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2019 Official Forum Member Review- Golf Pride Grips

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The Number one Grip in Golf and the most used brand on tour sent out a few different models of grips to My Golf Spy forum member to be tested and reported back on.

This thread will serve as the review thread for the following testers and grips.


@romeopapazulu                      Stage 1                                 Stage 2

@knightsofnii                            Stage 1                                 Stage 2

GolfPride Plus 4 Testing.jpg

Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grips

 @chemclub                            Stage 1                               Stage 2

@BigtazzGolf                           Stage 1                               Stage 2

@JDHolmes                             Stage 1                                Stage 2

@gchester33                            Stage 1                                Stage 2

Golfpride Tour SNSR Putter Grip.jpg


@LeftyHawk                             Stage 1                                 Stage 2


Golf Pride Align Grips-Testing.jpg




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Posted (edited)

Stage1 Tour Velvet Plus 4

Hi! My name is Doug. I live in New Jersey. I'm a mechanical engineer by day, and I also own a snowboard brand. Snowboarding has been my life since 1988. Golf became part of my life later on. 

     In the fall of 2011, I was invited to play an outing with workmates. I was partnered with my boss's boss. I arrived with 1980’s Spalding clubs that I purchased from a yard sale, only to use once. My partner lent me a modern driver and helped me simplify my swing. The round was pressure free and exciting. I was hooked.

     A few days later, I purchased a starter set from Dick's Sporting Goods. I still use the same putter. By spring time the following year I was golfing 3-5 times weekly. I love the feeling of that perfect shot, of course; but, I also love the feeling of playing in a giant back yard, the feeling of the fairway and green grass under my feet, the occasional wildlife sighting. I've seen turkeys, fox, turtles, deer, and a few bears! I also love getting paired up with new people, sharing stories, and making occasional new friends.

     I’m a 19 handicap, which hasn’t changed much over seven years; however, I’m more honest with scoring now. My swing tempo is medium. My driver speed is about 90mph, closer to upper 90s mid-summer. My swing has that dreaded over-the-top move that I just cannot shake. My driver ball flight is typically a small fade, medium height. Irons are straighter, low/medium height. My main miss is mis-hits: tops, shanks, blades, fats, these are what keep my scores high. I've been working on a shorter backswing, focusing on solid contact. 


     The grips I’m replacing are as follows: 
56° wedge: Wynn Dri-tac oversize.
50° wedge: Golf Pride Decade Multicompound 
PW & Irons: Lamkin Crossline 2
Hybrids, Woods: Lamkin Crossline

     These grips were all stock except for the 56 wedge. The Lamkins on the irons are brand new, and feel quite rough. The others are aged and have lost some of their feel and comfort. 

     I chose the Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus 4 medium. The MCC Plus 4 Align was not an available choice, as it was released in 2018. The Tour Velvet hopefully is less harsh of a feel than the Wilson branded Lamkins, with some added comfort of the extra width. I’m hoping to make it through 18 holes without having to glove up my right hand. I’m also hoping the extra width and reduced grip pressure help with pain and discomfort to my right wrist and hand. I’d like some tackiness but not at the expense of resilience to wetness.

First impressions: The only color is black with gray ends. The gray looks nice, the black looks normal. 


The print looks fine. One drawback to the print is the underside has the "Tour Velvet" logo: there is no advantage to installing this grip "logo down". 


I received a full box of 13 grips--a nice surprise!


I also have some Niion grips from a few years ago. I’ll use one of these on my 56° wedge, with 3 wraps and “plus 4” wraps to get them comparable to a medium Plus 4.  I’m curious if the DIY +4 method is similar in feel and performance. The Niion grips are very similar to the Tour Velvets from a few years ago. 


So far I regripped Dr, 56°, 50°, PW-8i.


Golf Pride Claims versus my first impression:

The larger outside diameter simulates the feel of building up the grip with four extra wraps. This reduced taper encourages lighter grip pressure, promoting less tension in the hands and creating more fluidity and power throughout the swing."

     There’s definitely a larger lower hand section. The added grip width makes me feel like I’m holding a more powerful club. I’m trying to focus on a more relaxed swing.

