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Taylormade “Original One” Driver

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Right from the webpage. I love it! Wish they’d offer an all black M6.




Drawing on Inspiration from Company’s First Metalwoods, New Model Incorporates Many of Company’s Most Iconic Product Innovations in a Mini Driver for the Modern Generation

CARLSBAD, CALIF. (April 16, 2019) – TaylorMade Golf Company, an industry leader in product innovation and technology, today announced Original One Mini Driver, a new metalwood that pays homage to the brand’s storied history and utilizes many of the most important product technologies in the company’s long lineage of industry-leading metalwood performance.

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“In 1979, golf was changed forever with the introduction of the Pittsburgh Persimmon - the original metalwood. For the past 40 years, TaylorMade has continued that legacy of innovation with game-changing technologies, engineered to help golfers perform at their best. The Original One Mini Driver incorporates that heritage of innovation with key performance technologies, packed into a confidence-inspiring shape that delivers on distance, forgiveness and accuracy.”

Tomo Bystedt, Senior Director, Product Creation



TaylorMade first entered the category with the introduction of SLDR Mini in 2014 and enhanced the product the following year with the faster, higher-launching AeroBurner Mini – both utilizing predominantly steel in their construction. While both offered the company’s Speed Pocket technology, Original One Mini Driver is designed to deliver a new level of speed, forgiveness and visual appeal never-before seen in this category.

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With Original One Mini Driver, engineers have utilized key product technologies found in many of the company’s most notable metalwood offerings intended to deliver a faster, more forgiving and adjustable product. It all starts with a revolutionary tri-material construction, comprised of a titanium body, 50g steel sole plate and TaylorMade’s instantly-recognizable carbon composite crown. The combination of these three materials creates an ultra-low CG for distance and playability.

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Additional features in Original One Mini include:

Loft Sleeve with ±2° loft adjustability

Twist Face Technology to provide the ultimate path to straight distance

Inverted Cone Technology to promote ball speed on off-center hits



Like its predecessors, the Original One Mini Driver is targeted at golfers of all skill levels. It has been engineered to provide an option off the tee that delivers the accuracy and control of a fairway wood but with more distance and forgiveness. Faster swing speed players may additionally benefit from ease of use off the turf with Original One Mini Drivers’ combination of a medium face depth with ultra-low center of gravity location for extreme distance and excellent playability from fairway lies.

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From a performance perspective, the Original One Mini Driver with its 275cc head (9% larger than AeroBurner Mini) will fit directly between a driver and a fairway wood. Some golfers will opt to play the club in addition to their current fairway woods, while others may choose to replace a longer fairway wood that was mainly being used off the tee. Most golfers will still keep the regular driver in the bag as the club that ultimately delivers the most distance.



Available for preorder starting today, April 16 and at retail beginning May 1, the Original One Mini Driver ($399.99 USD) will be offered in 11.5° or 13.5° lofts and come equipped with Mitsubishi’s Diamana F Limited shafts in 55g ®, 65g (S) or 75g (X) flexes at 43.75” at a D3 swing weight. The stock grip is Golf Pride MCC Decade grips in black & blood orange. The Original One Mini Driver will also be available through TaylorMade’s custom program, allowing for numerous additional custom shaft and grip options.

For more information on Original One Mini Driver and/or to request additional assets for editorial, contact the TaylorMade communications team.

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I'm curious to see a test between the new mini and the old mini's. I include in this the Callaway Bertha 1.5 mini driver. 

I currently play the Taylormade Aeroburner mini 12° with an X-Stiff shaft. I use it as a driver replacement, because it is more controllable and I am only giving up about 20 yard in total distance.

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Driver:  default_taylormade-small.jpg Original One Mini Driver 11.5° (Diamana F 64g S-Flex)

3-Wood: default_taylormade-small.jpg RBZ 2 Tour 14.5°

3-Iron:  :nike-small: Forged Pro Combo (2006) 

4-PW, SW: default_callaway-small.jpgSteelhead XR 16

54° & 58°:default_titelist-small.jpg Vokey Wedges

Putter:   Image result for yes putter logo Callie

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A few weeks ago I tried a new Mini 12-degree with a stock stiff shaft and compared it to my M2 3HL Tour with a shaft I was fitted for.  

