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The Hardest Hole on Your Course

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The hardest, most dreadful hole on my home course is the 7th at The Sound Golf links at Albemarle Plantation. It is a 390 yard par 4. On your tee shot, you hit over 123 yards of swampy marsh to a coke bottle landing zone fairway. On your tee shot if you plan to hit a 200 yards shot or more, it bottle necks to approx. 30 yds all the way to 15-20 yards wide from tree line to tree line. If you’d miss to the left on this shot, there is a hill that throws your ball straight into the woods. The left, it potentially rolls into the marsh. If you play it safe and hit a shorter tee shot of less than 200 yds, you hit to a fairway about 45 yards wide and you’ll be left with a minimum of a 150 yard approach shot. 150 yards?! That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong!!!  You’re hitting over another 60 yard deep marsh to a green that is practically an island protected by bunkers, marsh, and woods. Once you do make it to the green, hopefully still feeling good about your golf game, the green has a decent slope from back to front giving you a pretty tough downhill putt if you landed the ball a little long on approach. 

This hole, if not played just right, can ruin your day. It has been a huge pain in my 🐐.
I hate it and I KNOW it hates me.  If you’re ever in Elizabeth City/Hertford, NC, come and check it out for yourself. 


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Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Right Handed

Handicap: 18

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Hole 12 at Muroc Lake Golf Course. 222 yards from the tips, uphill par 3. Back to front sloping 2 tier green with a false front that runs 30 yard back into the fairway. Predominant wind is 15-20mph quartering in from the right. 


Stats: 5'4", Male, R-Handed, Moderate Tempo, Driver SS 115mph

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3w/5w: Callaway X-Hot, S-flex Fubuki shafts
3h: Tour Edge EXS Pro, Smoke Black 80g 6.0
4i-PW: Mizuno MP-4, DG S300
Wedges: Titleist SM7
56* Wedge: Callaway Jaws w/ 12* of bounce

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This hole #16 on my nearest course. I play it often as it is just 5 minutes from home. It is a dog leg right and downhill. Houses and condos to the left and straight which plays into my first shot as I hit the ball right to left. I find it difficult to fade the ball and play every shot as a draw. From the back tees you need to hit around 250 to clear the corner and then 160 to the center. The green slopes from right to left, too. I typically hit a 5i out over the right side and hope it comes back around. The downhill usually gives enough roll out to clear the corner. Then it is usually a 9i or PW to the green and again, still take it over the right side trees. Hard to hold the green but I have birdied. Tough par 4 and becomes a par 5 if you do not clear the corner.


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The hardest hole for me at our club is actually the #1 handicap hole, so that makes me feel at least a little better about it. 

It's not one of those holes that's a tough par but an easy bogie.

It's a potential nuclear hole every time, even playing driving iron off the tee.  That keeps you out of the trees, but won't find you a flat lie for the second shot.

Further, the greenkeeper manages to find the worst possible pin placements there.  I've never seen another green with so many potentially brutal pin placement options.

Even making a four there won't give you a rush because you had to grind so much to make it.  You're happier to be moving on to the next hole than you are for making your par.

It's the hardest sub-400 yard par four that I've ever played, and since it's on my own club's course, I play it all the time.

But this season, I'll actually be glad to play it because so far, I haven't played at all.


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The link above will bring you a fly-over of the 16th hole at Kemper Lakes Golf Club.

The 16th hole is a beast. Full stop. Measuring 470 from the tips, bunkers left, water all down the right and short of the green, bunkers long, and a small green with severe slopes, it's everything you can handle in a golf hole. Oh, and it plays slightly uphill. 

If you play the tips, you tee off on a small peninsula of tee on the water. It's probably about 175-200 to reach the fairway, which I will say looks quite narrow from back there. If you don't hit the fairway, it is now a three shot hole. If you happen to stripe one out there, most players playing the tips will have about 180-220 left. The second shot is just as intimidating as the tee shot if you're familiar with the hole. Why? Not because the green is protected by water short and right, but because if you miss long, you have a flop shot out of gnarly rough or a down-sloping shot out of a bunker onto a green sloping away from you. If you manage to hit the green, great, I hope your below the pin.

Now I'm ready for the golf season. 

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Cobra F9 Speedback: Graphite Design Tour AD-IZ 6X

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50* Vokey X100

53* and 58* Vokey SM8 X100

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This is a bittersweet story as my home course, Roddy Ranch in Antioch CA, has since closed down but the 16th hole was a doozy. A modest 420 yard par 4 that plays up hill and always into, at least, a 10 mph headwind. Relatively wide fairway but right was death. Second shot left you 170 yard up hill green surrounded by bunkers front, right and long with losing it right left you into a downhill fescue. Never made better than par. 

A really beautiful course in it's heyday that was fair with tabletop greens, greens all broke towards the Valley. Played some of my best golf there and I could get out for $19 twilight during the summer time. What a great time to be a teenager. 

