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Gold's Factory (Secret Wedge)


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Need to see the face of the wedge and how it looks at address, stop teasing us with these wedge bottom club views!!


JB, Golds could do a Bettinardi milling pattern on the face of this and it wouldn't look any better. You could CNC mill plane it, trick v groove it and paint fill the first four score lines chartruse and it would still be a fugly stick.

Now while I realize beauty is in the eye of the beholder, I've always found its a good starting point with anything in life.


rob ;)


Ps - first thing I thought of when I saw this wedge... :D



I Can't Help It If I'm Lucky...

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ugly power ranger tools !

In custom James Stewart golfbag:
Ping Tour-S Rustique 60/TS & 55/13 / Ping CFS Stiff / Ping ID8
Ping i20 4-PW+UW / Ping CFS Stiff / Ping ID8
Ping G15 2H 17° & driver 9° / stiff aldila serrano / ping 703
Odyssey White Hot XG 2-Ball / 33" / 2°up
Srixon AD333 - Oakley Flack Jacket XLJ G30

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