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Hey Y'all,

First time to the forum and I'm starting this thread fairly selfishly, but could be cool to see what everyone's recommendations for upgrades would be!

Currently playing a set of Mizuno MP60's that I bought used about 10 years ago....long time.

I always buy used clubs cause prices are just too crazy for me (still waiting on that lottery ticket to hit for that custom fitting experience).

My question is: What would be y'all's recommendations for an iron set that's comparable to the MP 60's (I love the thin topline and forged heads), but a  newer set would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Not too loyal to any brands but really interested to see what I should give a few whacks at my local golf store. 

Thanks in advance and I look forward to seeing what everyone's playing and what everyone's drooling over. 

P.S.    I've been looking at the Titelist AP2's

Cheers Y'all!!!

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Welcome to the forum! We got a good group around here. 

As far as your question, I know it's the answer most give, and not necessarily the most fun answer, but I'd go and get fit for a few and see what gives you the best numbers. I'd say with your irons being 10 years old, and with all the recent tech, I'd be surprised if you didn't find something that gave you better numbers. I just posted in another thread my experience. I currently have CF16 irons in the bag (4 years old) and went to get fit today for a new set. Found shafts based on Mizuno shaft optimizer, and plugged it into p790, 919 Hot Metal Pro, and 919 Forged, and nothing beat out the CF16's outright. Everything was in a yard of each other, 1 mph ball speed, and within 3 degrees of launch angle, so not enough for me to make a change.

The one thing that did stick out to me was how different shafts performed. Some felt awful, and gave me horrible numbers. Others felt better but didn't give me a good ball flight or dispersion. A fitting would help you out a bit in both regards.

Now I will say, the Mizuno 919 Forged are some of the nicest feelings irons i've ever hit, and I'd add the p760's as well. If you're looking for something more along the lines of distance, the p790's, Srixon 785 and Hot Metal Pro don't have that thick top line. I'm not a fan of the thick topline either, and each of those heads look fantastic at address.

Best of luck on your search! Keep us updated on what you choose!

Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: C130S

Driver: :ping-small: G410 9* w/ HZRDUS Yellow

Fairway: :ping-small: G410 15*  w/ HZRDUS Yellow

Fairway: :callaway-small: GBB Heavenwood 19* w/ Fujikura Pro 72

Hybrids: :ping-small: G410 22*  w/ Tensei Blue

Irons: :mizuno-small: JPX919 HMP 5-AW Forged w/ Modus 120s

Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX4 55*/60*

Putter: :taylormade-small: Spyder X

Ball: :taylormade-small: TP5

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