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Why do you continue to pick blades over the forgiveness and technology packed into todays irons?

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Okay, I’ll chime in. I went with a more forgiving iron when I returned last year to playing. While I tried out several newer models I already owned some Ben Hogan CFT’s I bought new in 2004(or thereabouts). I needed graphite shafts because of an elbow injury and installed these on Project X PXv 6.0.


For those that don’t know the CFT was a forged stainless body iron with a compressed forged titanium face. Other than weaker lofts than the newer clubs, these are quite forgiving and have a very hot face.


But as I was getting more rust knocked off my game, I found that while this type of club is great for full swings, the delicate shots around the greens are more problematic. The ball came off with a pop and lots of spin. So I broke out the old Scor wedges and soon replace my PW (or E in Hoganese) with a Scor 46. Then the 9 iron with a Scor 42.


This soon proved to be very advantageous for my short game. So much so that I replaced my 6-PW with Hogan Ft Worth 15’s. I now have the CFT 3-5 and Ft Worth 15’s in 29-33-37-41-45. And will replace my 50-55-60 Scors with TK15’s when the time arises. I may replace the CFT’s with Ft Worth HI’s, but currently there is no need.


I have played Mizuno MP FLI HI’s for years in the 2-3-4 irons. The old Hogan CFT long irons are higher, longer, and more spin. Basically they are the same lofts just have the numbers 3-4-5 on them.


The bladed Ft Worth 15’s feel scalpels to me while the others feel like an axe. Inside say 170 yards I want to feel like I have the scalpel to cut down the flag. Outside that, I want an axe for forgiveness.


Even more importantly is when I miss the green I want those different scalpels so I can control the flight to roll and the distance the ball travels on the chips. I’m a firm believer in “The Rule of 12”. (Pace from the flag to the ball and the ball to a pace on the green. Total 16 steps to flag and 4 to the green, then 16/4=4. 12-4 is 8. Read the green like a putt and pick a spot where you have to land the ball and focus just on how hard to hit it to get to that spot. If it is just 2 steps to the green and 16 to the flag it is a 6 iron.)


Blades to me are also more reliable on the partial shots. I injured my shoulder and elbow last year and could only make 3/4 swings. My accuracy greatly improved by making just partial swings. I can make full swings now, but rarely make more than a 3/4 swing inside 175.


Sure, 1 time today I was in the deep rough and would have benefited from a more forgiving club, but I may also have caught a flier and gone in the lake. As it was, I had club I felt more comfortable using around the green. If I would have hit a straighter drive I wouldn’t have needed more forgiveness.



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