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Graphite Design Tour IZ vs

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Not sure if this thread is still active/relevant but I have found Tour AD shafts to be WORTH EVERY PENNY.

Are the expensive? Sure. But so is PXG and plenty of other golf equipment. That being said, these are not one size fits all. I highly recommend being fitted.

When I saw my guy at PGA SS (Scott Swords in TX), I saw him multiple times over multiples sessions. I hit new heads with new shafts, new shafts with my existing head, different lofts, different weight settings, EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN.

What was the result? He did not push me to buy a new driver head and shaft all-together, but simply recommend this shaft because of the MASSIVE spike in ball speed, carry and reduced dispersion.

For my 2017 TaylorMade M2 I was hitting the Tour AD IZ 7x the best.

When hitting the Titleist TS2 (when considered buying a new head) I was hitting the Tour AD DI 7x the best. 

Both were incredible feel.


We found they were performing slightly different from each other based on the head. But all in all, I'm now carrying 280-290, whereas before, when I was in the wrong shaft for my swing, I was around 255 carry.

Incredible quality, high price, but worth the penny if it yields the gains you are looking for. 

Hope this helps.



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Go look at at Russ Ryden's site , devoted golfer , sure he says the Graphite Design YS Nanoreloaded has similar spec as the IZ 



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