Scientifically designed plus sign texture created to pull moisture away from surface to allow for consistent traction."

      It is indeed a moderate texture, feeling more on the high side of moderate: it’s slightly rougher in feel to the rubber GP grips of previous generations that I've tried. It’s a pinch softer than the Wilson Lamkins (which I had mistaken for cord grips initially). 

     The benefit of this is grip! The club stays in my hands and will not slip. Hopefully it will perform nice in the rain also.  I did have to glove up my right hand deep into my first round with them. It’s still early-season for me, my hands need to build up. The grip is as strong of a hold as the Wilson Lamkins, but a softer feel. 

The standard in grip feel providing comfort and moderate feedback."

     I’d say this is true. Stingers still sting. Flush shots feel awesome. Toe hits feel like they went off the tip of the bat.  Compared to the Lamkins, the feel is an improvement in dampening.  I still feel mishits, but it takes some of the harshness away. Over the course of my first round, when I needed long irons, I dreaded having to swing with the narrower, harsher grip. The older Lamkins on my hybrids were not harsh but the width loss made it feel like I was holding a pencil, I felt like I had to tread lightly.  With the driver, I felt like I could take a more relaxed swing. 

     The 56° wedge, with the Niion grip stretched over 3+ +4 wraps, felt great size-wise. It’s comparable shape wise. It’s slightly less grippy but slightly tackier, with harder feedback. It’s pretty much as I expected it to be. I will say, it was a painstaking tape-job. I appreciate the easier install of the Tour Velvet +4.


     These grips should allow me to focus on a relaxed swing. I’m hoping they provide decent feel and grip when wet. I have a goal of playing 9 holes gloveless, and 18 holes without any right hand discomfort. 



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Posted (edited)


Let me start my story by telling you that I’m a 59, live in Michigan and I’m addicted to Golf.
My first set of clubs were a used set of Ram Aries, I was 20 and had no idea what I was doing. With clubs in hand I headed to the driving range. Over the next decade I spent way too many hours trying to get a handle on this game of golf. As it turned out I was quite a hot head out there, I just couldn’t understand why if I was aiming at the flag, why it consistently went in the woods. I once wrapped a 5 iron around a tree because it failed to send the ball where I was aiming. After a few years of little to no success I left the game. 
Around the year 2000 I started dreaming about getting back on the course, being outside, fresh air, birds, green grass.  This time it would be different. I managed to find a better set of used left handed clubs and set out for the driving range, still all the old demons haunted me, I couldn’t hit the ball straight if my life depended on it. Nothing but banana balls, the hot head returned and my driver bite the dust. While browsing through a used book store one day I came across a book titled “Golf begins at 40, How to use your age advantage” by Sam Snead.  I bought it and that was my “Eureka” moment. Everything he had to say in the book really hit home with me. That lead to me reading everything I could get my hands on. I’ve had some great teachers through books, Bobby Jones, Ben Hogan, Jack Nacklaus, Tom Watson, Dave Pelz and Gary McCord to name a few. I don’t remember where I read it but the one phrase that hit home to me was “the ball will tell you what you’re doing wrong, if your willing to listen”. WOW, that was a real awakening for me. From that moment on I became a real student of the game, trying to understand the physics of ball flight.  I did a ton of research and reading on how and why that little white orb did what it did in the air and what affects ball flight. Turns out it wasn’t the club, it was me!!! Go figure. 
 I finally have clubs that fit me, I start the season at about a 9 handicap and end the season around a 4, broke 80 enough times that I dream about becoming a scratch golfer.   My bag currently is a Ping 400 driver, Ping G30 3 wood. Ping G30 19* Hybird. Ping i10 irons (4-PW), Ping Tour-S wedges (50,54,58) and a Ping Vault 2.0 putter.


And here we are today, I was lucky enough to have been chosen by MGS to be one of the testers for the new Golf Pride grips with the “Align Technology”. As my current grips are older Lamkin I am really excited to give the Golf Pride a run. For me I am quite interested in how, or if, the Align Technology can improve my game. I will admit that I’m really skeptical of any “gimmick” that claims “game improvement” because, like Mr. Hogan, I’m a firm believer in the only way to improve is at the practice range.  
My first impressions of the grips were could they really do what they claim? On one level it made sense to me that the Align Technology would help with getting the club in your hand with the club face square, I mean after all from what little I know about football tech, I reasonably concluded that one reason for the laces on the football was to help the quarterback line up the ball in his hands the same everytime.



