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Practical applications of the MGS Golf ball test

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[mention=86896]ChasingScratch[/mention] - Welcome aboard man, and thanks for the thought provoking post! Personally, I think the most important practical application is to use the data from the MGS Ball Test to play what you feel is the best ball for YOUR game. I love how many excellent options there are to chose from, and I ended up switching to the Pro V1x as a result of the test. Obviously everyone's use of the data is going to be different, and I feel like another important result of the test is that it makes players dig a little deeper through what is honestly a lot of marketing hype in some cases. 
To the part about the range balls, I think a test would only be useful if there were samples used from a variety of ranges. Because out here on one course they have NXT Tour range balls, which are the nicest range balls I've seen on the island, and then they have the mix of restricted flight Pinnacles, Nikes and Srixons that I see at the range I frequent. The quality of the latter is a mixed bag, and I've definitely seen some gouges and cracks on older range balls. With that said, I agree 100% that focusing on contact is the best approach using range balls since the quality is going to vary from bucket to bucket and course to course!

Thanks for the comments! Yes, definitely one of the most important parts is challenging the marketing hype around golf balls. I do think that once we find the ball that is best for us we should do our best to stick with it.

I bought some Kirkland Signatures to try. Money is an issue for me so I’m hoping they perform as well for me as ProVs do.

I’m jealous as to how nice of range balls your range has! That’s awesome.

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I haven't read all the messages but I'm replying to the original one in this thread.
Short answer: Yes, range balls are crap! I don't really look at the flight of range balls. I look at the contact on the club face and pay some attention to the flight (whether it goes left or right), but that's about it. I also look at the divot (I practice on grass). 
So yeah don't worry too much about the range balls. There's a reason why pros practice with the same balls they play. I do all of my pitching/chipping/putting practice with my gamer, not with range balls. I use some balls that are a bit scuffed for practice and leave the ones in better condition for the course.

Absolutely! The pros hit their gamer ball on the range (if only we were so lucky lol).

Thanks for your comments! I’m going to focus on club face impact with some foot spray going forward and not pay so much attention to the ball flight.

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