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Dave's Take: Palio Triple Torch and Cigar Cutter

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Introducing Palio Cigar Tools

Palio Cigar Tools - 7.jpg

One of my favorite things about working for MyGolfSpy is the chance to try out products from brands that I have never heard of before. Sometimes the products are so uninspiring, that there is a good reason that nobody has heard of them. In other cases, trying something unknown leads to the discovery of a product that will become a constant companion in the years that follow.

In terms of golf items, this is what I remember happening with both Pure and SuperStroke grips. There was a time when both were relatively unheard of, which seems impossible now, as they are both major players in the golf industry today. At some point though, not many consumers even knew who they were. For a time machine trip, check out my original Pure Grips review from 2011 HERE.

With that in mind, I was definitely interested when someone suggested I check out the torch and cutter from Palio that I am sharing with you today. While it’s unlikely that any product will reach SuperStroke status, you never know when the next product will become the next itproduct.

Occam’s Cigar Tools

Palio Cigar Tools - 3.jpg

I love Occam’s razor. It’s that wonderful premise that simpler solutions are more likely to be correct than complex ones. To simplify, just keep it simple.I know that there times when I wish I had an old glued-shaft driver, just so I wouldn’t think about where all of the weights and the hosel should be set. If I can’t adjust anything, then nothing can be adjusted wrong, and I need just hit the ball. KISS is a solid system to live by IMO.

Palio Cigar Tools - 1.jpgPalio Cigar Tools - 2.jpg

Simplicity of operation is definitely one of the strengths of the Palio cigar tools. The Palio cutter uses a simple double guillotine blade design to sever the cap from your stick. There is nothing fancy in the operation here. With the Palio cutter, you’ll find sharp blades, a strong plastic body, and nothing but a quick slide to sever the tobacco. There are some additional aesthetic and operational enhancements, like the beveled edge where the cigar rests for cutting, but overall, the cutter remains entirely overt in its operation, which is a huge plus.

Palio Cigar Tools - 8.jpg

The Palio Triple Torch Lighter also operates with ease. You need just fill it up with fuel (Xikar’s Performance High Altitude fuel is rad.), flip the lid open, and then click the ignition button for three raging jets of fire. The lighter is very compact, and with that, a bit surprising in the amount of fire that it delivers. You’ll probably not go wide-open jets with this one unless you are smoking something with a 90-ring gauge. Yes, those huge sticks exist. Check out this shot of my two buddies with the giant cigars at The Punch Bowl from our last trip to Bandon Dunes.

Bandon Punchbowl - 1.jpg

Anyway, the Palio Triple Torch is a simple, yet solid machine, and like the cutter, there are some little design features that really up its usefulness. Under the cap, you’ll see a little piece of mirrored metal, allowing you to monitor the burn of your stick as you light it. The other really cool design element is that the lid closes over the top of the ignition button, preventing the button from being accidentally pressed in a pocket or golf bag. I definitely appreciate a design that prevents pocket fires on the course.

Palio Cigar Tools - 5.jpgPalio Cigar Tools - 6.jpgPalio Cigar Tools - 4.jpg

Palio Cigar Tools: Simple, yet solid features and... Inexpensive

The best feature of these tools is that they are both quite inexpensive. The cutter will run you about $25, with the torch only costing $15, or less if you shop around. If you are looking for a cigar tool set for your golf bag, I love this pair as a budget-friendly option. While I truly believe that the Xikar Tactical Torch that I reviewed a few weeks back is the ultimate cigar torch, I would be wrecked if I lost it at the course, where as losing one that only costs $15 would be annoying, but not devastating.

The Palio Triple Torch and Palio Guillotine Cutter tools are both budget-priced, yet they actually perform.

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