I must admit I was rather excited when the grips arrived from Golf Pride. 13 grips came in the box, the  black, white and red colors really make this grip stand out. And the feel was exactly what I look for in a grip, not sticky and not slick. I knew that when I put my hands on the club and hit the ball the club wasn’t going to rotate in my hands at impact.



So for looks I give this grip a 10. The colors contrast nicely and with the design on the grip it’s easy for the eyes and hands to work together to get the club square in your hands.
For feel I would also give this a 10. Like I said, it’s not “sticky” so you feel like you have to peel your hands off the grip and not so slick so as to allow the club to rotate in your hands at impact. The grips give you the proper amount of “grab” so the club is comfortable in your hands.



I chose to put the grips on myself so I could control the variable of how the grips line up with the club face, I wasn’t confident that someone else would be as careful as I was. I will admit I was skeptical after the first club was finished. When I put my hands on it I really couldn’t feel the align strip in the under side of the club shaft. I went ahead and re-gripped all the clubs   
So now comes the testing part. Things I will be testing is;
Do these grips “really” help with alignment?
Do they do what they claim?
Do they help or hurt my game?
Until then...keep it in the short grass....

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Posted (edited)


Ok, I've had the grips on now for a few weeks and have played about a dozen rounds with them, enough that I'm pretty comfortable with them. So I though it was time to update on what I've learned. Before going on the course I ran a few tests and took some measurements. As you can see in the first 2 photos I measured the "align" strip to be 1.16mm above the grip.




In my opinion the "Align" strip needs to be a little higher. When I got word that I'd be testing the "Align" Z Grips my first thought was that it sounded like a great idea. This should make lining the club face consistantly a no brainer. In my mind the "align" strip would function like the laces on a football, which to my understanding the quarterback uses to put the ball in his hands in the correct position. I knew the real test would be on the golf course to see if that thinking was in the right direction.

The next test was a Blind gripping the club test. What I did was had my wife hand me the clubs one at a time, I kept my eyes shut, and I was handed the clubs so that I grabbed the middle of the shaft. I know what you're thinking, the weight of the head will make it easy to line up the club face with your eyes closed. Not so, give it a try!! I have the grips set so that the "Align" strip falls right in the 2nd joint of my left hand index and middle fingers. I'm left handed, so this is my ungloved hand furtherest from the butt end of the club. I must admit, I was pleasantly suprised at how close the wedges were to being correct in my hands with my eyes closed. As I progressed thru the clubs I was getting better at lining up the club face with my eyes closed, and by the time I got to the driver I had it almost perfectly square. I will say thet I don't feel the "Align" strip at all in my right hand (the gloved hand). The only part of the strip that I am aware of both with eyes closed and open, is the 2 fingers of my left hand. Still needed to be tested on the course.

Following are a couple of pics with my hands on the club;




Now as for on the course in actual play;

FIrst thing I noticed is that tempture makes a huge impact on feeling the "Align" strip Here in Michigan most days start in the 40's and doesn't get much past 55 later in the day. Because of this the start of each roung I coundn't feel the strip under my fingers. One big suprise was I found the "Golf Pride" logo on the top of the grip down by the shaft to be a valuable aid in linging the club face, that along with the line in the bottom groove on the club face (Ping Clubs) for cold weather play.

As the weather warmed up I became aware of the "Align" strip in my 2 fingers and it served to confirm what I was seeing in aligning the club face square. 



So after palying several rounds the big question is do these grips help my game? With the testing I've done so far the answer would be yes....to some degree.



While I wall admit the "Align" strips did help in squaring the club face, I found that working in conjunction with the "Golf "Pride" logo on the top of the grip made squaring the club face easier especially in cold weather. The grips themselves, "Align" strip aside are wonderful. They are very comfortable in the hands, the coloring helps the eyes focus on squaring the club face. They have enough "grip" so as not to let the club spin in your hands on a miss hit and you don't feel like you have to "peal" the club out of your hands after the shot.

