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Welcome mysterygolfguyI am a new to mgs myself. 

I play most of my golf in the midwest, where we see all forms of moisture- snow, rain, and sweaty summer days. Last year I made my first grip purchase since getting my clubs years back. I really liked the feeling of Winn's dri-tac grips. It made a huge difference. I almost feel like these grips perform better as they get some moisture on them. 


I just re-gripped again this year with the same. Good luck!

Stay dry and go low ponyboy!

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Personally I use a lot of different type grips on different clubs. Trust me it gets hot and humid here in Coastal SC. I use GP Tour Wraps or Lamkin Crosslines. On some of my wedges I use Tour Velvets. One thing I do in the hot summer is rotate gloves out on every shot. I rotate out between 5 gloves. Hang them on the top support on the cart to dry out I also wear wrist sweat bands like the tennis players use. For summer play I also clean my grips after every round and /or range session. On the Tour Wraps I use just water. On the others I use some diluted cleaner called Totally Awesome. For grip cleaning I use 1 part cleaner to 3 parts water. Do not let my use of multiple grips confuse you I am strictly a feel player and I use different grips on different clubs to enhance the feel for me. 

Driver Homna  G1- X Stock Homna Regular shaft

4 wood Adams Tight Lies 

5 wood Adams Tight Lies 

24* Hybrid Adams A 10-OS Pro Launch Red R

Irons 5 thru PW 1980 Macgregor VIP Hogan Apex #2 shafts

SW- Wilson Staff JP II 56* shaft unknown

Putter 1997 Santa Fe rusty as heck




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