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Testers Announced: Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

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First name: Patrick
State: Florida
Putter: I switched from a Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 to a TaylorMade Spider to get more of a weight-shifted feel at the putter head. It has improved my putting immeasurably. I have lowered my putting strokes per 18 holes to 30.

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- Your first name:  Randy
- State:  Washington
- Your current model of putter:  Bettinardi BB55 (counterbalanced model)
- Is putting a strength or weakness of your game:  usually a weakness but I do surprise myself at times.

Thank You

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Name: Isaac

State: Oklahoma (play in Texas)

Current putter: Taylormade spider

I would definitely say that putting is the weakness in my game... I’d be beyond happy to test for you guys I even have a putting green at home so I will test in ever free moment that I have

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TaylorMade Tour Red Spider

 certainly not my strongest thing

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Posted (edited)



Scotty Cameron Phantom X 7.5 

I have my good and bad days, but overall putting  is my strength. 

Edited by cjeffs12

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James malloy jr 


scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter 

putting is a weakness, still learning 

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Franklin Crist

Indianapolis, Indiana

Scotty Cameron GoLo 5

Always felt growing up putting was a strength of mine, but being a taller player it can be a struggle finding touch during periods of off time from the game and in windy settings. Being a golf professional, tinkering with golf clubs has been a passion and hobby of mine for years. 

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20 hours ago, Golfspy_CG2 said:


So you think the importance of shaft design is only important to drivers.   Well the engineers at Odyssey Golf among some of the best and brightest minds in the business want to show you otherwise.   For years counterbalancing has been a big buzz word in the world of putter shafts.   Well the new Stroke Lab putters by Odyssey Golf aren't just counterbalanced, they take weight shifting to a whole new level or should I say end.

As in redistributing 40 percent of the weight from the middle of the shaft into the butt and head end of the shaft.  The results show that you will make a much more consistent stroke with Stroke Lab than with the standard putter shaft.

Don't believe it?  We're going to give you...well four of you a chance to prove it to yourself and the rest of the forum.

Stroke Lab 7 For Testing Thread.jpg



How to Apply

This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully:

1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member
2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following:

- Your first name
- State
- Your current model of putter
- Is putting a strength or weakness of your game

This review opportunity is open to any golfer who resides in the US or Canada.  We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back. 

Please do not 'quote' this post when applying...



Odyssey Two Ball

Better than average putter

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evnroll er2

I do pretty well at three putt avoidance but struggle to convert putts from 10-20 feet. The evnroll has definitely helped control distance on off center strikes, which is why I’d say my putting is neither a strength nor a weakness. Average but getting better might best describe where I am right now. It would be interesting to see if stroke lab putters can perform as well as or better than what I currently have.

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Chris  - Pennsylvania 

Top  Flite Tour V5

Strength except for the occasional "can't make a putt to save my life " day 

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Odyssey O-Works 2 Ball

While my putting has improved the last year or two I would still consider it a weakness in my game.

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- Jeff
- KY
- Versa #7
- depends on the distance.  lag putting is usually good, 15 - 7 ft meh, inside 7 ft pretty solid.  always seem to burn the edge in the 15 - 7 ft range.

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Odyssey O works 7

Solid two putter, need to work on Drive consistency.

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First Name: Ben

Ontario, Canada

Spider X/ Scotty Cameron Newport 2


I’m playing off 3 handicap and I play and practice everyday.  I have tried numerous brands and types of putters so I have a good background knowledge.

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Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0

Strength - as a collegiate golfer, this is the best way to improve consistency and scores

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    • By CouveGolfer
      The old NV was such a performer for me.  I saw the press release but haven't seen any for sale locally or noticed any online reviews .  Wondering if anyone on here has hit the new NV and if so can you share feedback?  Specifically how it compares to the older model and what your ball flight was with it?  Thanks!
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Press Release from Titleist
      FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (July 8, 2019) – Twenty-two years after the emergence of his original Teryllium-inserted, major-winning TeI3 designs, Scotty Cameron has reimagined and announced the limited release of three new putter models built under the “T22” moniker. 

      Available in golf shops beginning Aug. 16, the Teryllium T22 Newport and Teryllium T22 Newport 2 offer modernized versions of the TeI3 models first introduced in 1997, while the Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 becomes the first Fastback 1.5 designed with a Teryllium insert. 