At this point in time I'm not so sure that the "Align" strip by itself will ensure that the club face is square, In my opinion the strip is too small to be felt across both hands. Perhaps if the srtip transition from the thickness it is at the shaft end to being much thicker at the butt end of the club it would help, especially through a glove. I found myself wanting to feel it through the glove, but it just wasn't there.

Golf Pride is definitely on to something here, and it may very well work in much warmer temperatures. 

So to recal,

Feel; 10/10. They feel comfortable in the hands and no fear of the club slipping.

Looks; 10/10. The colors and design helped me with getting theing lined up.

Do they help my game; 5/10. While the "Align" stirp helped in a small degree, the logo on top was more of an aid then the strip.

Do they do what they say; 5/10. Again, they helped some, I do believe the strip needs to be more pronunced especally at the butt end of the club.

I will add to this review sometime in August to see if warmer weather (hopefully) makes a difference.

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Tour SNSR Contour Pro

A huge thank you to MGS for letting me review the grip and being patient while I get things going on this review.

I’m a 36 year old golfer living in central Iowa. There are a lot of great public courses in this area with greens ranging from fast and undulating to burly and basic.

I’ve been playing all my life but took about 12 years off for school and grad school. I have two kids so I can really only get out on weekends. I would say 3/month is a good number for me right now which should increase as the kids get older.

As for my skills as a putter of the ball... I and the epitome of average.

I would say I have a good stroke (see video below) and I am a decent green reader.

You can get more details about my game here

Like in all sports there are certain people that have IT. They are goal scorers, play makers, able to make the right move at the right time. Yeah, that ain’t me. I’m an over thinker/analyzer/choker.

So let's get on with the initial impressions of this grip. The basic shape and profile fits very comfortably and naturally in your hand. 

IMG_0219.thumb.jpg.ce1a785409dae3b582bbab97c464d639.jpg IMG_0220.thumb.jpg.985a3d66f5038e5ab9395e3f1a6cc130.jpgIMG_0222.thumb.jpg.8aa97fb8f9fa06d2380411ead19d5bce.jpgIMG_0218.thumb.jpeg.a37014b2b950c33e651e7eae1653f757.jpegIMG_0221.thumb.jpeg.e7c0923d208f767eb8261ac485ccdab3.jpeg


The all rubber grip has excellent tack and feel in your hand.



I should clarify that I was pushing pretty hard on the grip to deform it in that way. In reality the grip doesn't nearly compress like that, but your fingers and hand are sensitive enough to feel just the tiniest bit of give as you hold it which is really comfortable and gives great feedback.


I'll get into other performance features stage 2 so stay tuned. 

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Stage One – Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip

by BigtazzGOLF April, 2019



Hello Spies,

I’ll be reviewing the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip (104cc) for you.

I’ve been using the SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0 with the 50g CounterCore weight.

Reason I’m excited to test this grip is the same reason we all like to test things and change up our equipment…change equals lower scores and more birdies???



The Personal Stuff

My story is similar to a lot of others here. Late getting to the game then once I did I fell in love for it hard.

Living in Memphis, I usually get to play year round, but lately Mother Nature has had different ideas on this subject. I’ve been playing for maybe 20 years and golf has a love hate relationship with me weekly.

I’d like to think of myself as an average golfer, maybe a hair above at times. I carry a 13 USGA index and play in a local handicapped league called the GolfNuts. We play all over Memphis and always have a little side money involved in the game. Nothing crazy, but it seems to add spice to our matches.


The Golf Questions

  • Handicap? 13
  • Strengths/Weaknesses of your game? This has been a revolving door for me the last 5-6 months. One weekend, my tee box game is stellar and around the green game is weak. Then the next week, just the opposite.
  • What are your current grips? My current grip is the SuperStroke Mid Slim 2.0

Lately with my current grip, I’ve been burning the edges on puts a lot more and I’m not sure if something new will help or hurt in getting those putts to fall


First Impressions



From the Golf Pride website; 3 SHAPES. 2 SIZES. 1 REVOLUTIONARY FEEL.