The new Mini 12 was only about 10 yards farther than my 3HL but I could easily tell that the stock shaft was not for me.  

For the past 3-4 years I've been using a 12-degree Mini Driver (first the original, then the Aeroburner TP Mini) and of the three, I prefer the Aeroburner Mini.  I had confidence to hit the Aeroburner TP Mini off the deck but looking down at the new Mini --- I just didn't have it. 

I do like the fact though that the new one has an adjustable hosel.   

In hindsight, what I should have done was swap my driver shaft into the new Mini 12 .  That would have given me a more accurate judge of how it would have worked for me. 

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just hit it!! you'll be hooked lol... I'll be the first to say I never saw the point of a mini driver, but after hitting it ill never take it out. I went with the 13.5 degree and its a very penetrating launch and low spinning head. This is much more controllable than the driver and for me its only 10 yds shorter on avg,

Spin wise I'm able to keep it consistently under 2600 and the ball just cuts through the air. Shorter par 4's or if I have to hit a fairway im taking this out every time. Ive never had much use for a 3 wood (and I dropped my driving iron) so this fits perfectly for me. I'm able to hit this off the deck but its certainly harder to do so vs a 3 wood... but again I doubt I will ever need to use this from a fairway

TM M5 9* LA Golf Ozik Black Tie 6x

TM M6 15* LA Golf Ozik Black Tie 7x

Callaway Epic Forged 4i Aerotech Steelfiber FC115

Mizuno MP 20MMC 4 - PW Aerotech Steelfiber FC115

TM Milled Grind 2 50*, 54* UST Recoil Prototype 125

TM Bigfoot 58* UST Recoil Wedge Prototype 125

Bettinardi Queen Bee #6

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It’s a great option off the tee for when the driver gets wonky or as a second driver option for those who struggle with woods.

I have the 11.5 playing at 45”. My driver has been good most days so unless I need to avoid going into hazard or running out of fairway this hasn’t been used much 

Driver: Titleist 917D3 9.5 with Graphite Design MAD Pro 65g S

Wood: Titleist 917F2 with UST Mamiya Helium 5F4

Hybrid: Titleist 816H1 21 with Atmos Blue 85 S

Irons: Titleist 718 AP3 4i, 718 CB 5-6, MB 7-9 with KBS $ Taper 125

Wedges: Vokey SM7 46/50/54/60 with DG s200

Putter: Scotty Caemeron Super Rat1

Ball: Titleist Prov1

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They sure look pretty sweet.  I came close to buying a gently used one off the shelf last week.  Had it been an 11.5, I probably would have.

  • TaylorMade M5 9.0 - Graphite Design Tour AD-XC 6X OR PX HZRDUS Green 60 6.5 TX
  • TaylorMade M6 15 - PX HZRDUS Green 80 6.5 TX
  • Adams Red 18 - Matrix Altus Tour X
  • Callaway X Forged UT 19 - Aldila Rogue Black 105 TX
  • Srixon Z965 4-P - PX 6.0 LS (hs 1x) --------------- FORUM TESTING /// Sub 70 Golf 699 Pro 4-P - KBS Tour X
  • Cleveland RTX 4 52/58 Mid - DG TI S400
  • Scotty Cameron X7 Phantom 34”
  • Bridgestone B XS

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Got my mini driver last week.  Spent a little time on the range.  It is replacing a 2017 M2 D-type.  I tend to play a fade/slice depending on if I eat chicken wings for dinner the night before playing or not.  Right off the bat I was hitting this new mini straight as an arrow.  I am guessing because it is more efficient of a club for me to hit I was getting same distance as my M2.  Center of the fairway drives will be welcome anytime I play.  Hoping to see 10 or so more yards than at the range once I can hit some real balls and not the range garbage we have.

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Taylormade Original One Mini, 13.4 deg, Reg Shaft

Taylormade M4 5-Wood HL

Taylormade M4 4-Hybrid

Taylormade P790 Irons (5i-AW)

Vokey SM7 Wedges, 54 deg, 58 deg

Cleveland 2.0 S Wedge

Odyssey CH Fang Japanese Edition Putter

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Looks nice and peaked my interest as I used to crush a Titleist 975D once. Could hit the sweet spot more often then. If this one offers more forgiveness than it might be something I would like to try.

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