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PXG 0211 Irons


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So PXG has launched a cast set of irons at a more attainable price point of $195/iron. Still on the higher side but definitely more affordable than the $400/iron for the forged 0311s. No Xtreme Dark finish offered.


Features many of the same characteristics as the 0311s. Hollow-body filled with their COR2 material with the same ultra-thin high strength maraging steel face. Biggest difference is the tungsten screws are not on the 0211s and the body is cast from 431 stainless steel.


It's a progressive set as well with the longer irons more like the 0311XFs, and the shorter irons more like the 0311Ps. Lofts are the same as the 0311Ps and available from 4i through to 60° LW.


With the GEN2 metalwoods going down in price, and the introduction of the 0211, will PXG be able to grab a bit more marketshare? Would you consider playing the 0211s?


I think it's a good move from PXG overall. I'd have preferred to see them offer these in the same head sizes as they do for the 0311 line instead of as a single progressive set, being as I would prefer to play their T iron, personally.




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I'm trying to think of their target demographic with this move.  Best analogy I can come up with is someone with a fair amount of money who wants the prestige of owning a Porsche but can't quite afford a 911 so they buy the Cayman instead.  So yes, I think it will add a bit a market share for them albeit a small bump without cannibalizing a significant amount of sales from their other product lines.

I would love to try them to see what all the fuss is about.  PXG is still too pricey for me though. 


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I am in the market for new irons but can't find anything I like well enough or hit good enough to force out my 4 year old Srixon 745's.  So far the leader in the replacement contest are the Srixon Z785 irons.

I cannot afford PXG 0311's but the 0211's are at a price point I can afford.  I do like the look of the 0211's. 

I believe PXG does make a good product and am willing to give them a chance if they were to suit my eye and game  I'd still need to see them and hit them before I'd make any buying decision.  Finding a fitter that now carries the 0211's in my area is the challenge

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PXG sent me a fitter from 2 hours away to fit me. Best fitting experience I've ever had. The 0211's are a steal for Veteran's and First Responders through their Heroes Program. I got my 0211's for $105 each and a free driver with the purchase of 6 irons. I got a 5-pw, gw, sw, and lw. I absolutely love them. I know they're cast but they feel like you're playing with forged irons.


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