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The Hardest Hole on Your Course

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The hardest, most dreadful hole on my home course is the 7th at The Sound Golf links at Albemarle Plantation. It is a 390 yard par 4. On your tee shot, you hit over 123 yards of swampy marsh to a coke bottle landing zone fairway. On your tee shot if you plan to hit a 200 yards shot or more, it bottle necks to approx. 30 yds all the way to 15-20 yards wide from tree line to tree line. If you’d miss to the left on this shot, there is a hill that throws your ball straight into the woods. The left, it potentially rolls into the marsh. If you play it safe and hit a shorter tee shot of less than 200 yds, you hit to a fairway about 45 yards wide and you’ll be left with a minimum of a 150 yard approach shot. 150 yards?! That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Wrong!!!  You’re hitting over another 60 yard deep marsh to a green that is practically an island protected by bunkers, marsh, and woods. Once you do make it to the green, hopefully still feeling good about your golf game, the green has a decent slope from back to front giving you a pretty tough downhill putt if you landed the ball a little long on approach. 

This hole, if not played just right, can ruin your day. It has been a huge pain in my 🐐.
I hate it and I KNOW it hates me.  If you’re ever in Elizabeth City/Hertford, NC, come and check it out for yourself. 


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