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Leupold rangefinder warranty?

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2 year warranty per their website

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3 hours ago, michael2241@gmail.com said:

Hi all, anyone had to deal with Leupold support? I have a rangefinder by them that quit working after a few years.  I know that their other optics carry a lifetime warranty, but don't know about rangefinders.




If you fill out the form found here: https://www.leupold.com/service-support/services-repair they'll get back to you with your options. I had one of their rangefinders inexplicably die, so I filled out that form, and had a brand new unit a couple weeks later. But like @jlukes eluded to, best bet is to peruse the site as it has all the warranty specifics. Good luck!

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I've had great success with Leupold warranty service.   I bought a lightly used GX 5i3 on the bay, used it over a year and it bounced  off cart  and then wouldn't work over 100 yd distance.   I completed form and shipped back - about 4 weeks later a brand new unit arrived - no charge except for my ship to them.   They did not ask for any purchase info (receipt, etc.)

That unit got a little wonky in May at a year old - line of sight was perfect, slope was reading down (flat  target reading downhill - my pal's Bushnell was always showing less drop than my Leupold.  Same deal - I shipped back, new one in shrink wrap package arrives 5 weeks later, no questions asked.

Last tidbit - I picked up a Nikon 20i with slope on the Bay for $100 to have something until mine came back -  no comparision between the two, the Nikon's numbers bounced around on slope mode by 5 - 6 yards.   Sold it on the Bay for $115 6 weeks later., I would have kept it if it was close in performance.



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