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Testers Announced! Bridgestone e12 Soft and e12 Speed Golf Balls

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Michael Miami, FL

Current handicap 8.6

current ball Taylormade Tour Preferred X

looking for ball speed

Michael Miami, FL
9.3 USGA index
Cobra Amp Cell D Driver stiff shaft 9.5 degree
Callaway 13 degree Diablo 3 wood stiff shaft
Tour Edge Exotics #3 19 degree rescue

E21 Rescue #4 23 degree rescue
TaylorMade M2 6 iron Stiff true temper shaft(4 iron)

Adams XTD A Tour Irons with S300 True Temper shafts 5- GW
Wilson Staff SW 56 degree
GEL Ruby 33 in cut down with Washington Capitals oversize grip

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Handicap 24

Current ball - Callaway Chrome Soft

Looking for softness.

4 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:



5 Each e12 Soft and e12 Speed



It's Forum Testing Season!!


We kicked it off last week with the Galway Rain Gear and we are moving right along with giving 10 testers the oppportunity to put the new Bridgestone e12 balls to the test.   

As you may have read or heard previously the e12 is a new ball to Bridgestone, it takes the place at the family table previously held by the e6, meaning priced at $29.99 retail.  However, while it has the same price as the previous version of e6 there is a lot more that has gone into this ball.

“With the benefit of 12 years of ball-fitting data, we have amassed an incredible body of data that has allowed our R&D engineers to pinpoint specifically what causes players to lose distance and accuracy in golf ball construction,” said Elliot Mellow, Golf Ball Marketing Manager, Bridgestone Golf.  “Contrary to the traditional school of thought in golf ball design, where power comes solely from the core, our new Active Acceleration Mantle actually allows us to derive additional power from the mantle layer to boost distance. We’ve created the ‘holy grail’ of distance performance golf balls - a 3-piece surlyn construction that minimizes sidespin to provide ultimate forgiveness, while delivering velocity needed to ensure maximum distance.”


So that sounds exciting, who doesn't want to  discover the Holy Grail.   So never one to keep such wonderful things under wraps.  We are going to provide 10 of our valued forum members a chance to try these out for themselves and report back their findings. 

These balls will be hitting retail shelves sometime in early to mid March so the chosen testers will be among the very first consumers to put them through the paces.  Your job as testers will be to test these from off the tee all the way though holing out that putt for birdie.....hey the season is young, we're full of optimism here! 











We take Member Testing VERY seriously here at MyGolfSpy, and we ask that you put some time, effort and thought into your reviews. You MUST apply in this thread only.

Important Note: If you are selected for this ball testing, that will not remove you from consideration for any other testings that come up this year.  


Step 1: In this thread, tell us the following:

- Your first name and home state-- US APPLICANTS ONLY

- Your current handicap


- Your current golf ball


- Are you looking for more ball speed or more of a soft feeling, only choose one. 


We'll be selecting 5 of you to test the e12 Soft and 5 to test the e12 Speed. 


Check back here next week, and we'll let you know who the lucky testers are.


Thanks for being a part of MyGolfSpy, and we promise you are going to love what we have in store for you this year.  This is only the beginning, and the next testing opportunity may come sooner than you would think.



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Mark / Peoria Az.

Current Handicap 9.

Current Ball Callaway Chrome Soft.

Looking for more Speed.

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handicap 11.8

between callaway super soft & the e6

looking for soft


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Rich from wichita Ks.

Current Handicap: was 2.2 now tha is to a couple accidents its 7 now.  

Current Ball. Prov1x and Callaway chrome soft. 

I like a soft ball. 

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Katie - Hawaii

Handicap: 40

Ball: Callaway Chrome soft

looking for more ball speed

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Gil Tennessee

- 25 handicap


- Currently Chrome Superhot 55


- looking for more ball speed

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Rich from Arizona


9.9 index (play 4 times a week)

Currently playing Chrome Soft

Looking for more speed AND feel

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Pinehurst NC, a quaint little drinking town with a golfing problem.

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Your first name and home state-- Damon: Michigan

- Your current handicap  16


- Your current golf ball  Snell (My Tour)


- Are you looking for more ball speed or more of a soft feeling, only choose one.  Feel




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