·         PISTOL CONTOUR Most Tour-preferred sculpted pistol shape in upper hand helps lock-in grip for repeatable putting motion.

·         FLAT PADDLE FRONT Proper thumb placement and face alignment.

·         MAXIMUM FEEDBACK Tour-validated feedback to feel precise ball contact for a repeatable stroke.


The most-preferred sculpted pistol shape on the worldwide Tours is now available in our proprietary SNSR rubber blend for maximum feel and feedback.


Size      Colors       Weight*  Core Size

                                                                      140cc     Black/Grey     124g      58 Round

                                                                      104cc     Black/Grey     90g        58 Round

* Weight measurements may vary ±3.5g




The above is the claim and I’m going to find out if it’ll hold up or if it is just another golf claim.

Going from a straight round grip to a pistol grip could be just what I need and maybe what you need as well. Join me in this never ending tweak to find lower scores for us.

Looking forward to your questions and comments 

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Stage 1

Tour SNSR Contour ProFirst, sorry for the delay in posting. A new job has consumed most of my time the last two weeks then I lost the word version and had to redo.


Hello All and thanks for reading my review. I’ll be reviewing the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro Putter Grip (104cc – 90g) for you. My normal putter grip is a standard size grip, usually known as the Pingman grip. I like smaller grips rather than larger grips.


About me

I began playing golf 48 years ago…wow that seems like a long time ago…at the age of 13 when I played in my first tournament. I had whacked the ball around the yard at my grandparents house and my grandfather was an avid golfer who always had a couple of sets sitting in the garage. I had played one or two rounds with he and my uncles at a local course before going to this tournament. I used a set of his old clubs and competed for two days against other junior high boys. I won the tournament with a 133 and 117. Yeah, we weren’t very good. However, this gave me the bug and I’ve loved golf every since those days. During these days we lived in Indiana so there wasn’t a lot of year round golf.


Through the years, there have been times when I was a very avid golfer, playing many times per week and times when I didn’t have the time to play much due to work and kids. During high school, we moved to Louisiana and I just stayed here in the south.


Now, the kids are gone out on their own, money is more plentiful and until very recently, time to play golf was in great supply. Until last week, I’d been unemployed for 17 months and consequently, played at least three times per week.


I currently carry an 11 handicap in non-tournament play and a 13 for tournament play. I play frequently in the Golf Channel Amateur Tour out of Houston TX where I have lived for the last 20 years. I’ve been as low as a 3 in the past and am reasonably satisfied where I am now. I’d like to be better but I don’t put in the practice time.


I’m a club hoarder like many of you. I currently have five iron sets, 12 drivers and about 40 putters. I generally stay with one set of irons but swap out the other stuff from time to time when one misbehaves and needs to be punished.


My game strengths have always been my length (I’m 6’4, 240), but as I’m getting older, my strength now is course management. I can still hit it long enough, but trying for 300 yd drives has gone out the window, so to say. Control is most important in all aspects of my game. I like to think I’m a reasonably good putter.


First Impressions

I like the more subdued colors of this grip. The black and gray with just a splash of yellow is more pleasing to me that the older red and blue. I chose the 104 because as mentioned above, I like smaller grips. I like the softness of the grip and particularly like the flat front which allows me to get both of my thumbs on the flat portion of the grip.


I chose my Ping to use this grip on. It’s been a fairly consistent putter for me though it’s been out of the bag for a few months.


I’ve evaluated my putting pre-grip change by going through my last 15 rounds of golf dating back to last October 18 which were also played using a Ping putter (Fetch) with a standard PP grip. These rounds were played on seven different courses. Average score of 88 with several poor high scores of 97,97,91,91,92 and just one “good” score of 80. Average putts per round for these 15 rounds was 34.7 with one horrible outing of 42 putts and the best round of 30 putts. The scores and number of putts do not coincide except the 42 putts did result in a 91 score. A 31 putt round was achieved on a score of 91 and one of the 97 scores had 33 putts.


