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I have just finished a very good two months both on the range and on the course.  I have begun to expect a certain distance, loft and range on every club a solid majority of times I select a club.  If I hit the occasional shot I won't admit to having taken, I can make corrections quite rapidly.  My Handicap is falling at a steady pace and the amount of profanity passing my lips almost would be acceptable in church circles.

While I do not plan on winning a long drive competition, my tee shots are consistent.  I even feel good about my hybrids.

Why am I feeling that my game has entered complacency where I think I am missing something?  I practice and play enough to have the ability to overcome an off day.  My age and a serious injury may limit my ability to ever gain yardage or even make serious steps up in ball speed.  I still have a number of things I am working on, such as shots on uphill of down hill lies, but the courses I usually play are not too hilly.

I just don't want to be too comfortable with the way my game has developed.

BTW, I know Sassoon asI post thisI will soon play like crap!!!th-2.jpeg.32cdc341e601f4799b8c4b6694f71e23.jpeg

In My BELDIN Green Bay Packer 1999 Super Bowl Champions Bag  :  :ping: G410 Plus, Alta Red CB 55 SR Flex, GX-7 14º(acting as a 3 wood),  :ping:   G400 4H, 5H. Sr Flex,   :ping:  G400 6i Sr Flex, G-Max 7i. 9i Sr Flex , Glide 2.0  Wedges graphite SR Shafts (50º, 56º, 60º),  :ping: Putter: Cadence Mid-TR 350g :bridgestone: e12 for the items I try to hit on purposematte red, so I can see them. :footjoy: on my feet and hands, US Embassy-Singapore hat on my head (with PACKERS, Brewers or UW-Badgers hats as options).


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