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COMPETITORS ANNOUNCED: #CobraConnect Challenge 3

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  1. Shannon In Minnesota around 45-50 round per year
  2. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, word of mouth
  3. 8 HCP, 105 With Driver
  4. Ping G30 Driver, Ping G 15 3 Wood, Callaway ti faced 7 wood, Cobra f8 hybrid, Mizuno JPX hot 900 irons, Cleveland RTX3 wedges and ER7 Putter
  5. Standard Length desired. 
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  1. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year: Justin, Toronto, ON, 100
  2. Social Media Accounts, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, snapchat
  3. Handicap and Swing Speed 1.0 115mph 
  4. Current Set Titliest 919 D3, Srixon 745, Vokey Wedges. 
  5. Desired Cobra Set. Single Length. 
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 Stephen Trutter, Springfield IL, 110 Rounds a year
Facebook, Instagram, and twitter
Handicap: 15 and Swing Speed 90-95



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  1. Greg, Orlando, FL, 40-50 rpy
  2. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  3. 17, 102
  4. Callaway Rogue driver, Epic 3 wood, TM M1 3 Hybrid, Mizuno JPX-850 4 - P, Mizuno MP-T5 50, 56 wedges, Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 60
  5. F9 TX Length (9°), F9 3W, F9 3 Hybrid, F9 conventional, F9 50, 56, 60 Wedges

This will be an incredible review, by whoever does it.

Driver: Callaway Rogue - Project X HZRDUS Yellow, 6.0, 63g

Fairway: Callaway Epic 3 wood, Rogue MAX stiff, 75g

4-6 Iron: Mizuno JPX-850 - Project X 5.5 

7-PW: Mizuno JPX-850 Forged - Project X 5.5

Wedges: Mizuno MP-T5 (50, 54), Ping Glide 2.0 Stealth 60 ES

Putter: Odyssey Marxman, Currently tested and kept Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro 140cc grip



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1. Ian, Sheffield, England. Around 40 rounds per year plus twilight 9s through the summer. 

2. Manacee on Twitter

3. Currently CONGU 14.3. Driver swing speed around the 103 mph mark. 

4. Current set: 

Driver - Cobra F8 - 60g Aldila NV Blue - stock stiff 

3w - Cobra F8 - 70g Aldila NV Blue - stock stiff 

3 Hybrid - Cobra F7 - Fujikura stock stiff 

Irons (5-GW) - Cobra F9 - KBS Tour 90 - Stock stiff 

Wedges - 2 Callaway Forged MD3 and a Callaway PM Grind lob

Putter - PING Sigma G Shea H

I also have a Cobra One Length Utility 3/4 iron set at 18* that goes back in the bag in summer - Again stock stiff shaft option UST Mamiya Recoil Smacwrap. 

Despite being a Cobra convert I’m still rocking a Callaway bag. 

5. Desired set:

Driver - F9

3w - F9

5w - F9

3/4 F9 Hybrid or Utility iron or F9 set 4

Irons - F9 (5-GW)

King wedges 54*, 58*. Not sure on bounce but probably versatile. 

Black and green cart bag. 

Good luck with this everyone. 

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Ray, Pinehurst , NC, 140 rounds year

Social Media : None yet

18 HCP, 95 MPH

Callaway Steelheads

F9 Conventional

Pinehurst NC, a quaint little drinking town with a golfing problem.