I mention all of this because I intend to track improvement or not of the putting stat with the new grip. While you may be chuckling reading this, improvement would be a key factor for me to actually change to this (or any) putter grip on a permanent basis.


Thanks for reading and I look forward to using this new grip and reporting back to you for the stage 2.





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Posted (edited)

Hello MGS community and thanks to all of you for taking the time to read through this review and an especially big thanks to the MGS staff/mods for all they do in getting these set up. I am pretty excited to have the opportunity to review Golf Pride SNSR 140 grip and to see what differences I can find moving forward.

Golf has been in an out of my life for the last 15+ years. Through my formative years,  I never got very good at it though and ultimately quit the game fully for a few years during high school as I simply wasn't enjoying it. Since that time I would play maybe 2 - 4 times per year over the next 10 years through college, starting a job, and then moving into working and working on my Masters degree simultaneously. You would think that living in Orlando for the last 7 years, a place where I could golf all year would have encouraged me, but I still didn’t get back into the game until I finished my Master’s degree about a year ago. With newly freed up weekends when my wife works, I decided it was time to get back on the wagon. I pulled my old hand-me-down clubs out of the crawl space, dusted off more spiders than I would ever like to remember, and realized just how long it had been. I mean, I still had these irons:


(honestly just needed a medium to post how old these things were)

I knew needed new clubs if I had any hope of enjoying myself so like any good millenial I started doing my online research. Thank god I found MGS! I do research for a living, so researching golf clubs was a natural extension for me. And then BOOM I found a website that was actually presenting their results as data and not just awarding every club they get for free 4 -5 stars or giving every club a gold or silver just for being produced by a major manufacture. Not that other review sites aren’t objective...🤐

Ultimately having been back on the golf course for a year I’ve spent a lot of time honing and tweaking my game trying to find what works consistently and I’ve found one of the things I love about golf is that there isn’t a right and wrong way to do something. I love that you can make it as cerebral as you want like Bryson’s science experiments or just grip it and rip it like Brooks. I play as a 17 – 18 handicap, i.e. I’m your everyman. If my front nine is off to a rough start, I’m going to grab a few beers for the back to hopefully lube up the swing. At this level I don’t think there is a truly consistent part of my game and feel I’m in a constant state of flux with my tee-to-green game. My approach/around the green definitely holds me back which leads to long lags and lengthy attempts at par saves – or as I like to call them – bogeys. Putting may actually be the most consistent part of my game. I can typically be confident that I’ll two putt most anything and I can be pretty good inside 10 ft. Honestly though that is purely hubris as I have definitely four-putted recently. A good round for me could be 36 putts if my approach game was horrible but I typically try to target 30 putts/rd. With luck maybe a grip change can drop that.

The Weapon

I currently game Odyssey O-Works Marxman S putter. I loved the feel/sound of the face, the high MOI, and my stroke favors a putter with some toe hang.  It’s a real love it or hate it style, and as much as I might love the classic Anser shape, this is a more reliable putter for me.


The Marxman came standard with a Super Stroke 2.0 counterweighted grip. It’s my first oversized grip and I like the way it helps minimize wrist flip. The grip isn’t as big as the giant 5.0 and I have smaller hands, so a grip that size is a nice compromise. When it comes to my ideal putter grip, I’m looking for something that keeps from squeezing too hard, limits my wrist motion and feels natural. I’m not particularly picky about the tack or squish of the grip itself but like something that transmits impact feel well enough that I can tell how I hit a putt. I use a pretty traditional grip but I know that everyone is different and there are as many different putting hand positions as there are grip styles to account for them. I like my putting stroke to be a shorter backswing with some acceleration through the ball especially on putts 10' and below. I find that this keeps me from trying to take speed off during the stroke which leads to mishits and poor distance control.


The still frame here shows my typical grip and set up. I play a shorter 33" putter as I tend to lean over the ball a fair amount which to me encourages a more natural pendulum putting motion I also tend to grip down toward the bottom of my grip which can be seen as I hook my right index finger over the lower edge of the grip. I'm interested to see if the shaping of the new grip changes how I hold it. 


