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Fujikura Ventus


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On 10/8/2020 at 1:32 PM, the great spinks said:

The single most impactful addition to my game was putting this on my driver.  I'm longer and straighter.  It's a lot easier playing from the fairway or just off of vs hitting out of the trees/muck/dropping a ball due to water.

love to hear this!

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I have one and IMO they are well worth the money. Make sure to get fitted first. Nice they have the different profiles for launch angle.

I'm a hockey player playing golf today.
SIM2 Max, Ventus Blue Velocore 7X
Apex 16 Irons
Scotty Phantom X5.5

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On paper with my harsh transition and 115 club head speed, black would have been the magic shaft, i was able to do on course with both and blue just gave me so much more feel with just as tight dispersion. Blue is threatening my ZF to stay in the bag, waiting on my new TSi3 for which shaft wins. For my 2 hybrid, the ventus blue is amazing and has made having a fairway wood no longer necessary. 

If you haven’t tried the blue give it a go, it may surprise you. 

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Wedges: :vokey-small: SM8 54.12 X100 & 60.08 Modus 125 Wedge

Putter: Lajosi DD201

:titelist-small: Pro V1x

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Man, with the hybrid shaft out now, i wish I would have inserted this into my PXG 0311X instead of the smoke black and my sub70 3H. I guess we will never know now. Just read so much goodness on this, made me face palm and say *stupid stupid*

Follow my journey to enjoying golf and going low

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Wedges     :cleveland-small: Zipcore 

Putter: L.A.B. Directed Force 2.1 69*/35" in blue  :scotty-cameron-1:2021 Phantom X5 35"


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