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Selecting new putter grip

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Last season I put the Cleveland Huntington Beach 3 putter in the bag. It came stock with a thin pistol grip at purchase. 

Quick note: I tested many  putters prior to purchasing and ultimately loved the feel (soft) and quick, true roll this provided me. Also, could not believe the price compared to the others. 

Although we have shared both good and bad times, I am still in love with putter.... however, I have found that i have gone through periods of time where i struggle closer to the hole.... I wont say the word, but it seems that i get a little too wristy/ handsy on those 3-5 footers. I am thinking about purchasing a larger grip with the intent to quiet the hands and wrists.

Do i stick with Cleveland brand and grab their oversized grip? Should i worry about a new grip/added weight changing the feel that i currently have developed ?

Any suggestions on how to determine best fit would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and stay goin low!

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I love SuperStrokes so I put one on my HB to help keep my hands quiet. It didn’t affect the feel for me at all, however it’s also a grip that I’m comfortable with and used to.

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Choosing putter grips is one of the most convoluted processes I've found.  Do you stick with stock?  Do you go to pistol?  Do you go to something oversized?  etc. etc. etc.    My only advice is to try them all out.  

Chanchorp13...you mentioned struggling with short putts.  Just wondering if you're playing the right putter. for your swing.   With your putter, I know that that has about 45 degree toe hang (I eyed it too when I was putter shopping)...do you have a slight arc swing?   The reason I ask...I just found out I was misfitted into the wrong putter for years (playing a 2-ball mallet) and that was playing havoc with my putting.  Literally it's like putting a square peg into a round hole.   A putter club builder noticed that at an event when I was putting, suggested I try a blade style with about 45 degree toe hang and it's been nothing but sunk putts since then.  I typically struggled with those 3-5 footers with my old mallet style (designed for straight putting swings) and those are now gimmes with my new blade putter (Ping Cadence TR) which fits my swing much better. 

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I know SuperStroke is usually the easy option for oversized grips, but I'd highly recommend checking out P2 Grips. The TOUR React is the same size as the SS Mid Slim 2.0 albeit a slightly different shape and has become my go to putter grip!

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For this season I switched from stock Ping grip to a SuperStroke Slim 3.0. So far, I really like it - I feel like my hands are a lot more relaxed at address.

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I went from Pistol Grip to a SuperStroke 1.0 grip and the difference was night and day.  Less pushing and pulling the ball.  I have also tried a weighted grip and didn't like it as much.  It's really a personal preference so i would go to a PGA tour superstore or something and try different putters with different grips and see how you like the feel..

It won't hurt to change to a bigger grip and if you don't like it the go back to the pistol or test with another style or thickness.  You may find a good one on your first try or it may take change or two to get the feel you like.  

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My favorite putter grip is the Lamkin Deep Etch. I have been playing it for several years. However, many people like the SuperSoft grips. I tried one and it just didn't feel right to me. If you liked your old grip, I would replace it with the same style. It never hurts to experiment, but "if it ain't broke; don't fix it".

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Putting can be very subjective but so is all of golf------  Some grips react differently with different putters most of the time has to do with weight and balance---- IMHO go with a grip that feels comfortable to you. If the grip is not comfortable tension develops and that is no good especially putting. I have been experimenting around some the last few years and went back to my old standard which they do not make any more the old Royal Cord. I have plenty of them and since I use air to install I can switch them back and forth. But Hoganman summed it up pretty good if it ain't broke don't fix it . One cheap thing you can do if you want to experiment with a larger grip is wrap your existing grip with gauze or athletic tape to try different sizes. I would advise regular gauze with out the sticky stuff on a Winn or Superstroke grip 

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I went oversized SS and I liked  it at first. Afterva month of strugling with it, I took it off and went back to a standard size but in a  Golf Pride Tour SNSR. Great grip. 

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