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COMPETITORS ANNOUNCED: #CobraConnect Challenge 3

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  1. Name - tim andrus
  2. Locale - Sunbury ohio
  3. Rounds per year - 30
  4. Social Media Accounts: Twitter, facebook, Instagram, slack, LinkedIn, Pinterest 
  5. Handicap and Swing Speed - 13 ghin, swing speed 99
  6. Current Set - mizuno jpx irons, Cleveland wedges, cobra driver and woods
  7. Desired Cobra Set - conventional 
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Andrew Barnes Saratoga Springs NY

50 - 60 rounds a year.

Social media: facebook, Twitter

9.4 handicap

112-114 driver swing speed 

cuttent set cobra F7 driver ping gmax 3 wood cobra fspeed 5 wood cobra forged tech irons Calaway Mack daddy 56wedge 

Desired set cobra f9 speed back and fairway metals and 3 hybrid. Love the foraged tech I have, I would love to try the cobra king wedges 

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This is awesome!  Thx, MGS!

1. Chris Hill, Denver, CO - 88 rounds in '18

2. FB, IG & Twitter

3. 14.6 / 95

4. Callaway Epic Sub-Zero (Oban Devotion Shaft), Callaway Epic 3W (Oban Revenge Shaft), Cleveland Black 3H & 4H (stock), Callaway CF16 5-AW (KBS Shafts), Vokey 54* & 58* Wedges (stock)

5. F9 Driver 9* stiff (open to any config that brings down spin)

    F9 3-4 stiff

    F9 3H & 4H stiff (one length or conventional)

    F9 5-GW conventional (one length or conventional)

    King Black Wedges 54/58 if conventional – 56/60 if one length

P.S. Rickie is the man!

Callaway Epic Sub Zero

Callaway Epic 3 Wood

Cleveland Black 3 Hybrid

Callaway CF16 Apex 4i-GW

Titleist SM7 54* & 58*

Odyssey O-Works #7

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  1. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year: Larry Wilson, Salt Lake City, UT, 125+
  2. Social Media Accounts: Facebook
  3. Handicap and Swing Speed: 8 & 101 Driver
  4. Current Set: Cobra F7 One Length irons, Ping G Driver, Callaway Big Bertha Fairway, Ping G30 hybrid
  5. Desired Cobra Set: F9 One Length irons, hybrids, F9 Speedback Driver and Fairway

Struggled with 4,5,6 irons in F7 as did many others. Heard that F9 addressed the issues and the irons are greatly improved. Demo'ed the F9 Driver- very impressed

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Peter Groves 50 rounds /year  but practice 2-3 times a week.

social media facebook

Handicap 10 , 100mph with driver

Current set

Driver:    :ping-small: G30 SFT, set to 9.5*, graphite stiff-flex,  Tour S 65 

3W:          Taylormade Jetspeed Stiff Flex

2H:           Taylormade JetspeedRegular Flex

3H:           Taylormade RBZ

Irons:        Tatlormade RBZ steel stiff flex

I'd try the F9 Driver (stiff) F9 standard irons (stiff) as well as the F9 fairway woods!




Edited by peterg2000

In my      :ping-small: DLX Cart Bag:

Driver:    :ping-small: G30 SFT, set to 9.5*, graphite stiff-flex,  Tour S 65 

3W:          Taylormade Jetspeed Stiff Flex

2H:           Taylormade JetspeedRegular Flex

3H:           Taylormade RBZ

Irons:        Tatlormade RBZ steel stiff flex

Wedges:  :ping-small: GMax, Yellow Dot, CVS 70 graphite, PW, UW & SW, Ping Glide Dyla-Wedge (white color code)

