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(4) Testers SELECTED PING G410+ & SFT Drivers [US & CAN]

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1. Nelson from Florida

2. 10 HDCP 95-100

3. Callaway Rogue SZ

4. Would like to review the G410 SFT

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Swing speed 90 mph

G 400 SFT

G 410 SFT

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Alec, TX

Handicap: 11

Swing Speed: 105

Current Driver: 2017 M2, UST Mamiya Elements Helium 5F5 X

I'll review either! But, prefer the G410 Plus!

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handicap 18 92-97 mph

Callaway fusion

g410 plus please

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1. Armando - California

2. 10 Handicap / 98 mph

3. Callaway Rogue 9.0 w/ Project X Evenflow Blue

4. Ping G410 SFT

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Colin, Washington D.C.

10.6 hdcp, 115mph swing speed

G400 LST

G410 Plus

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1. Your first name and home state-US Only

Michael - California

2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed

5.9 - 95 mph

3. Your current driver

Ping G15

4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT

Ping G410 Plus

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1. Ian, Virginia 

2. +2 hdcp, 116 mph

3. 2016 TM M2 - 460 head

4. Would love to test the G410 Plus 



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1. Justin Baker - Fort Worth, TX 

2. 10 handicap ; 104 driver swing speed 

3. Callaway FT-iz from 2010

4. Ping G410 plus

Recently purchased a G400 stretch fairway as my first upgrade in 8+ years. Now I’m looking to move into all new Ping gear. I would revel in the opportunity to test and review Ping’s newest technology.


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Posted (edited)

Tim from New Jersey

13 handicap

103 averages swing speed

M1 440 with Matrix Ozik HD stiff shaft

Would like to test out the G410 Max

I tested out the G400 LST with a Kuro Kage shaft at a 2nd swing and really liked it but the results were too close to my current driver to warrant the price upgrade/change. I’d love a chance to test out the new line and the Max definitely sounds like a great fit for my swing tendencies vs the SFT.

Good luck, everyone.


Edited by timlong81

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Posted (edited)
11 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:

How do you improve on a line of drivers that had a member of the family win the coveted Most Wanted Driver in 2018?  That's certainly a tough task for any group of engineers.  But the really smart guys in the lab coats in the rooms where nobody is allowed to go in Phoenix are betting they have done just that.   And they have gone into uncharted waters to do so. 

PING has been if not the last , then most certainly the last major equipment company to produce a driver with movable weights.   For years PING has stated that it had enough technology built into each version of it's drivers that you need not worry about unscrewing plugs, or sliding bars, or inserting cogs etc.   They had done all the work for you and the driver would work just fine, and they did thank you very much. 

Well take a close look at the rear of the new G410 Plus pictured below.  You'll see three possible ports for a movable weight, center for neutral, on the heel for draw bias and out on the toe for fade bias.   People have finally gotten what they have clamored for. 

And for those who prefer a driver with a bit of a draw bias and don't need to change if from that, well PING hasn't forgotten you, as it made the G410 SFT--Straight Flight Technology--and it otherwise has all the same technology.  


thumbnail of
Will this movable technology along with all the hosel adjustment that can moved into eight different configurations make one of the best drivers on the market year in and year out even better?

Well we're going to leave it to three dedicated and trustworthy and oh alright, it's OK to say-- LUCKY as well-- members of the My Golf Spy forum to test, play, review--and keep-- these drivers.  The members of the forum will anxiously be awaiting the results.   

The testers will be getting these drivers pretty much the same time they will be hitting retail shelf's, so you will be among the very first consumers on the course with these incredible looking drivers. 

thumbnail of


thumbnail of



in this thread - and ONLY in this thread - tell us the following:


1. Your first name and home state-US Only

2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed

3. Your current driver

4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT

Pretty straightforward!

thumbnail of


Good luck, and we'll be announcing the testers in this forum early next week!





North Carolina 


Taylormade m1 w757 stiff speeder shaft 8.5 degree set at 8.0

Ping 410 plus

Edited by fossil
Omitted ping driver selection

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Gotta love Ping!!!

1. Evan, Oklahoma

2. 6.3, 105 MPH

3. Ping G400 LST, Ping Tour Stiff Shaft cut to 44.5"

4. G410 Plus

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1. Your first name and home state-US Only: David Nevada

2. Your current handicap and driver swing speed: 20.2  86-93 MPH

3. Your current driver: Wishon HL or Golfsmith 13.5 / 1/2" short

4. List whether you would like to review the G410 Plus or G410 SFT:  G410 Plus 


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1. Jeffrey, Ohio

2. 6.6, 98 mph

3. Callaway Epic 9.5 deg. with Fujikura Atmos Black 6S shaft

4. G410 Plus

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Jeremy Manning - Waukesha, Wisconsin

15 hcp 110 mph

Callaway XR Stiff lofted down to 8 degrees    

G410 Plus

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George in Arizona 

HCP: 10-11

Current Driver: Ping G400Max Fujikura ProSpec 2.0 

Swing speed: 95mph 

G410 R flex

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Mitch - New York

Handicap: 11

Swing speed: 118 mph

Taylormade R11S

G410 SFT!

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1. James - Michigan

2. 13.6/98

3. Ping G30/Stock shaft

4. G410 

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I don’t know if it will help my current swing dilena but I would certainly give it a throughout review
Scott, Georgia
Mizuno 180st

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Excited to see how this stacks up! G400 LST is the best driver I’ve ever hit. Can this compete?! 

