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Diamond Tour SuperSpeed Stick Clones

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This thread helped me a lot when I was thinking of making my own Speed Sticks.  I decided to buy these knock offs since the price was cheaper.  They just came in the mail and I weighed them... mine are:

Large - 336 grams

Medium - 292 grams

Small - 260 grams

So far, so good.

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On 5/13/2019 at 11:09 AM, edingc said:

Just wanted to drop this here since the DIY projects are popular topics: 


At $109.99, I probably would have gone this route because the cost of my DIY sticks was close to $80 + my time.

They also sell them unassembled for $89.99.

Good find!

:ping-small: G 400 driver with Aldila DVS 55-SR shaft (FAIRWAY FINDING MONSTER)

:taylormade-small: Aero Burner 16 degree mini driver regular flex

:callaway-logo-1: Rogue Heavenwood regular flex shaft

:cleveland-small: Launcher HB irons 4-6 regular flex

:mizuno-small: JPX 850 7 iron thru Gap Wedge with KBS C taper lite shaft

:mizuno-small: S 5 wedges. 56/16 and 60/06.

:callaway-small:Odyssey Two Ball Triple Track Putter, 32 inches  

Right Handed. 

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@Lacassem you should get these and we can compare against my SS Sticks.


:cobra-small: Speedzone Driver 10.5 - Tensei Pro White 6X

:cobra-small: Speedzone 5-wood - Ventus Blue 8S

:cobra-small: Speedzone 4-Hybrid - KBS Proto 85S

:cobra-small: KING Forged Tec 5-GW - PX LZ 6.5

:cobra-small: KING MIM 52.12 Classic, 56.10 Versatile, 60.04 Widelow - KBS 610 Wedge


:titelist-small: Pro V1x

:918457628_PrecisionPro: NX9 HD Slope



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Funny, I was just looking at the Super Speed sets and thinking that is was a lot of money for a weight at the end of a shaft, but then there is the "program" development to consider.  

I did see that the thread was started in 2019, so, what was the verdict on these versus the SS set?  

Any noticeable increase in swing speed since getting and using them?  

How have they held up (Not that this should really be an issue since one is not hitting anything with them)?

While looking at the Diamond system initially reference I also stumbled across this one, Swing Speed, with interchangeable heads.  https://www.swingspeedgolf.com/product/swing-speed-golf/. But if the  heads are 100, 150 and 200 then these would seem to almost definitely be lighter than both the SS and Accelerator sets (Looks like the Accelerator is sold on both Diamond and Hurricane Golf web sites as well as Ebay and other secondaries).

So, all of that being addressed and stated, the next question to enter my mind is whether or not the other versions can be picked up by a launch monitor.  Apparently, looking at the Super Speed site, their system works with a doppler based radar.  The head size may effect the ability for the radar to pick up the smaller heads on the other offerings.  And the final question, do any of them work with other doppler based swing/launch monitors.  That would be ideal since you can then use your own launch monitor to see and compare the results with both the trainer and your own clubs.  That is actually the independent comparison I would like to see, measurements of trainer and personal club speeds at the beginning and at least through the initial 20-week program.

Thanks much.

  • Driver - Ping G400 9°, Project-X Evenflow Black 6.0S 65 gr. 
  • FW - TM M3 3-wood 15°, Project-X HZRDUS Red 6.0 75 gr. mid-spin
  • Hybrid - TM M4 19°, Project-X Evenflow Black 6.0S 85 gr. HY 
  • Irons - TM P790, 3-PW, Oban CT-115
  • Wedges - Cleveland RTX-3 raw, 50/10 & 56/8*
  • Putter - Callaway Bobby Jones BJ-1
  • Getting a grip - oversize Winn DryTacs and Bionic gloves
  • Ball - Snell MTB Black
  • *Going to try some new wedges this year - Mizuno T20 Ion blue 52/9 & 56/14, N.S. Pro Modus3 S-flex, jumbo Golf Pride Tour Velvet
  • Bag(s)/cart - Sun Mountain Synch/TM Flextech Lite, Sun Mountain Micro

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On 5/14/2019 at 12:07 AM, Kanoito said:

I've bought a few sets from them in the past, for a couple of friends who wanted to start golf, but didn't want to pay much. So a $350 complete set with driver, woods, irons, putter and bag seemed like a good deal.

Also purchased some components from them. Customer service is top notch, I had a couple of shafts break and they replaced them without questions asked.

But I can't say whether the products are true to spec or not... they seemed to do their job fine at that time.

I bought my first set of clubs from them.  The irons are actually very nice, the finishes aren't great but the a beginner and for an entry level set I this DTG is a good buy! 

Driver- Cobra F8+

3-Wood- Cobra F9

Utility Iron- Ping G Crossover 3

Utility Iron- Ping G Crossover 4

Irons- Cobra F8 One Length 5-G

Wedges- TM Milled grind 54* and 58*

Putter- Tommy Armour Impact No3 CB

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