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F8+ 75g shaft advice


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I've looked all over MGS and couldn't seem to find anything addressing this topic. 

So in one of my most recent "what did you buy" posts, I was showing off my King LTD Black driver. Well after about 3 weeks of very enjoyed ownership, the spaceport window thingy ended up snapping off completely leaving the threaded part jammed and unable to be removed. I contacted Cobra, got a return auth # and sent it in.. Well in the same day that they received the driver, they determined that they would just replace it with an F8+!!!!!!!!!!!!! (#Cobraistotallybadass!)

Now.. I'm just patiently waiting for the club to come like a kid waiting for Santa.. Except my Santa will be donning a uniform of white, purple, and orange (FedEx). 

My question to y'all who are familiar with the F8+ head is: have any of you had success with a heavier shaft? I'm considering something around a 78g range. https://www.golfworks.com/ust-mamiya-proforce-vts-shaft-special/p/us0111/  to be more specific. X flex Black. My objective is to attempt to keep swing weight around D3 and length around 45.5" if possible. I've also got my eye on a Diamana diamana kai'li 70 x5ct (I know it's a tad outdated but it's always been a great shaft). I know there are always options of replacing the head weights. My current shaft is a UST Elements Chrome S++ Flex at 44" so slightly lighter than the posted 66g. I believe that Cobra will be sending back swing weighted to D2 so whatever head weight they'll be adding will likely need to be replaced. I know that adding heavier shafts can sometimes cause issues with swing weight so I just wanted to see how easy/difficult it may end up being. 

I'm always open ears/eyes to hear what folks have done that worked.. or didn't, before taking the plunge on a new venture. 


Thanks as always! 





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Im curious as well! Just ordered a new cobra F8+ with a Hzrdus yellow 75 x flex. Should be here wednesday. Will comeback with a review and will see how the numbers look on the trackman at work. 

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