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Single Length Long Irons

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Has anyone tried single length irons in just the long irons (4,5,6) rather than throughout the whole set?

With any success or did it make no difference to your game or perhaps even make it worse?

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I played a set of one lengths but have now switched back to variable length set. 

I guess you might see more consistency. When you get into the "longer" irons 4, 5, and maybe 6 you dont see the same trajectory as you do in variable length irons. So unless you're a player with a pretty good swing and create an ideal ball flight, I wouldnt switch. 

First thing I noticed when switching to my variable length set is a higher peak height with my new 5 and 6 irons. 

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I tinkered around with an old set of irons. I liked the concept of hitting a 3 iron with the accuracy of a 7 iron. I do not, however, like the idea of hitting a wedge with the accuracy of a 7 iron.

So I decided to create a set of Single(ish) Length Irons. I left the 7-P standard and cut down and bent the 3-6 to 7 iron specs. My swing weights were not the same through the set and have considered adjusting that BUT I also bought an extra 5-6 iron (because it was $10 for both) and left these standard so I could compare.

My thought was that since the clubs were lighter than standard, I might actually be able to swing them faster and coupled with better contact they travel farther.

Sadly, I have not had this happen.

I hit the standard 6 iron about 3-5 yards farther than the shorter one. The 5 iron is almost a full club shorter.


I was documenting this and was planning on posting a thread about the Single-ish Length Irons, but lost interest. These heads have more offset than I like, which is why they were in the garage for the last 10 years in the first place, and I have been spending my limited golfing time working on other things.

However, I will point out that I only hit these a few times and have not given them a true chance to be better.


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I bought a King black utility 3 iron one length to bridge the gap between my 3 wood and my longest iron and it has been the best decision I've ever made. I get the desired ball flight with the recoil shaft, and it's the same length as my 7 iron. I fit my gap perfectly between the two and can actually hit the club in my hands. Now granted I have a 3 and 4 iron in my iron set and can barely hit them to save my life. lol

I'd say give it a shot. I have a few friends that have replaced their entire set with one length clubs and have gained distance with the 4 and 5, almost 15 yards each than with variable "normal" length clubs

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I bought the set a year ago, OneLength 4hyb and 5-sw last year. Synced with Arrcos and I have so much more fun now. Started playing 2yrs ago (with convention set)Went from triple digits to mid 80s. Handicap is now a 12. Still working on driver but I have much confidence in my irons. I have a 3 utility to get me out of trouble and weird lies as well. 

My old set..150yrds needed a 3 iron

One length 150yrds is 7 iron

True,I have had lots of lessons and practice and got better, but scores went down immediately with the One Lengths.

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I got a set of Cobra F7 one length 5-GW last Summer and was worried about the gap between the 5 and 3W. I purchased the Cobra one length utility iron to hopefully solve that since the loft can be adjusted from 18* to 21*. I hit the 5-GW very well (for me anyway), but I cannot hit the utility iron to save my life. 

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I have not tried them on course but have been curious. I tested the Cobra set when I was looking at getting a new set. I just could get over the lack of stagger. I hit them fine, so it was just preference for staggered irons when I chose.

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