First Look

The Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro 140 cc is the heavier, wider version of their Contour Pro grips. The grip weighs in at 124 g, so just slightly heavier than the 114 g Superstroke (including 50 g counter weight) which should be a simple transition and prevent my putter from feeling like a completely new device. All Tour SNSR grips feature a flat paddle front while the Contour models have a pistol contour in the upper hand. The Contour Pro has a frontside offset in the upper hand while the Contour (non-Pro) is flat across entire front. Golf Pride’s other SNSR offering is the Tour Straight which is more like a SuperStroke Flatso grip.


 The grip diameters are similar and the SNSR has a slightly softer rubber which may have an effect on feedback. Here’s a quick shot that shows this grip vs. the Non-pro SNSR vs. the SS 2.0 vs. the SS 5.0.


As you can see the non-Tour SNSR has a more pronounced pistol back than the Tour SNSR and no front offset. Both the SNSR grips have a tapered bottom hand section in comparison to the taper-less super stroke grips. At first feel, I like the top hand contouring and the tapered lower section as I I feel it allows my hands to fall more naturally which should hopefully help keep them moving in a natural stroke. Golf Pride is priding 🤣 itself on its new rubber formulation which should provide "Precise ball feedback" and "Optimal grip pressure".The grip is undoubtedly softer than the Super Stroke offerings so I'm interested to see how I feel about it after a few rounds. 

Testing Procedure

Before getting into the testing the actual product I felt I should lay out a testing plan. Putting is probably the easiest portion of the game to record a significant amount of shots and results without needing access to a Trackman or similar shot tracker.

To me there are 3 aspects to comparing these grips: accuracy, consistency, and on course performance. To test the accuracy, I’ve taken my putter out to a couple different putting greens (both fast and slow) and taken 20 – 30 putts from 3’, 10’, and 25’ and recorded how far from the hole the ball ends  up (see data below). For consistency, I'm using the Ping Putting Cradle to compare the consistency of my stroke before and after the grip change. And finally for on course performance I am recording strokes gained data using 18 Birdies (with NO GIMMES!) which should hopefully correlate with the practice data. Pins will be in for all testing, because that’s what MGS says is the most effective; definitely not because I’m lazy. As a little appetizer I’ve included the baseline putting results for the SuperStroke grip.


I just changed the grip on the putter so beginning this week I’ll start testing the new grip in the same manner . I’ll obviously include my observations throughout but I know I love seeing fresh data and I think that will help back up my final conclusions on the SNSR grip. I’ll continue to post updates on any early findings I have.

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I wanted to say so much more, I think last minute I added one extra sentence and photo and busted my 1000 word limit 😉


Thanks MGS for running these reviews and including me in this.  Thanks to Golf Pride for the grips also! 

Thanks to all the MGS participants and donors, without whom this would not be possible. 


Long story short or TLDR:  I like my grips so far, I'm hating the old grips I still have left on other clubs, for various reasons.  My game is not improving yet.  But, my right wrist and hand do NOT hurt after 13 holes Tuesday evening 🙂  



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@romeopapazulu You killed it with those pictures, I love the closeups and being able to see all the detail. Never really thought about the Lamkins having the rounded butts (no pun intended). Like you mentioned, that's a good note for those Arccos users. 

@knightsofnii These are the grips I have been looking at for a little while now, so I'm anxious to see if you end up liking them. First thing that came to mind was, why in the world did Golf Pride not format "Tour Velvet" in a straight line instead of stacked? Interesting tidbit there. Where did you get that regripping station thing from? I need to add something like that to my shop. 

@gchester33 Glad you uploaded those side by side pics for comparison. I just took the grip off of my Evnroll last night and am planning on putting the regular SNSR Contour on there. Haven't had a chance to see the new Contour Pro in person, so this will be some good insight. 


Great job, fellas!


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2 hours ago, romeopapazulu said:

Stage 1 is here:


I loved the comment, "why you?" from your son.  That's often the reaction I get from people around our course that have a much better game than I do, "Why did they pick you?"    I've run out of funny clever things to say, so I just say "why not me?"  and encourage them to check out the site and join and they could possibly be picked.

Great job on the stage 1!

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      RW's one word review - FIRM 
      Hopefully you like calluses!

