member Introduction: International Region

All the other nations of the world, which is almost all the people

Welcome to the MyGolfSpy forums! We’re always glad to have new members contributing to the best golf discussions on the internet.  If you’ve already created an introduction thread, feel free to re-introduce yourself here!

If you haven’t yet done so, take a moment to check out the Moral Codes that shape how we treat each other here.

You’ll find that this community is very welcoming to newcomers so come on in, take off your shoes, and get comfortable. Tell us all about yourself. To help us get to know you, here are some questions you might answer in your new member post. Feel free to share some fun pictures of your golfing ventures as well!

  1. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score?

  2. What do you love about golf?

  3. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies?

  4. Where are you from? What is your home course?

  5. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region?

  6. What do you do for a living?

  7. How’d you pick your user name?

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Why no kick this one off and hope that it ends up being the biggest one! No not a new member but we have to start with someone!

1. I have been golfing most of my life, but only taking it more seriously the last 5 or 6 years. I've got my handicap down to a 9 and am typically in the low 80s and creep into 70s at my home track. And more importantly I'm a lefty!

2. I love golf for the ppl you meet along the way and taking time to be outside and enjoying all the different sights and landscapes many courses offer. Shout out to NZ who has many more courses I need to explore!

3. MGS is my home for everything golf. Although I have been a member here for a while Nunfa0 is the only member I have met in person. It's a great community and keeps me entertained during the winter golf withdrawals.

4. I'm from Halifax Nova Scotia Canada and play a variety of courses with Lost Creek Golf Club being my home track. 

5. We have world class courses here that are truly stunning ... However we have horrible winter's that seem to never end. Being on the east coast of Canada out weather can be confusing and volatile with more severe storms each year. 

6. I work as an ice technician for curling clubs and events. Different I know but I truly love what I do. Plus summers are my off season!!

7. Originally I used Danbrook (my last name) however after the year was up I was in need of a change and went with Apolloshowl. Apollo is my pup who is now 6 years old. He is a Alaskan Klee Kai which is a mini husky. He has a really amazing howl that is more like talking and makes me laugh and smile. It's a name I've used for fantasy teams and more and felt very fitting for here. Plus it harks back to my hometown growing up with me growinh up on Apollo road. So lots going on with it!

Looking forward to reading more about my fellow international spy's! 

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Been  checking the site for a long time , and finally decided it was time to join. Most of my equipment  is influenced my MGS  “Most Wanted” list and I really enjoy reading your articles. I picked up golf late (in my 30s) and love all aspects of the game. My handicap is somewhere around 20 and I play all around SW Ontario.

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