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  1. Name- Frank Gifaldi, Locale- Western NY, and 300+ Rounds per year
  2. Social Media Accounts- Facebook
  3. Handicap- 8 and Swing Speed- 92
  4. Current Set- Tour Edge EXP Driver, Ping 400 3 Wood, Titleist 19* Hybrid, Ping 22* Hybrid, Mizuno Tour Forged JPX 919 4-GW irons, Callaway SW
  5. Desired Cobra Set- F9 Single Length, King Wedge, Cart Bag
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Jeffry Lester, Northern Kentucky, over 50 rounds per year

Facebook jeffry.lester@gmail.com; Jeff Lester

Twitter: @jeffrywlester

12 handicap, swing speed 90

current set is Ping G for Irons,  3 & 5 wood and 3 rescue; driver is Cobra K7, Wedges are PXG

Cobra F9 Conventional Irons with F9 Fastback woods


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  1. Brent, Rochester NY, approx. 30 / yr.
  2. Only Facebook
  3. Handicap: 0.4, SS = 105mph
  4. Taylormade M1 430 - Aldila Rogue Silver 110 70X (just purchased a Cobra F9, haven't even hit it yet) & Taylormade P790, Recoil 110 F5 & Cleveland wedges (48, 54, 60)
  5. King F9 driver and conventional length irons
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13 hours ago, Drumdog said:
  1. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year - Bill Mills - Liberty Lake, Washington - 60
  2. Social Media Accounts- Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope
  3. Handicap and Swing Speed - 5Ghin - 102mph
  4. Current Set- Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons, Callaway Epic driver
  5. Desired Cobra Set - Single length


Thanks for the opportunity !

Randall Matheny, Tallahassee, FL, 150 rounds per year

On Facebook and Twitter

Handicap 12, Swing Speed 96 MPH

King Cobra Conventional

King  Cobra F9 Single length


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  • Fuster stéphane, Saint Cyprien/ France,  40-50 Rounds per year
  • Social Media Accounts Facebook
  • Handicap about 30 and Swing Speed near 110 mph
  • Current Set : Nike Vapor Driver, 3w 7w 5H callaway GBB, Mizuno JPEX EZ forged irons
  •                                  Cleveland CBX Wedge 50/54/60
  • Desired Cobra Set : Conventionnal irons 6-PW+ hybrids  2to 5 + 3 wedge king/F9

HC 54

Wedge : Scor 60 / 52

Irons : Mizuno JPX EZ 2014 / 6 to PW

Hybrid:  Callaway GBB 2015 5

Woods: Callaway GBB 2015  7w / GBB 200? 3W

Driver: Nike Vapor pro 10,5 about 250 Y

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Doug, NJ USA, ~40 rounds/yr

Facebook, Instagram

Handicap 19, swing speed 85-90

Current: Cobra Fly Z+ Dr, Bio Cell 3w, AMP 3h, Bio Cell 4/5h, Wilson C300 5-P, Cleveland RTX CB 50deg, TM ZTP 56, Cleveland CG15 60, Walter Hagen putter. 

Desired:  F9 10.5 dr, 3w, 5w, 5h, F9 One length 5-G.  Wedges 52, 56(with maximum bounce), 60.  

:ping-small:        G400 Max, PX Evenflow Blue 6.0s, until the adapter comes loose again in 5 swings. 😥

:cobra-small:  Bio Cell 3/4w, Project X PXV 6.0s; AMP 3h 19deg Aldila RIP R.  Bio Cell 4h 22.5deg PXV R. Aldila RIP 70 R; King Utility 4i, UST Recoil 780 ES SmacWrap S 

:wilson_staff_small: C300 cast irons 5-PW. Fujikura graphite R 

:cleveland-small:      CBX-2 50/11 

:taylormade-small:   ATV 56/16deg 

:1332069271_TommyArmour:  Impact No.3 Align putter

:Arccos:     Caddie for tracking.     

:titelist-small:            Pro V1X balls


Previous forum tests:

2019: Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 grips, Lynx Black Cat 5-PW.    2020:  :skycaddie: LX5 Watch.    2021:  :1332069271_TommyArmour: Impact #3 Align putter

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  1. David Reese, Monroe, WA, and 30+ per year
  2. Twitter: @GolfCrazyWA  Instagram@ GolfcrazyWA
  3. 15 and 100
  4. Cobra F8+ driver and Fairway, F8 Hybrids (3h, 4h), F8 Irons (5-G), King Blck wedges (58*, 58*)
  5. Cobra F9 Identical set-up.


