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Titleist under rated?

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9 hours ago, FrogginBullfish said:

I think that was true in the past but at least recently they've really begun offering lines that fit every level of golfer. They've got 9 ranges of irons to pick from and they're fairly easy to blend for a combo set.


They've also offered a "better player" club and a forgiving model in their hybrids, woods and drivers with the H1, H2, and the TS2, TS3, and now TS4 - and formerly D2 and D3 - in the woods and drivers, plus they offered a C16 driver.

Like I said previously, I'm not big on Titleist but I am mindful of what they're doing being a bit of a club geek.

Definitely agree on the ball thing. Know a few guys who swear by Titleist balls and won't even try anything else.


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Since 2010 with the 710 irons offering and the 910 woods and hybrids is when the brand changed imo to help draw in the broader spectrum of golfers. Prior to that it was better players irons and drivers that weren’t very forgiving. Unfortunately they are a brand that had the country club and better player clubs perception and many golfers stayed away from trying their stuff and even with the improvement every year in their stuff some still refuse to try the clubs because they don’t think they are good enough to play titleist 

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I think that Titleist was, in the past, thought of as a "players only" brand. With the advent of Titleist Thursdays, they have shown more players that they do have products in the lineup for players of all skill levels. They might not be the longest clubs out there but they are very well made and offer a lot of consistency in the products. They have started to spend more effort on marketing things other than balls. We will see if that translates into better club sales numbers.

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It is very much a performance brand and has been known as such. For the LONGEST time it was been known as a players brand. The clubs were designed for the low hdcp to scratch golfers.

Having recently tried the new TS2 & TS3 drivers, they have definitely began to create clubs for mid handicap players. I am a 14 hdcp and felt very comfortable hitting those drivers for once. I have been playing the vokey wedges for some time and love them. With all of the different bounces and grinds, it can be easy for people to get the wrong equipment for their game.

On this path and with a little more club marketing (not only for the balls), they can take over some market share for sure!

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