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Do you want Tiger to pass Jack?

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I could care less, if he does fine, if he doesn't fine.

Tiger was probably the best player the pros have ever seen from 1997 thru 2009 no matter what his career record is so far. Jack's had the best career, Tiger was the GOAT in his prime - it would seem fitting if the both have a claim to greatest. But after cheating on his family, I became neutral re: Tiger.

He certainly helped revive golf when he came on the scene, and it appears he's going to have that effect again for a while.

And it is remarkable he's come back this far from his physical and personal issues, even if he never wins another tournament after the 2019 Masters.

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Tiger is probably the overall better golfer but I still say no.

Both Jack and Tiger exuded confidence that some may have seen as cocky similar to the label put on Koepka now.  Tiger was always different than the other two.  Never state an opinion as it could cost his earning potential.  Never stand up for something that could help others.  Disdain and a surly demeanour towards reporters unless it was in his best interests.

Even without the later revelations Tiger was never as good a human being as Jack.  Give him credit for trying more now but he doesn’t hold a candle to Jack.  I’ll root for the better person.

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Sure, Tiger doing things is good for the game. Look at when he's in the mix at a major, thats all you hear about. This weekend, the casual person didnt really bring up the US Open even though it was truly a great event.

IMO Just because he surpasses Jack doesn't mean he's better. He's benefited greatly from the technology, conditioning, nutrition that Jack never had. He was really the first golfer to train like an athlete and I think that helped him win

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