Follow me on twitter @GolfCrazyWA and on Instagram @GolfcrazyWA



Cobra Ultralite Cart Bag 

Cobra F8+ Driver Hzrdus Red 65g shaft

Cobra F8+ 3wd Hzrdus Red 65g shaft

Cobra 3 hybrid Rogue Pro 75g Shaft

Cobra 4 hybrid Rogue Pro 75g Shaft

Cobra F8 irons 5-GW KBS tour 90 stiff shafts

Cobra King Black Wedge 54* 

Cleveland RTX Zipcore Wedge 58*

Snake Eyes Viper Putter.

Ball: Taylormade TP-5X



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Jeffrey, Western New York, about 40 Rounds per year


Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter[mention=58150]jturner7499[/mention]


14.0 handicap with 101 mph driver swing speed


Callaway driver 9* stiff shaft, Adams golf 3 wood 15*, Adam’s 3 hybrid 19*, Wilson Di-11 irons 4-Pw uniform shafts (need stiff shafts in irons). Mizuno t series wedges 50,56,60


Desired set: F9 driver (white) in 9* stiff shaft, F9 3 wood (white) 15* stiff shaft, F9 hybrid (black) 19* stiff shaft, F9 conventional irons steel s300 shafts, king wedges 50,56,60.


This is an amazing opportunity that will come with more competitive play between great players during the season. Further more this would be another way to see if you can truly play well with clubs from all one manufacturer or not.





Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy



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1 hour ago, Gspencer01 said:

Graham Spencer Atlanta, GA 60-70 Rounds a year- Playing in a golf league this year starting in April 1 round a week (min)

Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 

16 HC - Driver Swing speed 110-115mph, 7iron swing speed 95mph 

Current Set- Titelist 712 AP1 4-P S300, Titelist 915 D2 9 Degree Fujikura Speeder Pro Tour Spec 74g Driver Shaft X-Stiff Flex, Titelist 915 Fairway wood 16.5 degree R.I.P. ALPHA shaft, Mizuno 3 iron X100, 52, 56, 60 Vokey Wedges 



Thank you for such a great opportunity to improve my game! 






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1. Kyle-Fishers, IN 25-30 rds per year

2. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

3. 18HDCP, 105-110MPH swing speed

4. Taylormade R7 driver(9.5), Cleveland Launcher 3W, Titleist 3 Hybrid, Nike Vapor Pro combo-4-PW, Titleist vokey Wedges(52,56,60-even though I can't hit it), Odyssey white hot center shaft blade putter, Callaway stand bag

5. Desired: Cobra 9.5 fastback driver, 3-fairway wood, 3-hybrid

 F9-conventional Irons 3-PW stiff flex

King Wedge(52,56, and 60

Stand Bag(blue or black)


This would be awesome, thanks for the opportunity!!!

Irons: Nike Vapor Pro Combo 3-PW, Steel, Stiff flex

Driver: Mizuno ST180, Regular Flex, usually play 9.5

Putter: Odyssey Stroke Lab Mallet

Right Handed

Fishers, Indiana

HDCP: 18

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  1. John, MA, 29 rounds last year. 
  2. Have Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Depending on the platform I would create a new account(s). Existing accounts are private/family oriented and include young children my siblings would prefer not be on display for an expanded audience.
  3. 16 handicap, 115 driver swing speed
  4. Mizuno MP-63 4-PW, Cobra F7+ Driver, Cobra F7 3/4W
  5. One length Irons

:cobra-small: Cobra King F7+, VA drago 65 X, 9.5*

:cobra-small: Cobra F7 3/4 wood - hzrd red 15.5*

:mizuno-small: MP-63 4-PW 

:cleveland-small: Cleveland 588 Tour Wedge (56*)

OnCore Elixr all day every day

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