Putter:     Odessey 

Ball:       Titlest ProV1x

Shoes:   :footjoy-small:  DNA

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  1. Pat Drury, SW Idaho, 40-50 rounds per year
  2. Twitter, Facebook
  3. Hdcp - 18, Swing speed - 95
  4. Current Set:
    Driver - Taylormade M3 Tour, R shaft
    Fairway wood - Ping G30, R shaft
    3,4,5 hybrids - Titleist 818 H1, R shaft
    6-GW irons - Mizuno 850 Forged, Recoil R shaft
    55 degree & 60 degree wedges - Mizuno 818
    Putter - Scotty Cameron Studio Select 1.5
  5. Desired Cobra Set - all conventional lengths:
    Driver - King F9 10.5 degree, R Shaft
    Fairway - King F9 14.5 degree, R Shaft
    Hybrids - 19, 21, 24 degree R Shaft
    Irons - King F9 6-GW, R shaft (graphite preferred, UST Recoil really preferred)
    Wedges - 55 & 60 degree King black wedges

Golf nut, BSU Bronco Fan-atic.

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Don, California, 20-30 Rounds a year

HC-7.4, Speed unknown

Current set: F7+ driver, M1 3 wood, p750 irons, Wilson Staff Wedges

F9 stiff, 3 w, I would be open to using single length

I already have the sensors installed on my current set.

CA Golfer

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  1. Peter, Chicago, 60 rounds
  2. Instagram: @seltenpj, @morningteesheet
  3. 3.8, driver ss: 110
  4. Titleist 915d4 9.5, Titleist 917f2 16.5, Titleist 816 H2 21, Wilson FG Tour V6 4-pw, Wilson PMP wedges 52, 55, 59, Wilson Windy City putter
  5. Desired Cobra Set: right-handed
    1. King F9 Speedback Driver: 9.0, X stiff, HZRDUS Smoke 60
    2. King F9 Speedback FW: 3-4w, Stiff
    3. King F9 Hybrid conventional: 3H and 4H, Stiff
    4. King F9 Speedback irons conventional: 5-GW, stiff
    5. King Wedge: 54 versatile, 60 wide low

Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Driver: Mizuno ST200 10.5 w/ Nippon Regio Formula MB+ 65X (backup is a Wishon 919 F/D mini driver w/ UST V2 Black 6F5)
  • Fairway Wood: Callaway X2 Hot Pro 18.5* w/ UST V2 Black 7F5
  • 4 Hybrid: Callaway X2 Hot Pro 23* w/ Modus 125X (soft stepped)
  • Irons: 5-PW Maltby TE Forged w/ Modus 125X (soft stepped)
  • Wedge: 52* and 58* Maltby TSW Forged w/ Modus 125X (soft stepped) and DG Wedge Flex
  • Putter: Tommy Armour Impact 3 CB
  • Bag: Shapland Stand Bag




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1. Casey Lesoing, Kenmore, WA (Inglewood GC), 30+ rounds

2. Facebook & Instagram

3.11 hcp,  100mph w/driver

4. G400 10.5 Tour S 43.5";  Mizzuno ST180 18*;  TM M4 4 & 5 irons; Ping i200 5-PW TTDG 120S; Ping Glide Stealth 50* 56* 60*

5. F9 Driver 10.5* Tour Length; 3 wood, 3 hybrid, F9 4 - PW irons KBS T90 S; King Wedges 50*, 56*/10*, 60*/11* ; Ultralite Bag

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  1. Adam Warren, Louisville Ky, 60-80 rounds
  2. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram
  3. 4hcp, 108-110 driver ss
  4. Callaway XR SZ- GD AD DI 6x, Callaway XR Pro 16* fairway, XR 3 hybrid, Apex Pro 4-p, md3 50-54, PM grind 58
  5. Driver, fairway wood, hybrid setup, interested to maybe try the One Length irons, King wedges 50-54-58, stand bag.
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On 3/21/2019 at 12:32 PM, GolfSpy STUDque said:

(5) COMPETITORS WANTED: #CobraConnect Challenge 3

The premiere event of the summer is upon us and it promises to be bigger than ever.  #CobraConnect Challenge 2 was the largest test-related thread in MyGolfSpy History as five competitors battled it out through unique challenges over an 8-week period.  The resounding success of that event, and a new line of F9 clubs has inspired Cobra to come back with a vengeance.  5 lucky competitors will receive:


1.  Arccos 360 with Caddie 2.0 (to establish baseline numbers)



2.  F9 Fastback Driver and Fairway Wood/Hybrid combo as desired*

F9 Booms.jpg


3.  F9 Irons (conventional or single length)*

F9 irons.png


4. King or F9 Wedges*

King Wedge.jpg


*All with the #CobraConnect Smart Grips installed (new models available now)


5.  Ultralite Stand or Cart Bag




For those keeping score at home, this is a full bag of Cobra clubs (minus putter) with Arccos to track your data along the way.  This is a serious commitment so think long and hard about the expectations before applying.  We're seeking golfers who can play every week during the challenge, post regularly in the thread, and can be active on social media**.

**Prior account not required, but it will be expected that those without establish a new account for the challenge


This opportunity is open to ALL GOLFERS ON PLANET EARTH


That's right, you read it correctly.  Righties, lefties, men and women from all corners of the international golf market are eligible to compete.  If you'd like to apply for this opportunity, post a reply to this thread only listing the following information:

  1. Vince Lima Morganton NC 125-150
  2. Facebook 
  3. 5, 95mph
  4. Callaway Rouge, Titleist AP2 718, vokey wedges 
  5. Conventional 



Please do not quote this post in your application
Click HERE to learn how to increase your chances of being selected


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1) Greg Cumming, Southern California, 50-60 rounds a year

2) Facebook and Instagram

3) 18 Handicap and 95 mph driver swing speed

4) Callaway Epic irons, Ping G400 Hybrid, Callaway Mack Daddy Wedges, Ping G400 Max Driver

5) F9 Speedback Irons 6-GW, Regular flex, Steel.  F9 single length hybrid - 19, 21 and 24 Reg. Flex. F9 3 Wood 15, Reg. Flex. F( Speedback Driver, 10.5, Reg Flex.  Wedges 50 and 54.

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  1. Ryan Provencher, Southern California, and about 20+ rounds per year
  2. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  3. +15, swing speed112mph
  4. Cobra FlyZ+ (10.5 loft), Taylormade Rocketballz irons (Regular shaft, midsize grips), Taylormade wedges, Cleveland Huntington Beach putter
  5. King F9 Tour Length Driver (10.5 loft), King F9 3W + 5W, King F9 4-GW conventional, King Wedge 55, 60, 64 (all versatile grind)

Thanks for the opportunity to allow 5 of us to really tests these clubs out and inform the rest of the MGS community about the quality and performance of these clubs.


I hope I get selected, but if I don't I will definitely be following the journey of the 5 people that do, and I hope they enjoy the journey themselves and fall in love with these clubs.

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I am an avid golfer and former local club professional/general manager. I've been a loyal Taylormade driver/fair wood player since the Burner Bubble was introduced all the way up too now and my M6/M5 I alternate between. As far as irons go I've been hitting Titleist since 2001 as well as Vokey wedges. I know that Achusnet owns Titleist, Cobra,and  FootJjoy. I am a +1 handicap at the local club overall scratch to a 2 elsewhere. As you know the handicapping system is still not the best. Anyways I play or practice at least 5 if not 6 days a week be it an indoor practice area to open range because of the weather.  As I said I'm a lifer when it comes to my equipment. I'd love a chance to test and play for a season equipment that could possibly get me to the next level i.e. Monday qualifiers.  If Cobra is that club that does that fantastic. My issue is driving accuracy and consistancy. Iron and wedge wise I need my proximity to the pin and GIR to improve. Putting however my Scotty Cameron Newport from 2001 will never leave the bag lol. Hopefully I've made a good enough case to be a tester for a Cobra bag. I am extremely active on social media and I will give Cobra and its products praise or I will speak my mind of flaws.

