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Fancy signatures and profile information

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How do you get the fancy signatures with all the logos and specifics about the clubs in your bag?  Also how do you obtain the black badges on your profile pic when you post that say..."Hole in one" "Veteran" "Tester 18" etc.  I do have a hole in one and want to brag a little bit!  Thanks for any help!  Love the site, especially the reviews and testing.  

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First, welcome to the forum!

To set up your WITB signature, first click your username in the upper right corner of the screen:


Then click "Account Settings."

In the screen that comes up, find "Signature." When the text box loads, you will see a little smiley face in the toolbar for emojis. At the very bottom of the list of emojis are all the OEM logos.


As for the badges, there's a thread for requesting those, but I can definitely get you a hole-in-one badge. Congrats on an accomplishment that makes a lot of us quite jealous!

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Thanks for the info....very helpful.  And just to make it legit.  I had a chance to go back to Tan-Tar-A this year....now called Margaritaville Resort and take a few pics.  



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Oh man, we used to go to Tan-Tar-A all the time when I was younger. Now I have lake house at Table Rock. Love the Ozarks. 

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