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Why can’t I find golf shirts that match tan cargo shorts?!

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 I know they say any color matches with tan but I just can’t see myself wearing pastels and fruity colors with tan cargo shorts just because. I’m 300 lbs. Every other golfer would see a huge easter egg driving a golf cart down the fairway. (Who am I kidding, driving down the rough weaving in and out of trees). It would be nice to actually have a shirt that has a little bit a tan trim or a tan line something to put together. Now I’m not looking for matchy matchy GarAnimals my mother bought when I was a kid, but a little style is nice. Any suggestions?

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Personally not a fan of cargo shorts but I digress.  For your shirts stick with darker colors.  Navy, black, grey, dark green, maroon/garnet, brown.  They won't stand out and they should go well with the tan cargo shorts.  Ping makes some nice shirts in more subdued colors.

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I wear pastels all the time with tan shorts because I like them.


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For inexpensive shirts that are decent quality, look at the Ben Hogan line of golf shirts at Walmart.  

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44 minutes ago, Kenny B said:

For inexpensive shirts that are decent quality, look at the Ben Hogan line of golf shirts at Walmart.  

Their shorts are great as well.

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If you're looking for style, I'd start by ditching the cargo shorts 😉

And there's no reason for you to have to have tan in your shirt to match your shorts.  Every single color goes with tan.  All of them.

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1 hour ago, Kenny B said:

For inexpensive shirts that are decent quality, look at the Ben Hogan line of golf shirts at Walmart.  

I'll second that.  I think they're great shirts for the price.  You can wear just about any color with tan.  One of my most common golf outfits is a pair of tan/khaki shorts with a solid red Under Armor polo.  Simple.

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Pick a solid color and then another and another and you will be good 

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F*^% what everyone else thinks.
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This 100%. I wear whatever I feel comfortable in. Most of the time that includes cargo shorts and a golf polo. If that bothers the people I am playing with that is their problem.

I base my colors on the temps for the day. Don't really care if they match, I'm not going to the course for a fashion show.

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I think you're going to have a hard time finding shirts with tan trim or a tan line.  While any color shirt will work with tan shorts, once you put a tan line on a shirt you will eliminate every pair or shorts except the exact color tan shorts as the line.

Like everyone above me mentioned just pick some colors you like and rock it.  3/4 of my golf wardrobe is various shades of blue because I love blue and it goes with just about any color shorts or pants.  You can easily find some nice looking polo's without getting super flashy.  In addition to the options mentioned above I shop a fair amount at globalgolf.com and budgetgolf.com.  They always have last years shirts for a good price.

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Any color shirt but tan.

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Try Grand Slam Golf polos from Kohls.  They offer quite a few plain basic colors as well what I would term "trendy" colors/styles.

Like everything else at Kohls they are perpetually "on sale" and average about $25 but $20 per shirt is about the cheapest they get.   I have about 15 of these shirts including multiples of some colors.  I wear them to work as I've found they hold up to frequent washing incredibly well.  I am a bigger guy too and wear an XXL, but there are Big & Tall sizes if you need those too. 


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First...  there is nothing wrong with cargo shorts unless you have tube socks pulled up to your knees.  Don't do that.  

As for shirts (I'm a big guy as well), I came across Joe's USA and really like their stuff.  You can find just about any color you want there.  https://www.joesusa.com/polos-knits/  They sell Joe's branded and also Port Authority items.  Hard to beat their prices and the quality seems really good IMO.  While I personally wouldn't wear tan shirts with tan shorts, you do whatever you want.  Even though I'm bigger, I still like to wear bright shirts.  Again, you wear what you like and whatever is comfortable.  

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