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Hole 15 at Lakeridge in Reno Nevada. 220 yards from the tips, about 150 feet down to an island green. This hole takes more club than you would think. It took a few rounds of me hitting 6 irons that looked great until they splashed down 20 yards short to realize that for me, this is a 5 iron all day. The best shot here is one that looks like it's going long. The green is huge and flat and offers a great opportunity for birdie if you can get it close!


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Bartram Trail #18 - tee box sits about 20' below landing area, and if you carry more than about 240-250 with a draw, you'll catch the crest and run risk of running down the slope toward the end of the first segment of fairway which falls away sharply to the second segment about 35' down. If you run it out a bit and manage to hold the fairway then you'll have a pretty serious downhill lie which makes the approach a bit tricky to navigate. Leaves a fairly sturdy approach to a severely sloping green L-->R; hope the pin is front right otherwise the chance of holding the back shelf is pretty slim.

Par here is always a win, if I only drop a shot here I still consider it a win.

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 2.33.49 PM.png

910 D3, M3 3w, PXG 0211 4"h", Adams CMB 5-G, Vokey 6 52/56, PXG Dagger

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14 minutes ago, Tahoeshowtime said:

Hole 15 at Lakeridge in Reno Nevada. 220 yards from the tips, about 150 feet down to an island green. This hole takes more club than you would think. It took a few rounds of me hitting 6 irons that looked great until they splashed down 20 yards short to realize that for me, this is a 5 iron all day. The best shot here is one that looks like it's going long. The green is huge and flat and offers a great opportunity for birdie if you can get it close!

Tell you what, I am putting that on the list for later this summer after I move out west.

910 D3, M3 3w, PXG 0211 4"h", Adams CMB 5-G, Vokey 6 52/56, PXG Dagger

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On 4/22/2020 at 2:20 PM, RRD said:

MacGregor Downs 18th hole.   Even the bail out area is tough.

Wow, gotta commit!

910 D3, M3 3w, PXG 0211 4"h", Adams CMB 5-G, Vokey 6 52/56, PXG Dagger

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Planterra number 18 is the toughest hole in Peachtree City.  421 from the blues.  most of the time the wind is helping which gives a false sense of "i got this'.  you have to carry water twice on the tee shot and the approach and water is in play for every shot.  the green runs diagonally up from left to right.  the tee box lures you into aiming down the right and if you DO happen to remember that and aim left it just feels like you're going to be too far left. for the approach it basically feels like an island green.  the wind WILL be blowing so you have to commit to your shot.  this being the last hole you have to clear out all the previous drama of the 17 holes before this one.  it will challenge you and par will most likely earn you the skin in your group and a lot of times even bogey will.  


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The 13th hole Lakeside golf course in Fort Wayne, IN was the hardest hole on my home course. The course is now closed. It was a 420 yard dogleg left. There was OB all the way down the right. To top it off, there was a road. If your ball was going OB and hit that road, it wasn't coming back. Down the entire left side there was a creek with very mature trees along the banks. A giant black walnut guarded the corner on the left side. For a kid that couldn't hit a draw, this was a nightmare. If you could manage to get the ball in the fairway, you had to be on the right side and far enough down to get around that tree. If that wasn't already enough, the green had big back to front slope. If the pin was up front, it was manageable. When they would move the pin up the slope you had to be below the pin. I remember more than a few times being close to even par on my round and then I would card a double or triple on #13 and just kill my round.

Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 8.21.14 PM.png

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:ping-small: G425 4 hybrid

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:ping-small: Glide 3.0 56° and 60° Eye2 wedges

:odyssey-small: Works Tank #7 putter

:srixon-small: Z-Star


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One here is the 525 yd par 5 17th hole. Nothing really special, slight dogleg right. Fairly wide open enough. The challenges are that it's uphill (60-70 feet constant/gradual elevation change from tee to green), and the bend is 370 yds away, leaving about 150ish to the pin on a left to right sloping green (if the pin is on the front right it's more accessible).

What makes it difficult is the time of day you play it.  It's a much easier hole in the morning than in the afternoon, because the prevailing winds off the ocean are in your face when the afternoon "breeze" kicks in, which with the elevation change and wind, can make it just brutal to make a GIR. Pars in the afternoon are few and far between. 

Mixed bag... Mizzy irons, Callaway Woods, Vokey Wedges, Odyssey putter

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Not so much the hardest single hole. That would be number 2. Dogleg left, OB right and at 275, 235 to reach the turn and a 160 yards to the center of a long narrow green. Lots of bogies there, but plenty of time to recover. The ending holes of each 9 require some precision. Matches and bets can flip very quickly here.

Number 8.
It requires a pretty good poke, too far left you are blocked by trees, too far right or short and you are hitting 3 from 200+. Wind is typically pretty strong off the left.

Number 9.
Shortest par 3 on the course. Very much like 17 at TPC Sawgrass, if they played it with a 20-30 mph wind. Depending on the wind direction this hole can play many different ways.

Number 17.
192 yard par 3 water short and right. Nuff said.

Number 18.
Very intimidating tee shot but wind is typically behind you. Second shot requires as much commitment as the tee shot.

The course designer said he wanted to make the ending holes exciting and I believe he did.

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