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Linksoul bags, any good?

Life on 14

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Like any child of the 90’s I grew up using ping bags and really have never even considered anything else. The club divider  liner of my hoofer last summer came undone after many years of faithful service I think it’s time to let it go. The link soul bag caught my eye on a golf trip to bandon dunes, but never seen one in the wild. Pretty expensive and wanted to see if anyone has it and can let me know their experience? 



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I saw it at Bandon also and it looked awesome, hopefully, someone will chime in and say if it is any good. Looked quality in person and probably would have purchased it but how am I going to get two bags in the travel case? Always found it funny that destination courses sell golf bags - but I guess some have the ability to just trash their old one. I am between this one and the stitch but I am leaning towards this one because of  the dual strap. 

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I purchased this bag last year and can not speak highly enough of it. To me, it's like an improved version of Jones' Utility Stand Bag, and has similar (if not better) quality.

The bag is light for its size, it's not too bulky, and having minimal logos appeals to me - I don't like equipment or gear covered in color, logos, etc.; after all, I'm not getting paid to advertise for someone.

What makes this feel like an improvement above the Jones bag I mentioned is its strap system. The Utility Stand Bag's straps, when both are worn at the same time (rather than slinging just one over the shoulder) feels asymmetrical as one of the two straps is larger than the other. The strap system in the Linksoul bag is FAR more comfortable (and symmetrical), and as someone who walks most of their rounds, this means a lot to me.

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