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Surprisingly inspired by an online instructor

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1 hour ago, joen said:

I suspect he assesses each golfer individually and implements the appropriate fix. My buddies all have different swing drills that they work on for their specific needs. 

Out of curiosity, which instructor uses reverse foot terminology?  I have never heard it described like that before. 

I think EA Tischler and Mike Adams sort of indirectly refer to it in their instruction but they use a different terminology (they call it swing anchoring). 

Here is a poor quality video (the wind sound is utterly frustrating).



The actual research data can be summarised below , but I must admit that I don't think many instructors actually take these findings into consideration when they structure their instruction lessons. Many use old conventional instruction where the norm is shifting 'weight pressure'  progressively more onto the lead leg in the downswing. The strange thing is , If you look at COM (ie. 'center of mass' , not 'center of pressure')   readings for most pros , they don't actually move their COM much, even though their COP does move around.






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