      Precision milled in the United States from 303 stainless steel, and given a tactical matte black finish that brings out Scotty’s unmistakable “domino pattern” in the back cavity, the new T22 putters are designed to the modern specifications demanded by today’s dedicated golfers. An updated Teryllium inlay construction with an improved elastomer vibration dampening membrane combines with Scotty’s removable sole weight technology and increased head weight to catapult the entire T22 line into the future: 

      • Teryllium T22 Newport: First brought to prominence as the putter design trusted to victory at the 1997 Masters, Scotty’s new Teryllium T22 Newport pays homage to the overall look, feel and setup of its original design, but with numerous upgrades and improvements – including a stainless steel construction, flat topline, adjustable sole weight, lightly-milled Teryllium insert and new durable tactical matte black finish. 

      • Teryllium T22 Newport 2: Incorporating decades of design refinements, Scotty built the Teryllium T22 Newport 2 in the spirit of the early models – with the soft feel of his Teryllium alloy inlay, but with the modern shape and sole balancing precision of a modern Newport 2 Tour model milled from 303 stainless steel with interchangeable sole weights and a flatter topline. 

      • Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5: The new Teryllium T22 Fastback 1.5 incorporates a Tour-preferred mini-slant neck, improved four-way sole balancing for a square setup and a thinner topline similar to the Select line’s Fastback model, while maintaining the visual aesthetics of early Teryllium putters – with its familiar black, white and gold color scheme and “domino pattern” in the putter’s back cavity. 

      “There’s nothing quite like the feel of Teryllium," Cameron said. "It’s the number one material request I get from players. And, as we’ve seen multiple majors won over the past few seasons with a Teryllium-inserted putter, it’s a great time to celebrate this legendary design.   

      “T22 gave us the opportunity to take everything we’ve learned over the past two decades and refine the entire look, feel and performance. Like a modern day muscle car, everything looks original at first glance, but each component is brand new. Better milling. Better materials. Better construction. They’re made to game.” 

      Each Teryllium T22 model extends Scotty Cameron’s proven construction methodology of incorporating complementary materials to achieve desired performance characteristics and feel. With a precision milled Teryllium insert expertly designed into the 303 stainless steel putter head, Scotty’s early execution of this concept has been improved upon using modern milling and manufacturing techniques, while preserving the incomparable feel of Teryllium. 

      Each Teryllium T22 putter features advanced stability weighting with two customizable stainless steel heel-toe sole weights, stepless steel shafts and a custom Limited Release Teryllium headcover and shaft band.   

      A new black Pistolini Plus grip with copper paintfill was designed especially for the T22 release and features a thicker, less tapered low hand. 

      Inspired by the early Teryllium models, the new Teryllium T22 putters feature a tactical matte black finish with a unique bead blast for a radiant yet glare resistant appearance, with metallic gold and white paintfill. The familiar back cavity “domino pattern” is produced by the white vibration dampening elastomer membrane used in the assembly of the Teryllium alloy face inlay. 

      Limited Release Teryllium T22 putters will be available worldwide on Aug. 16, 2019, at Titleist authorized golf shops. MAP $599. 

      ON THE WEB 

    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Follow our four  testers of the Odyssey Stroke Lab  as they bring you all the details of the hottest putter technology out there right now.  Will it perform for them, how does it help their putting?   They will leave no stone un-turned or ball un-hit in the effort to bring you a in depth and fully unbiased review of the putter. 
      They will start with their Stage Ones which give you a good look at the putter, and tell you about their games.   While they are putting the Stroke-lab in play over the next month to six weeks, they will update this thread with their thoughts and be available to answer any questions the community may have.  So fire away with anything you want to know about these innovative putters. 

      Our Four Testers:
      @MaxEntropy                                  Stage 1        Stage 2        
      @Berg Ryman                                   Stage 1       Stage 2
      @juspoole                                         Stage 1       Stage 2
      @Apolloshowl                                   stage 1        Stage 2
    • By Ryan Pb
      Have been going through a complete overhaul of my bag the last 2 seasons. 
      Have upgraded Driver, 3 wood (both Cobra)
      irons just this year with some custom fit M5s
      now looking to upgrade wedges and putters
      Im about a 13 handicap. But have been always been a better than average putter. 
      Looking for a new Blade style putter. Read the recent testing review article but just wanted to see if anyone had any personal recommendations or feed back. 
      Wedges I am open to anything although I have been playing with a 56 and 60 degree last few years. 
      Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing what you guys have to say. 
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