      I've been playing the Lamkin UTx Midsize Reminder for the last season or so, and wanted to see how the Golf Pride Z Grip Align's compare.  My biggest issue with the UTx is the loss of tackiness and grip texture mid round.  I've realized I must have extremely dirty hands because to keep them tacky, I have to clean the grips during my round.  I play in the south, so the necessity for a cord grip is a must.  Hence my gravitation to the Z Grip. Golf Pride hails the Z Grip as the firmest grip model with "heavy cord texture and moisture management."  And indeed it is firm.  I mean really firm, like don't hit one thin.  Ever.
      Its also noticeably thinner than the UTx Midsize.  My 6 iron was gripped first with no additional wraps, and that's when I noticed the size difference.  Not to make the same mistake twice, my Fairway Metal was wrapped with 3 additional wraps of tape.  These additional wraps made the grip closest to the size of the UTx Midsize.

      Reminder grips have been around forever, and in Golf Pride's eyes, what's old is new right?  I enjoy a reminder.  I've had grip issues forever, and they help me place my hands where they should be.  Does the Align tech help - Yes.  Is it any better than a standard reminder grip - No.  One downside to reminder grips is they really shouldn't be played with wedges in my opinion.  If you open the club face at all the "Align strip" gets all out of whack and really throws your "align"ment off.  (Currently waiting on the Lamkin Players Cord to come in)
      Final Thoughts
      The Golf Pride Z Cord Align is a great grip if you enjoy a firm feel and need to be "reminded" where your hands go.  I'll play these until the wear out, or want something new, but will not be purchasing again.  
      3 out of 5
    • By Golfspy_CG2
      Testers Chosen!
      These four forum members will be testing and reviewing the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour Pro (104cc) putter grips:
      @chemclub @BigtazzGolf @JDHolmes @gchester33 Reviewing a set of Z Grip ALIGN grips:
      @LeftyHawk And reviewing the MCC Plus4 ALIGN grips:
      @romeopapazulu @knightsofnii Full announcement here
                                                3-Testers Wanted
      Z Grip ALIGN
      Tour Velvet ALIGN
      MCC & MCC Plus 4 ALIGN
      Tour Velvet Plus 4  (rubber or cord)
      Golf Pride ® a division of power management company Eaton and an
      industry leader in grip innovation, today announced it will offer the brand’s Z-Grip ® with its
      popular ALIGN ® Technology in 2019.
      According to a recent survey, ALIGN Technology is now used by 74 TOUR players. This
      technology was first introduced in Golf Pride brand’s MCC ® and MCC Plus4 ® hybrid grips and is
      also available in a Tour Velvet® grip (all rubber) option. With the addition of a full cord grip to
      complement the existing options, Golf Pride will now offer ALIGN Technology in a full range of
      feel preferences.
      4-Testers Wanted
      Tour SNSR Contour Pro (104 or 140cc)

      The Contour Pro putter grip offers the leading Tour-
      preferred, pistol-shape in two oversized models for unsurpassed feel and feedback.
      The TOUR SNSR Contour Pro utilizes the same soft, ultra-tuned rubber formulation as its
      predecessors giving the grip an excellent feel and facilitating lighter grip pressure to encourage
      a smoother stroke. The proprietary TOUR SNSR technology enhances feedback, affording
      better distance control on greens of all speeds.
      The TOUR SNSR Contour Pro putter grip also features soft, rounded edges, and a pistol flare
      back to more naturally fit in the hands. The shape includes a wide, paddle front for a consistent
      landing zone for the fingers and a tapered profile for players who prefer the traditional,
      sculptured grip design. This pistol shaped putter grip with contour has been trusted by the best
      players in the world to win the most coveted championships in golf.
      Doing this Testing, DOES NOT disqualify you from other Testing in 2019, once this ones' completed. We expect this testing to be much shorter than club testings, perhaps 4 weeks total. 
      How To Apply
      In a post below please list the following:
      First Name/Home State (US Eligible)
      Current Grips Used
      Choose EITHER the ALIGN (pick one model) or SNSR (pick 104 or 140 cc)
      Will be choosing the Testers Next Week-Good Luck!

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