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Testers Announced: Odyssey Stroke Lab Putters

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- Steven
- Washington/Oregon
- Numerous, but the main one is a Tad Moore TM 4S (~34" w/ 4 strips of lead tape on the sole for weighting). Alternate being a Ping Redwood Piper S (37" + counterbalanced) or an Odyssey 2 ball (33")
- Is putting a strength or weakness of your game? - Strength.

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Tad Moore Pro 1P


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“Think well of all, be patient with all, and try to find the good in all.”-- Muhammad Ali





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Maltby AccuSite



From Michigan

Driver: Ping g30 9* w/Ping Tour S shaft

3W: TEE CBX 119 w/Excaliber Tour 6* Stiff shaft

5W: Maltbly Tour TC with UST V2 Shaft in Stiff

Hybrid: Adams Pro 23* w/Excaliber Classic RT shaft Stiff

Irons: Adams MB2 (5-7) Adams Pro Forged (8-9) Maltby MMB17(PW) w/Excaliber Avalon I9 shafts Stiff

Wedges Honma 50* Hogan Eq. 54* TM Bronze Hi-Toe 58* w/Excaliber Pro X Shafts Stiff

Putter: Wilson the L

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Your first name: Tod
- State: Ohio
- Your current model of putter: generic Wilson brand blade putter
- Is putting a strength or weakness of your game: weakness

Pastor, Golfer, Runner, Musician, Husband and Dad

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Ping B60, which goes back to the Egyptians

Overall, I carry a fairly high handicap, which would be higher if it weren't for my putting. Good at reading greens and distance, but I do sometimes have problems with midrange/shorter putts that I should be draining more often.  Anyway, I believe I have the strengths to evaluate a new putter, especially as it relates to my current putter.

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Your first name - Mitch
- State - MI
- Your current model of putter - Scotty Cameron squareback
- Is putting a strength or weakness of your game - definite strength inside 10ft, not a strength from 10+ (I just haven't made enough mid range putts!)

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- Scott

- Colorado

- 2016 Scotty Cameron Newport 2.5

- weakness 

Driver: :titelist-small: TS2 8.5* Project X EvenFlow T1100 White 65 (6.5)

Woods: Turner H-2 3W, 5W, 7W Aldila NV 65 Stiff 

Irons: :cobra-small: King F8 6i - PW Steelfiber i110 Stiff

Wedges: :cleveland-small: RTX 3 50*, 54*, 60* Steelfiber i110 Stiff

Putter: :scotty-small: Futura 5W

Bag: :1590477705_SunMountain: C-130 Cart bag

Ball: :Snell:MTB-X

Rangefinder: :918457628_PrecisionPro: NX7 Pro

Tracker: :ShotScope: ShotScope V2 

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-Dan Henderson

- Ontario, Canada

- Odyssey white smoke

- mediocre 


On 4/18/2019 at 2:39 PM, Golfspy_CG2 said:


So you think the importance of shaft design is only important to drivers.   Well the engineers at Odyssey Golf among some of the best and brightest minds in the business want to show you otherwise.   For years counterbalancing has been a big buzz word in the world of putter shafts.   Well the new Stroke Lab putters by Odyssey Golf aren't just counterbalanced, they take weight shifting to a whole new level or should I say end.

As in redistributing 40 percent of the weight from the middle of the shaft into the butt and head end of the shaft.  The results show that you will make a much more consistent stroke with Stroke Lab than with the standard putter shaft.

Don't believe it?  We're going to give you...well four of you a chance to prove it to yourself and the rest of the forum.

Stroke Lab 7 For Testing Thread.jpg



How to Apply

This is important, so please follow these instructions carefully:

1. If you haven't already, make sure you're a registered MyGolfSpy Forum member
2. In this thread (and ONLY in this thread - please don't go back to the blog and apply - it won't do you any good!), tell us the following:

- Your first name
- State
- Your current model of putter
- Is putting a strength or weakness of your game

This review opportunity is open to any golfer who resides in the US or Canada.  We'll be announcing the testers in this thread next week, so make sure to check back. 

Please do not 'quote' this post when applying...


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