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2019 Official Forum Member Review-Callaway Epic Flash Drivers

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Been about a month since my last update, and the Epic Flash continues to help my game. I really started struggling with the driver a few weeks ago, but after making a small swing change (more secondary axis tilt at address) I've been much more accurate and longer the past few rounds.
My trending unofficial handicap continues to fall, now sitting around 11, and during the last three rounds I've been better off the tee than the average 5 handicap according to GAME Golf.
I cannot get past the forgiveness and length of this driver. Last night's round was played on a course carved out of an old apple orchard, very open and very windy. A few drives caught nice tailwinds and I ended up with five drives over 250 yards, with two of those drives topping 275 total.
During this morning's round I had five drives of 260 yards or longer. Coming from someone who had rarely seen 240 before this year, I'm still in awe of this club.
The shot that stuck out most to me this morning was my drive on No. 13, a 330-yard par 4. I mis-hit the ball high on the club face and toward the toe. Not only did the ball stay right near the fairway, it still traveled 249 yards despite basically falling straight down from the sky, leaving me a wedge into the green. I stuck my 54 degree wedge to three feet and birdied the hole. The forgiveness is silly.
I'm going to have to second your statement on the amount of forgiveness that the Epic Flash line has. I played nine today, hitting drives of 242, 238, 248, 225, 239, and 234. I averaged 238 yards and really never felt like I hit the sweet spot.

I shot a 44 with only 17 putts, but the Flash Sub Zero was the MVP of my round. I only hit one really bad shot, and that was a straight up block. On the ninth hole, which is a nemesis of mine, I aimed for a darker patch of grass on the fairway and flew straight over it. I've had instances where this hole has killed my round, either by hitting toward the driving range, or pull hooking it between two small ponds.

Great job on your improvement@edingc! You've definitely found the right driver for your game and I love hearing about your improvement.

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Flash = Mash [emoji378]🏌️♂️

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Callaway Big Bertha 2019  4 hybrid 
Callaway  Max 5 - PW Irons
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Probably my final update for this review. I am still gaming the Epic Flash with the HZRDUS Yellow 6.0, though I've cut it down to 44.5" now. It will soon be replaced by the Cobra SpeedZone Xtreme as part of #CobraConnectChallenge4.

The Epic Flash is a bomber, with a good amount of forgiveness high on the face. It is a little too high spin for me now, but I still am managing some really good numbers. Working with my coach, I've brought my angle of attack from negative something to about 2 degree positive, and that is making a huge difference in spin rate and total carry. In retrospect now, I probably should be in the 9 degree head and not the 10.5.

It is extremely forgiving on heel/toe as far as dispersion goes as well.

My Arccos smart distance is currently 260 yards, and during this morning's round I had five drives go 270+ yards. That's such an improvement from last spring.

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Unofficial WHS Handicap: 9.1 / Anti-Cap: 14.3 (Last Updated Oct. 9, 2021)

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21° Hybrid:
callaway_logo.png.3dd18aa65544000dd0ea3901697a8261.png Callaway Epic Flash, 40", Mitsubishi MMT Hybrid 80 TX
4 Utility: 
cobra_logo.png.190908c8b4518eec87c087429e4343ee.png Cobra KING Utility (2020 Model), 38.5", UST Mamiya Recoil 110 F5
Sub70_Logo_WhtBlk.jpg.aee386374adf9afd31a02b989c839f9d.jpg Sub70 699 (5-6)/699 Pro (7-AW) Combo Set, 1° Flat, 37" 7 Iron, Mitsubishi MMT Taper 105 TX | Build Thread
54°, 58°:
cobra_logo.png.190908c8b4518eec87c087429e4343ee.png Cobra KING MIM Black, 1° Flat, 35.5", 35.25", Mitsubishi MMT Wedge 105 TX | #CobraConnect Review
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lamkin.png.5081890e009ae78e16066ee0fd18b7c0.png Lamkin Sonar Tour
Ball: :Snell:Snell MTB-X Optic Yellow

Tracked By: :Arccos: Arccos | #CobraConnect Review
Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: Personalized 2020 Sun Mountain Sync
Riding On: :CaddyTek: CaddyTek Caddylite EZ V8 | Unofficial Review

WITB? | 2021 Reviewer Maxfli Tour and Tour X Balls2020 Participant #CobraConnect Challenge | 2019 Reviewer Callaway Epic Flash Driver

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