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Shafts used on drivers for test?

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The test of drivers for 75 to 90 mph swing speed does not mention shafts used per manufacturer. A senior shaft is usually recommended for the speed tested, 

Did I miss the shaft info?  

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What test are you referring to? Can you provide more details.


If you are referring to most wanted testing, shafts are best fits to the individual tester. MGS is limited to the shafts provided by the manufacturer. There are a variety of flexes provided and swing speed isn’t the only factor used. Prior to the test shafts and club adjustments are made to attempt to optimize launch conditions for each club for each tester

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Keep this in mind when talking shafts. The stamped flex is at a specific tip length. You can always make it shorter or longer unless the MGR. states absolutely not (very few do). So you can make a Stiff shaft regular which could lead to a  better feel for the golfer. You can make an "A" flex stiffer. It just takes having the correct person fitting you clubs. 

Heck grip size can change torque as a large grip diameter will place a great twist on the shaft. Its Gear principle.

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