Ethan Fine — Denver, CO

+2.3 — 120mph

Ping G400 LST w/ GD Tour AD-DI 7x

G410 Plus


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      Rangefinder: Bushnell PRO X2 
      Glove: Footjoy Weathersof. Love the Ping tour glove but at the rate I go through gloves I just can't justify the price difference.
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    • By Golfspy_CG2
      When it comes to PING many things come to mind, quality, engineering, performance and irons are among the first things most people will think of.   And with the release earlier this year of the G410 irons, PING has hit on each one of those characteristics. 
      Following the huge success of the G400 irons, PING has hit a home run with the striking black and red colors of this iron, as well as a being a bit more streamlined in all the right places.   PING has achieved the rare feat of providing an iron that has a profile appealing to even the most discerning of golfers, but yet still offering the forgiveness and help that higher handicaps look for. 

      We are looking for three forum members to join staff member Golfspy_Stroker in testing, reviewing and keeping a set of these G410's built to their custom specs.  Testing will require a nearly two month commitment of putting the irons in play on the course, at the range and providing ongoing commentary in the forum thorough out the process. 
      As an extra bonus to the irons, the selected testers will have the option to choose Golf Pride Tour Velvet grips equipped with Arccos.  The clubs will come with a 99 day free trial to arccos.  After that the tester would be responsible for paying for the subscription in order to continue it.   It will be a great way to add data to your review. 
      PING has opened this testing to all golfers regardless of country of residence.   All you have to do to be eligible for the testing is follow the below instructions.
      In a post in this thread please provide the following information...AND DO NOT QUOTE this post when replying!
      First Name/State or Country of residence
      Current irons in Play
      The carry distance of the your 7 iron
      That's it.   Good luck to everybody
      We'll be selecting the testers within the next 10 to 14 days, so check back to see if you've been selected!


      Please join me in congratulating these members selected from a very large and diverse applicant pool:

      Official announcement here:
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Lynx Golf Continues Momentum with Launch of LynxGolfUSA.com, Release of Black Cat Lines
        (Weybridge, Surrey, UK) – Lynx® Golf – the iconic equipment brand trusted by multiple major championship winners over its storied history – unveils LynxGolfUSA.com, a new website providing American golfers access to the manufacturer’s innovative lines, including the new Black Cat Series.

      Launch of the site coincides with new social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and will feature unique blog content, newsletter sign-up and more. Bolstering the introduction of the new site and social media channels is the U.S. debut of the latest generation of the famed Black Cat line, which delivers leading-edge technology in an attractive and classic aesthetic.  
      “The U.S. site is the latest step in our journey to bring this iconic brand back to a place of prominence in the American golf market,” says Stephanie Zinser, CFO and co-owner of Lynx Golf. “Black Cat is the perfect series to accompany our website and social launches as golfers have fond memories of previous iterations, but that nostalgia will quickly be replaced with modern performance that maximizes both distance and accuracy.”
      The Black Cat line features innovations unique to the Lynx brand: Effective Energy Transfer – Each driver, fairway wood and hybrid are engineered with proprietary technology designed to disperse energy across the club face, offering greater forgiveness on off-centre hits.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Weight Bar System – Found in the line’s driver and fairway woods, the system transfers weight from the front to the back of the clubhead, giving players control over their preferred launch and spin rate.                                                                                                                                                                             Hollow-Head Technology with Variable Face Thickness – Each iron distributes weight across the hitting surface while a polymer-filled hollow cavity in the head allows for one of the thinnest forged faces in the industry. This provides more effective energy transfer across the face for increased ball speeds and a higher, more stable MOI throughout the set.  Over the past several years, the Lynx brand has made a resounding impact in the U.K., as the company has recorded double-digit annual sales increases every year since 2013. This growth has been driven by several successful products which will be featured on LynxGolfUSA.com including the popular Prowler VT irons, Prowler Forged irons, and Tigress line of women’s clubs.                                    
      “Without our success in Europe and around the world, days like today are not possible” says Steve Elford, CEO and co-owner of Lynx Golf. “What golfers are about to see and experience in the U.S. started nearly a decade ago when our team set out to restore the glory once associated with the iconic brand.”
      Founded in the 1970’s by John Riley Sr. and Carl Ross, Lynx® Golf quickly established a massive fanbase among the game’s best players. This included legendary ambassadors who trusted the brand to help them capture victories at the 1992 Masters and 1994 US Open, among other wins.
      Lynx’s renowned product lines include everything from TOUR-caliber clubs, such as the Prowler VT irons, to products geared for mid-to-high handicappers. At the professional level, the brand continues to draw talent, as its ambassadors include the legendary Dame Laura Davies and former European Tour standout, and current Sky Sports TV presenter, Nick Dougherty, as well as LET players Lydia Hall, Becky Brewerton and Trish Johnson.  
        About Lynx® Golf
      Lynx® Golf concentrates on developing high quality, technologically-advanced but affordable golf clubs, backed up by great customer service. In the UK, it has gained a strong foothold in ‘green grass’ golf accounts – retail operations typically run at golf courses by PGA Professionals - with clubs designed and assembled in the UK at the company’s Weybridge, Surrey, headquarters.
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