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DnA Driver (REVIEW)


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DnA Driver (REVIEW)


The development of a radical new golf driver demanded an entirely new marketing and distribution strategy. As a result, a new brand - DNA Golfâ„¢ - was born.

I had a chance to review this new driver from DNA golf and here are my results:


My swing speed 118 ball speed 170+



The head I tested was a 10.5 460cc with the acoustic level 2 DNA offers 3 levels of acoustics from a persimmon sound to a hollow titanium driver

The driver out of the box looks great has a very light feel and felt solid



Fujikura X flex shaft 65 gram mid/low torque



Golf Pride innovative hybrid grip fuses the positive performance of rubber and cord


Results of my testing (temp 48* no wind, balls nike range 4 months old stored outside )

After warming up on the range I was ready to unleash this precision made driver which I heard through the grape vine this is the hottest driver out there. I teed up my first ball and noticed the club face was closed having hit other drivers like this before I knew this was going to be fun. I took my swing and BAM snap hook to the right (im left handed) but felt solid. I hit a few more and had the same results after making a few adjustments with my stance I was able to get a good ball flight with a slight draw and I hit a few out past the 300 range (hit 50 balls) ave. distance 270 I tried to hit a few fades with this driver but even trying to lay the club face open but I was unable to accomplish this feat. Even though it was a 10.5 it launched more like a 9.5



Great looking driver

Solid feel



Driver face too closed for me

Lacked workability



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That can bring back the old saying "I hit it between or in the screws"

Driver ---- Callaway Big Bertha Alpha  Speeder 565 R flex---- 3 wood TM V-Steel Aldila 65G R Flex 15*--- 7 Wood TM V-Steel UST Pro Force 65 R flex 21*---- 9 wood TM V-Steel stock MAS Stiff shaft 24*---  Irons 4 thru 9 Mac Muirfield TT black label --- PW  Vokey SM-4 51* stock shaft--- SW Vokey SM 5 L grind 58* stock shaft--- Putter -- Rusty Scotty Santa Fe fluted Bulls Eye shaft---. Bag Old School Jones Original non stand





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I had the opportunity to check out the second generation of this driver, this past Friday at Golf Fest 2012. It has some added technology from the design team at Vyatek and is one cool looking piece of machinery.

I was on same page as Havoc when I tried out the first model, the one reviewed above. The sound with the most conservative face was great, the overall look was solid, but the shut face killed the deal. They have changed that face angle in the new model, added a welded face technology in one of their styles and the same custom options for getting it done in corporate colors with logos still remains.

On top of that, the parent company is the one responsible for Hybrex Golf Shafts and they use some of that technology in their new head. I will be posting more with regards to Hybrex in the coming weeks. Their headquarters are very close to the shop I work part time at in Tempe and Rick, one of their reps, was kind enough to invite me to swing by and meet the guys on the Hybrex/DnA team, when I get a chance.

Be sure to check out their site at dnagolf.com and get a look at this new style head. Grooveless face, a slew of custom color combos and it is a solid performer, for sure.

Just had to post here, as when I did a Google search on the company, after meeting them, I saw that a fellow MyGolfSpy guy had done this review on model #1.

Thanks and good luck,

LaMont in Az

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