Edited by Jrodhubble82
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Djordje Petrovic

Alberta, Canada ~50 rounds/year
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn.
Handicap - 16 Swing Speed - 95mph
Current Set

Driver - TM M2 10.5*

5W - TM M1 19*

4H - Adams Idea Pro Black 20*

4i-AW - TM Aeroburner

GW/LW - TM Milled Gring 54*/58* 

Desired Cobra Set

Driver - F9 Speedback 10.5*

5W - F9 Speedback 5-6F

3H - F9 Hybrid 3H 

4i-AW - F9 Conventional

GW/LW - King Black 54*/58* 

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  1. Frank cappi, McHenry IL 35 plus rounds.
  2. Facebook, Instagram,Twitter 
  3. 20 speed under 90
  4. Callaway xr16 driver, 3 and 5 wood, Calloway big Bertha 2015 with hybrids all graphite senior shafts.
  5. Anything for a high handicapper looking to improve.


frank cappi

•Callaway Big Bertha Irons & Hybrids, XR-16 Driver, Ram Zebra putter

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  1. Phillip Barrett, Melbourne, Australia, 40-50
  2. Facebook, Snapchat
  3. 14.8, 95mph (Driver)
  4. Cobra Bio Cell driver, JPX 800 3 fairway, Adams a3OS 3 & 4 hybrids, Tour Edge CB Pro 5-PW, Cleveland 588 Classic 52, 56  wedges Powerbilt Softbilt 60 wedge, Yes! Victoria putter.  Golf Pride MCC Plus 4 midsize grips and Forward Golf putter grip.
  5. F9 in same setup, stiff shafts in woods and hybrids, regular graphite in irons and wedges
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1. Andrew Prazych, Philadelphia PA, 100 rounds per year

2. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

3.Hcp 7.5, Swing speed 118mph

4. Taylormade M2 Driver (Kuro Kage X), Talyormade M1 3 wood (Kuro Kage X), Taylormade P790 2 Iron (HAZRDUS Yellow X), Titleist AP2 4-PW (KBS C-Taper Lite X), 52, 56, 60 Vokey Wedges (S300 Xstiff)

5. F9 Driver, 3W, 3-PW Conventional Irons, 52, 56, 60 KING wedges

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  1. Name, Locale, and Rounds per year- Marlowe Mercado, Vancouver, BC, 35
  2. Face Book- Marlowe Mercado, Instagram: 6_oh_fore
  3. Handicap and Swing Speed- 18 Handicap, 100 Swing Speed
  4. Current Set: Taylormade R7 Draw 4-PW with 3 and 4 hybrid,, Titleist 915 D2 Driver, 9.5 Degrees, Cobra F7 3/4 wood
  5. Desired Cobra Set: KING F9 Driver 9.5 Degrees,Stiff Flex, King F9 3 wood and 5 wood,F9 Single Length 5-PW, KING WEDGES: 54 and 60 Degrees
  6. Cobra Ultralite Stand Bag

Thanks for this awesome opportunity!


Edited by bluecanuck

Driver:  Taylormade  R7 Draw- 10.5, Stock Graphite Stiff

3 Wood: Callaway  FTi Squareaway- Stock Graphite Stiff 

Hybrid:  Taylormade R7 Draw- 3 & 4 Hybrid-Stock Steel Stiff

5 Iron-PW:   Taylormade R7 Draw-Stock Steel Stiff



Cleveland RTX Forged: 56 Degree, 8 Bounce- Wedge Flex Shaft

Cleveland RTX Forged: 60 Degree, 13 Bounce- Wedge Flex Shaft

Putter: TPX 1.0 356- Supersize Grip

Glove: Footjoy Stasof

Ball: Srixon Q-Star/Kirkland Signature 3pc

Instagram: 6_oh_fore

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